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Alright, you want to do this?, or how about making a link look something like this?

Here's how, html coding, I figured this out a bit ago, and have been using it for making my links look nicer, and I know a few of you use it to make italics. If you're one of the people who use italics you're one step closer to doing everything else than everybody else, and for those who have yet to figure it out yet, it's the same way you do italics on the cards.
Of course I can't use the proper characters for demonstration purposes so instead I'll be replacing the > with ] and < with [.
With the coding you'll always need to have the opening code, and the closing one. If you forget the closing part then your text will do whatever that coding says until the next closing of the proper type or the end. It should look like this (except with proper symbols) [abc="gettingtoit"]text stuff[/abc]

so first off bold and underline are just [b]bold[/b] and [u]underline[/u]
also handy the line not made out of a thousand dashes the [hr]

With that aside, the four things I'll put up here are url linking, font color, font face (text style), and font size.

URL Linking
for making links - [a href="entertheurlrighthere"]the text that's going to show up as link[/a]

Text Color
for coloring your text - [font color="entercolornamehere]the colorful text[/font color]
you can also use "#RRGGBB" instead if you feel more technical (and can actually make sense of that), and there are online resources for getting more than just basic colors if you want more details in your approach to coloring.

Font Face
font face is basically the same as color but instead it's ["font face="nameoffontface"](don't forget the closing part) you can find font face names by using Word, Google docs etc to look them up, though some won't work.
Font Size
finally size, this is just [font size=1-7] (and the coding closing of course) 2 is reg size, 1 is small, and the rest are just bigger and bigger.

If you want to do more there's plenty of online html coding stuff that will be helpful.
have a nice day!

FYI: there's plenty of html coding which doesn't work on here, and also always double check your previews for any hiccups.


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