Planescrash Contest

Part of what keeps MtG balanced and fun is the separation of mechanics between clans, colors, and sets as a whole. So what does it looks like if we get these mechanics together into a single card? What happens when mechanics from Theros appear together with the key abilities of Khans clans?

I want to see what kind of interesting, if broken, cards can be created by adding mechanics from completely different areas together. The only requirement is that you produce a card that combines two or more keywords or mechanics that have never appeared together. The mechanics can be from any recognizable place as long as they don't have a representation in Wizards-printed cards.

This is a contest, so it will be closing on Christmas (December 25) for judging. All of the three winners I choose will receive three favorites on their cards of my choice. Selection of winners will be based on creativity of the card, the adherence to the theme, and proper sourcing of card artwork.

I will post my example card below -


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