Yro's Weekly Challenges: Week 6 (Closed)

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Intro & Rules
- 3 options a week
- Up to 3 total entries per week per cardsmith
- One winner per option
- New cards only unless specified "Old Cards Allowed."
- Mystery Box is a random challenge. Just post that you are entering for it.
- Spotlight Friendly
- Editing allowed until deadline

- X favorites of your choice, where X equals the number of entries you beat.

This Week's Challenges

Option (A) - Create an artifact or enchantment that can become a creature. (Old cards allowed)
Option (B) - Mystery Box (See rules above)
Option (C) - Create an Urborg card.

Additional Rewards
- A follow to the winner of Option B

Deadline for up to 3 total entries is the following Wednesday @ 11:59.

@jpastor: James will run, pick challenges, judge entries, and provide prizes for all my challenges while I am in Japan.


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