jpastor's Mystery Challenges (Closed)

What this is
- There are 4 challenge types: Mystery Box, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
- Each winning card in these challenges earns you 1 favorite of your choice for each other entry you beat in that challenge.
- Spotlight Friendly

- Create new cards unless I specify otherwise.
- You cannot edit cards after you submit them.
- Unlimited entries

Mystery Box
- Post that you are entering for the Mystery Box and I will give you your mystery challenge. Multiple winning cards throughout the month

Daily Challenge
- Due by 11:59pm CT each day.
- Wednesday, Apr 11: Create a creature with 2 or more activated abilities.

Weekly Challenge
- Due Wednesday Apr 11 at 11:59pm CT
Option 1 -- Create a card with Mask in its name. Old cards aloud.
Option 2 -- Create a Tutelage card. Old cards aloud.
Option 3 -- Create a card that allows you to gain control of another permanent.

Monthly Challenge
- Due April 29th by 11:59pm CT
- Create a non-basic land that adds only one color to a mana pool. For example


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