Yro's Monthly Challenges (Closed)

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- Unlimited entries
- New cards only unless specified "Old Cards Allowed"
- Spotlight Friendly (Spotlight only cards that fit for a challenge. If a spotlight card wins, you win the same rewards.)
- Editing allowed until deadline.

Cards in each option will be judged separately So you have potential of getting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in both options.

- 1st Place in each option gets 1 favorite of choice for each entry he or she beats in that option.
- 2nd Place in each option gets 1 favorite of choice for each player he or she beats in that option.
- 3rd Place in each option gets half the amount of favorites of choice that 1st place won.

Deadline is the second to last day of that month @ 11:59 PM.

@jpastor: James will run, pick challenges, judge entries, and provide prizes for all my challenges while I am in Japan.


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    March Madness closes for judging tomorrow at 1159 pm.
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    April Monthly Challenge: April Fools (Opens April 1st)
    Challenge Options (2)
    Option (A) - Create a shapeshifter. (Old cards Allowed)
    Option (B) - Create a creature card that transforms from something friendly looking into something horrific. Entries will be graded together. Post both cards side by side.
    Deadline is Sunday, April 29th by end of day
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    May Monthly Challenge: May is a month of 3 letters, it's very simple. (Opens May 1st)
    Challenge Options (1)
    Option (A) - Create a card with an ability or abilities that is or are so brilliantly simple. It can be a mechanic that's beautifully worded or a card with abilities that just blend perfectly together. The focus will be on simplicity, large font only, and brilliance in your words and/or flavor text.
    Deadline is Wednesday, May 30th by end of day
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    June Monthly Challenge: June Bugs (Opens June 1st)
    Challenge Options (2)
    Option (A) - Create a card with a Sultai identity.
    Option (B) - Bugs - Make a creature card that's an Insect, Spider, Scorpion, or other creepy crawly subtype that you'd like to invent or use. Tribal spells are welcome. Any card type that creates bugs is welcome too. (Only the Tribal spells can be old cards.)
    Deadline is Friday, June 29th by end of day
  • March Madness Winners

    Option A Winners
    1st Place: @Faiths_Guide -- 4 favorites of choice.
    2nd Place: @sorinjace -- 3 favorites of choice
    3rd Place: @Aryanf -- 2 favorites of choice

    Option B Winners
    1st Place: @Tomigon -- 7 favorites of choice
    2nd Place: @sanjaya666 -- 6 favorites of choice
    3rd Place: @TBeast430 -- 3 favorites of choice + 1 of my choice
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  • Thank you and congrats to the other winners! Here is the 3 cards I'd like faved please:
    1) Haunted House
    2) Life Cycle
    3) Grieving Faerie

    All three can be found in my cards collection. I couldn't post links right now sorry for that. Thanks again!
  • Here's my two.
  • Woohoooo!! Thanks for the challenge!

    Could you pick 7 cards from here?

    Also good luck in Japan!
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    Hey, thanks boss.

    I'm not really picky about the whole favs thing. Here's my user page instead.

    Have a nice day, boss.
  • April Fools Challenge is now open for unlimited submissions.
  • Where do I post April Challenge submissions?
  • Hey guys, made a new discussion to keep these separate and organized.
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    @Corwinnn feel free to close this discussion to avoid confusion. @jpastor has his own discussion now. That is the one that should be used. Feel free to close all my discussions labeled (Closed)
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