The Great Designer Search Trial 3

Hello Everyone!
In the spirit of the Great Designer Search, and those who didn't get to participate, this contest will be the exact Trial 3 design test that 94 contestants had to do for GDS3.

As Copy and Pasted from Maro's blog:

GDS3 Design Test

For Trial 3, the design test, you will need to design ten cards that meet the following criteria:

1. All the cards will be two-color and each of the ten two-color combinations (listed below) need to be represented.
2. Each of the following five card types (creature, enchantment, instant, planeswalker and sorcery) needs to be represented twice, and never on the same color.
3. Each rarity (common, uncommon, rare, and mythic rare) must be represented on at least two cards.

Here is the mana order for two-color spells (you must have one design of each):
WU - white/blue
UB - blue/black
BR - black/red
RG - red/green
GW - green/white
WB - white/black
UR - blue/red
BG - black/green
RW - red/white
GU - green/blue

• The designs are for an undefined standard-legal set.
• Please don't make new keywords for this - please just write them out.
• The cards are being graded in a vacuum meaning the designs don't have to have a relevance to one another.

Alright, having read that, I am now ready to send y'all out on your way to make some stuff. I will be judging this contest on April 16th.

I am making my own 10 cards, just for fun. They are here:


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