Cardsmith community too low (unpopulated)

If you can't already tell, I think that the community is unpopulated. I have noticed in the 'popular custom cards' section, I have seen cards with just 1 favorite. And even the current featured card has only 16 favorites, including the attention it got from being featured. I think this makes bot accounts incredibly easy to use and become popular with.


  • @dudedaniel People have used fake accounts to favorite there cards before, but it's really easy to notice and in no way makes them "popular". The cards get removed and are therefore no longer inn the Popular cards slot. There are lots of cards with 30+ favorites, and while I've seen single favorite cards before In the slots, i've also seen all three card slots taken by cards with 10+ favs. It's not the community not giving enough favorites, but rather there not being any cards that enough people in the community like.

    I notice you've only just joined MTGCardsmith with a proper account (hasn't even been three days), so I understand how you might not know this. There are plenty of Cardsmiths. If anything, the problem is that so very few of them use the forums (for instance, my favorite Cardsmith, @VC420, has made exactly 1 forum post his entire time as a member.)

    You're probably used to a different site with more active forums (SetEditor's main site, maybe?), but really, this is quite active at times. You have to consider that most people can hardly log on every day, much less spend half of their free time every day on this sight (like me), so you should at least wait 'till the weekend before you decide there aren't enough people here.
  • @CrucibleOfHate Oh, my bad. Thanks for telling me.
  • Don't apologize, and don't thank me yet. You still haven't seen if I was right or not.
  • @dudedaniel - I think @CrucibleOfHate is right. Plus this is an International community, so people are on at different times... School and work affect the time people can spend on the site and then there's the Art Crawl... time spent looking for just the right art for a card concept.

    MTGCardsmith has grown a lot over the past year that I've been here, and with their continued efforts to keep making improvements to the site, I think it's just going to continue to grow and get better, so hang out for a while and have some fun!
  • thus has always been the case, since the first stone struck upon the fields of giza, since the pyramids rose unon.
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