Taking time off and Trigger Warning for some.

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Guy's I love being on this sight but I find myself becoming depressed and this is basically me saying I'll still be on the forums but I feel like taking time off of making contest. So after my contest of *In Oprah's voice* Ive decided the only contest I will be working on for a while is mine and @DocotorFro 's contest of Custom EDH.

I suffer from severe bipolar depresstion and I've been in and out of mental hospitals 4 times since last year. One of which my loving husband @sorinjace has watched me flatline from a suicide attempt.

Basically I'll be taking a break from making contest to work on my mental health and get back to being happy Aryanf. I do love you guys and hope you know that I appreciate your commitment to my contest.

Anything encouragement like is well appreciated!


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    Hey I can respect that completely. Your mental health is drastically more important than being on here regularly. Best wishes to you!
  • Bipolar disorder is so difficult to live with. Do whatever you need to remain or return to being healthy. I'm glad you have a supportive partner there for you.
  • I am unsure what to say. A depressed associate of mine always disdains my positivity, thinking I am trying to mock her disorder. But I genuinely wish you good luck wherever you go.
  • good luck
  • Hope you feel better. By all means take a break. I know how you feel - a very good friend of mine nearly took his life lately.
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    I was also having bipolar disorder several years ago.(I'm completely fine now.)
    Yours sounds severer than mine:( But knowing what's coming next and preparing for it is a good thing. And when I feel depressed, exercise always helps.

    I made this card just before I saw this thread.
    The flavor is not making fun of hypomanic episodes or anything. I just thought it's Gruul-ish. Let me know if you want me to change something!
  • I am not sure how to respond without repeating stuff, so lets start with...

    I hope you feel better it is fun having you on cardsmith, and I think I speak for evryone when I say it is a blast competing with you.

    Also your bipolar depression seems rather severe, and if there is anything I (maybe we) can do to help hit us up...

    Lastly @sorinjace keep being there for her it is 99% probably helping

    Goodluck @Aryanf
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