An ancient species stirs....

Previously unheard of in the entire multiverse, a single scientist isolates their existence. He calls them the "Mindmakers", a fitting name for such creatures. They do not exist on a physical plane, but instead can warp the mind, opinions, and even body of any creature they so choose. Only a planeswalker most powerful can spark their attention.....

Hey guys! Since my last competition is a failure, I decided to do something different. If this fails, well, not many of you will be reading this. This is a competition for creating an enchantment type I have invented. They will attach to creatures as auras, and will essentially turn the creature into whatever personality their color(s) are. Here are the rules:

Enchantment - Mindmaker
Must transform enchanted creature into it's colors, and give it similar abilities.
You may use custom abilities - You can explain it in the comment, save room in the card

The most creative, balanced, and fun card owner wins a follow and 5 favorites on cards of their choice (assuming there are enough people competing). Have fun!
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