Finish Them! (Ending the Earthrealm Set)

I need help making cards to mark the end of my Earthrealm set. I will be making cards myself, but with your help I can finish quicker and get started on another set! If you want to pitch in, here's the details. Even though it can be assumed, by entering this quote unquote "challenge", you agree to allow me to remake your card for the set, if I choose to do so, and permit me to make alterations in the process if I feel they are necessary.

What kind of cards do I need? Who cares?!


Hyperbase (White, Blue, scarce red, mostly avoids black, avoids green. Enemies: Nighuto. Allies: Defenders, Joshulandria, Factionless): The Hyperbase Squad has begun to reform itself, and is rising back to its former power. It still lacks the technology it once had, and nothing can be done about the Hyperbase, but they have overlooked those things, for one of the quotes they live by goes like this: "Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." ~John F. Kennedy

Playstyle: Full Control with elements of midrange.

Nighuto (Black, Red, very scarce green, avoids white and blue. Known enemies: All other factions. Secret Alliances:
Orchizen): After Maxis abandoning his long helpless rebel squad, they went from cannibals to outright savages. Maxis had suspicion of the squad after coming back to the skeleton of a massive beast, and with members' faces soaked in blood; however, he left after seeing what his squad had truly become. The squad turned clan may not have many powerful forces, but the more powerful creatures are formidable foes that even the bravest men fear; forces that grow more powerful as they consume flesh and blood. Their sheer bloodlust is enough to keep the clan alive no matter what.

Playstyle: Kill... everything...

Defenders ([Formerly the Survivors] White and Red, sometimes uses other colors. Allies: All factions except the Nighuto.): The Defenders are an alliance that have devoted themselves to protecting the innocent, the weak, and most of all, Earthrealm. They can often be found fighting alongside the Hyperbase, as well as the forces of nature. They are neutral, and carry hostile relations only with the Nighuto.

Playstyle: Be rounded and ready for everything. Pull off a full-on assault, or if you can't, a swift defense.

Nature (Green, all other colors. Allies: Defenders. Known Enemies: Nighuto): Nature prefers to stay to itself, but it and its supporters will fight when threatened. Underneath the surface of this "isolated" faction though stands a hidden black/green/part red clan known as the Orchizen, which is short for the term "Ochitsuita iroai no shizen", Nature of the Dark. This clan has a hidden alliance with the Nighuto, yet no one seems to notice.

Playstyle: Powerful creatures and mana ramp.

Orchizen (Green, Black, Some red, avoids blue and white. Allies: Nighuto.): The Orchizen are betrayers of Nature; rather than restore Nature to its former glory, they abuse what is left of Nature's energy for their own ties, be it to taint the land, support the Nighuto, or other devious means.

Playstyle: Same as nature, but with black, red, and green.

Joshulandria (Blue, some Black, White, and Red, scarcely uses Green. Allies: Hyperbase, Defenders. Enemies: Nighuto.): Joshulandria tends to keep to itself, but aids those in need. It is rarely ever seen or heard about, but when it's seen, it's seen by all, and when it's heard, everyone knows. They can be ignored for this.

Playstyle: A light defense to keep you safe until you cast expensive yet powerful spells.

Zypher (White, Blue, Black. Isolationists.): The Zypher clan stays to itself, so much so that other factions leave them alone. However, this is for a reason; when the Zypher Clan fights, no one wins. They use lots of planeswalkers and other permanents that use counters.

Playstyles: Plainswalkers and permanents with counters.

Raiden (Red, Blue. Neutral, but much involved in affairs): Raiden is a one-man army for hire. He sometimes has human assistance, but for the most part, his technomancy keeps him supplied with plenty of Constructs, such as Thopters and Drones. He prefers the metallic touch of an infinitely obedient artificial companion over the support of a human ally that can die for good in battle, can't be fixed when broken, needs food, water, and shelter, and may betray him. He fights against anyone who stands in his way, but for the right price, will fight alongside even the Nighuto.

Playstyle: Defend quickly and early with drones and thopters, then overwhelm the enemy with cheap artifact creatures and tokens.


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