Oath of the Gatewatch Spoliers! Fake or Real?

Hi the new MTG set we know of for december/january is Oath of the Gatewatch. Recently we received spoilers, the look a little bit sketchy. We got the Eldrazi Titan Kozilek with a new mana symbol in his mana cost. We were spoiled the "Waste" Full-Art Land(Remember BFZ had Full-Art Lands) and a new Land "Mirrorpool" which adds "Waste" to your mana pool and can copy instant, socerys, and creatures. What do you think this mean. what threat does Kozilek brings, and do you think Emrakul will appear.


Oath of Gatewatch Wizards announcement-http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/announcing-oath-gatewatch-2015-09-01

BFZ story-http://magic.wizards.com/en/content/battle-zendikar-story

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  • Of course they're real.

    The diamond, "waste" mana symbol:
    Just speculation, mind you. I think that, based on the fact that the wastes are basic lands drained of mana by the Eldrazi, the diamond is, essentially, "colorless" mana. So, think of it like this: The mana cost of Nullrod is two mana of ANY COLOR. However, Crystal Vain adds 2 mana of NO COLOR to you mana pool. Therefore, while you can drop Nullrod turn one with a Sol Ring, you can't cast Timewalk with that same Sol Ring, because it requires one blue mana and one mana OF ANY COLOR. However, you can use Dark Ritual to cast Palladium Myr turn one. Because "Black" is a color of mana. So what Palladium MYr adds to your mana pool is, therefore, a "color" of mana. Literally, "Colorless". "Colorless" mana can be spent to pay for "any" color mana costs. Thus, you can be required to spend "Colorless" mana, instead of mana of any other "color". So, Wastes add colorless mana, with a cool new mana symbol to represent the Eldrazi.

    HOWEVER, it is equally possible that this new "Waste" mana is a unique "Devoid" mana. As in, contrary to what I've just said, it literally CANNOT be used for ANYTHING else. So, back to what I was saying earlier, Umezawa's Jitte calls for two mana of any color, but the Wastes CAN'T cast it, because the waste mana IS NOT A COLOR! (I just blew my own mind, right there. Also, Coining the term "Devoid" for the new mana if this is the case. Just saying, I called it, right here, right now.) So, to give more examples, this "Devoid" Mana is required to cast Kozilek, much like red mana is required to cast Flamebreak (love that card), and therefore the "colorless", generic mana given to you by normal generation methods will not be usable, and you NEED "Devoid" mana. MY reasoning for it being otherwise unusable is quite simple: Why in the world would they add a sixth generic mana to the pie? The answer: They wouldn't. Therefore, this mana cannot be used for costs calling for "any color". Devoid. Lacking. A color.
    This theory would explain why you would need the new basic lands, so you can pay for all the fun Eldrazi you'll be dropping.

    There is also the possibility that the new symbol represents "Devoid" mana, but this mana CAN be used to pay for generic costs. Flavorfully nonsensical, but much more sound, mechanically.

    That's all I have to say.

    Go back and read it, [email protected]
  • Also, that username is made of win.
  • Third and final string comment, I swear. I'm not spamming. Seriously. Don't look at me like that!

    The only other possibility I can consider is "Devoid" mana being similar to Phyrexian mana. This would, of course, make a combination of my earlier two theories perfectly viable, and make the second much more workable. So:

    It literally means "Colorless" mana, so only colorless mana can be spent to pay it, but you may instead do something else (probably exile the top card of your library) to pay it. Again, this would mean the symbol is just for awesomesauce style on the lands when produced.

    It is a unique "Devoid" mana, but its placement can be replaced by doing something else (I really like the idea of exiling the top card of your library). So, since it can't be used to pay for normal generic mana costs, you wouldn't like a lot of cards producing it, but you would still need to be ale to play the cards. So Mirrorpool taps for a "Devoid" mana, but the mana is actually the alternative to paying the cost, not the other way around. Think Reaper King, with a CMC of 10.

    Read the first post; You can do something else instead of using any kind of mana, Phyrexian style.
  • I think that the sixth land type is going to be a one-set only thing, but I think that it's cool that we see kozilek in Oath of the Gatewatch, and also that it is supposed to support two-headed giant.
  • Fake in my eyes

    If their were going to add A new wastes land type why????????

    Remember what the lore says Emrukul and Kozilek have moved away from Zendikar now only Ulaumog remains (Sorry if I got the names wrong.)
  • @Latinas It isn't a fake spoiler. It's on Wizards website, for Christ's sake.
  • @CrucibleofHate it is?
    I would need a link to confirm it
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