CUSTOM CARD SET - Welcome to Zaphara

Zaphara, a plane in the multiverse that is very different from the others. It is much more like our own realm. However, in Zaphara, the lands are ruled by large religions and mechanical legions of construct soldiers. In this world, 5 factions coexist.

The Vivirigians
They value peace and pacifism. They are a very strong-emotioned group. There are many astronomers among the Vivirigians as they believe the stars are connected to emotions.

The Mortestites
A strange guild of summoners and lawmages. This conglomerate is infamous for summonings and rituals and dark dabbling in demonology. The Mortestites also value law and order. Public hangings in their regions aren't uncommon.

The Zoarians
The Zoarians are forest-dwellers with a deep bond with all wildlife. Most Zoarians are farmers or tamers. Some have a knack for adventuring and exploring. They'd all protect the land they live on with their lives.

The Theonans
The Theonans are extremely reclusive. They tend to dabble in dark arts and controlling enemies from a distance. Their favorite craft would probably have to be voodoo. They also work in the field of astrology from time to time as well, hence they usually only come outside during the night.

The Umberlians
A dark band of thieves and assassins. This awful gang of criminals loot all day and revel in their spoils all night. They mostly target the Zoarians, as they find them the most gullible.

Religions aren't the only things that roam the soils of Zaphara...
There's also the U.A.U
The U.A.U is a composed of about 10% skilled artificers and 90% mechanical droids. The people of the U.A.U are so advanced, they've developed means of space travel. However, their robot troops have begun to overpopulate, and the 5 clans are beginning to rebel. The plane of Zaphara may fall to riot sometime soon in the future...!!

... Does this sound like a cool Custom Set to you? Feel free to help out! Enter any suggestions for cards from any of the 5 clans or the U.A.U! We need a ton of support and help, and we're willing to take any suggestions! (We'll of course give you credit for the cards)

We accept card ideas for anyone! If we accept your idea, we will remake the card and put it into our set on the Zaphara account on MTGcardsmith! Feel free to send links to your card ideas below!


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