Vanuveros; A beginner's Plane

A new plane which features 5 factions of enemy colours. Vanuveros is partially based on Iron-age Europe, primarily Britain and Ireland, with some features of Celtic folklore. The plane is primarily forested, with farmland and towns to the South and Southwest that are more akin to Tudor era Britain in terms of architecture (thatched roofs, some stone, mainly wooden). To the East are the Fens, an area where the forest meets the sea. This area is inspired by saltmarshes and the peat bogs of Western Europe. To the North there are sheer cliffs that drop into the ocean that encircles the landmass of the plane. The 5 factions of Vanuveros are:

1. W/B - The Duchy of Myshger. Controlled by the planeswalker Kristan Myshger and his vampire bloodline. The Duchy of Myshger is the de-facto controller of the civilised areas of the plane.

2. W/R - The Free folk of Vanuveros. A collective of humans who have forged their own kingdom after escaping the perceived tyranny of the Duchy of Myshger.

3. U/R - The Kingdom of Brendall. A loose alliance of Goblins, Aven and outcast human mages, the Kingdom of Brendall is built into the cliffs that overlook the Banishing Sea.

4. U/G - The Fens. A once powerful kingdom, The Fens were partially destroyed by a tsunami from the Banishing Sea. The leaders of the Fens were unaffected by this as they were already spirits, however the common populace was all but annihilated. The Fens are now home only to spirits and the foolhardy.

5. B/G - The Fomoros Tribes. The Wlyderwood Forest at the centre of Vanuveros is home to a number of hunter/gatherer tribes. These tribes have recently been corrupted by the influence of Garruk, and have begun to wage war on the civilised factions of the plane.

The Set features new mechanics:

1. Unnatural Thirst - when a creature with unnatural thirst blocks or is blocked put a counter on the opposing creature (in the case of double blocks, both creatures get a counter. If a creature is double blocked by two creatures with Unnatural Thirst it gets 2 counters etc.) When a creature has 8 or more Unnatural Thirst counters you gain control of that creature.

2. Mages foresight - Whenever a creature with Mages Foresight deals damage to a player you may pay R/B. If you do, deal one damage to target creature or planeswalker and scry 1.

3. Reanimate - When a card with Reanimate enters the battlefield from the graveyard flip it.

4. Dauntless - Creatures with Dauntless get +1/0 and gain Hexproof whilst attacking.

5. Wraithwalk - Creatures blocking or blocked by creatures with Wraithwalk get -1/0 until the end of combat.

Here is my design for Kristan Myshger:

and a brief synopsis of the character:
Kristan Myshger was born on Innistrad. He was orphaned by Werewolves at a young age and became a renowned werewolf hunter. He was approached by a young women who needed his help removing werewolves from her lands, unaware that she was a vampire, he agreed. After clearing the estate of werewolves she turned him into one of her own; a vampire of the Markov bloodline. After initial revulsion, Kristan came to see his turning as a blessing, allowing him to finally rid Innistrad of werewolves. On one such hunt he was mortally wounded and murdered an entire village to save himself. Waking and realising what he had done, Kristan's mind broke and his spark ignited. He landed on Vanuveros and for many years wandered the forgotten parts of the plane, feeding on animals. One day he came across a group of men fighting a behemoth of the forest. Seeing in it the beast that had wounded him on Innistrad, he killed the beast with the aid of the surviving humans who he turned after the battle. From that point on-wards Kristan became the leader of his own bloodline and carved himself a kingdom in the south of the plane.

Here is a creature card that is aligned with the Myshger (W/B) faction:

Here are two cards aligned with the Fomoros Tribes (B/G) faction:

This card is an idea I had for the B/R aligned faction, as yet unnamed:

Here is a set of cards that have the same theme but differ for each faction:


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