M15 Commander Decks: Legendary Command Cycle

So this contest was inspired by the recent M15 Commander decks that were released Friday. I myself got one to play with my friends to see that there was a new mono-colored command-ish cycle called confluences.
If you don't know what a Command is, it is an instant which gives you the choice of two out of four options. http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Ojutai's+Command
But instead of the ally colors, this challenge is enemy color commands for the 5 new commander decks and to be named after one of the legendaries in the decks.

Alright here are the rules.
-Must be named "_____'s Command"
-Named after one of the legendaries found in one of the commander decks!!
-Fits flavor-wise or mechanic-wise into the commander deck and the legendary.
-Needs to be two enemy colors and a rare.
-As many entrances as you want, I'll vote for the best in each color combination.
-Voting on combination of flavor and creativity.
-Deadline by next Friday November 20th
Have Fun!


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