Scheming Ambitions Challenge!

Challenge: Create a scheme that can be used in an Archenemy format game...
Judging: I will judge several things...
First and foremost I will judge the overall originality, balance and realism of the card.

Then, the artwork, because without good art of a giant tidal wave, or dragons burning a castle to ashes, the themes aren't well...GOOD.

Then, comes the do I explain this? MAKE IT GOOD!!!-(for extra points!)

Since there is no template for a scheme on MTGCardsmith, use an enchant world type card,(choose the color that fits the art) and write the subtype as Scheme!

Like this one:

Here are examples of actual schemes:["Scheme"]

If you don't know what a scheme is, go here:

THERE WILL BE PRIZES!!!(I just haven't decided which ones yet)

The contest end on December 24th!
-Now! Make the World Bow To You, And Set Those Schemes In Motion!
-Cheers, Therussian58
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