help with cropping issue

Is there a reason why i cant crop in modern on my phone?


  • Your fingers are really big?
    I honestly don't know...
    Maybe @kauyon or @mtgcardsmith might be able to help with that
  • @j_carlos16

    Modern frames and planeswalker frames were both coded before smartphones and other mobile devices were affordable and common enough to warrant the additional man hours of coding required to make them work on touchscreens. If you would like that problem fixed, I would suggest becoming a Patron and using money to make someone care about what you think.


    Nice deductive skills!
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    So there you have it @j_carlos16. It sounds as though you're stuck with the M15 frame until such time as the coding issue is addressed.

    @Kauyon - Thanks for the super detailed response! I figured if anyone knew, it'd be the guy on the mobile device!
  • @kauyon
    That video made my day

    @kauyon @Corwinn
    Thank you
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