Illusions And Mindgames or Illusive Mindgames

This is my first Contest/Challenges so I hope this goes well. So, here it goes: The Blue archetype of Illusions and using them or some weird mechanic/instant/sorcery combo always was so awe inspiring to me. Hopefully you guessed the challenge is to make a group of cards(min. of 3 - max of 6) that must CONTAIN an Illusion creature. This group of cards should be able execute some strong combos or pull the rug from under your opponent(s) and bring you on top.
---------List of Rules If the Above Stuff is Unclear--------------------------
-Create a group of cards with a minimum of three and a maximum of six that synergize, hope that synergize is a word, well
-One card must be an Illusion(Bonus points if it has a unique ability that makes a person go "What? How is that useful" but Bam! You win.)
-The color does NOT matter
-Have a good time making cards, I guess that I should include a cheesy rule...
-The END DATE IS 20/11/2015 or November 20th
--------Prizes(Who doesn't like prizes?)---------------------------------
1st-5 likes on cards of the winner's choosing, it even can not be your card!
2nd-4 likes on cards of the winner's choosing!
3rd-3 likes on cards of the winner's choosing!
Anyone who participates will have one like on a card from the set he or she makes(Please direct my attention to that card)


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