Contest: Twisted Keywords

Hello folks! I've got a challenge for you today.

With the release of Dominaria, we got some interesting variations on established keywords, particularly with a new pair of Knights, made as a callback to the classic Black Knight and White Knight: Knight of Grace and Knight of Malice.


In reference to the discontinued 'protection' mechanic, these two cards have a twist on established mechanic, hexproof, in a unique method that fits the cards both thematically and within the color pie.


There's another card in Dominaria, the Blackblade Reforged, which gives us an alternative twist on the Equip mechanic as well.

My challenge for you fine Cardsmiths is this: carry on with the precedent set by these neat new cards, and give me some alterations to existing mechanics! Here are your official rules:

1. Cards that must have a new twist on an established keyword mechanic. How you interpret what a 'twist' is is up to you.
2. All keywords are open for use.
3. Limit of three submissions.
4. New cards only.
5. Submission deadline is ~June 9.

Cards will be judged on the usual criteria of balance, creativity, and good design. HMs get their entries faved, and the top three get the usual 3-2-1 spread of faves on request.


  • Are these ok?

    Infect humans (This creature deals damage in the form of -1/-1 counters to Human creatures and to players who controls a Human creature in the form of poison counters.)

    Sky storm (When you cast this spell, copy it for each creature spell with flying cast before it this turn. You may choose new targets for the copies.)
  • @Tomigon , Sounds pretty twisty to me! Go for it!
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    Modified Storm based off stuff you control dying.


    Modified protection (only prevents damage)


    A combination of hexproof and uncounterable


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    I assume when you say "all"...
  • Here's a twist on Rebound:
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    Finally, a pair:
    image image

    Soulbond with [subtype] (You may pair this creature with another unpaired [subtype] creature when either enters the battlefield. They remain paired for as long as you control both of them.)

    Makes me think of this old set.
  • Great submissions so far!

    Kickback I'm unsure how to word in reminder text, but basically it couples Kicker with doing something for the extra cost, and returns to your hand like Buyback.
  • Would forcing suspend onto an opponent's creature be twisty enough?
    I think it would go somewhat like this:
    "When [name of creature] deals combat damage to a creature an opponent controls, exile it with three time counters on it. If it doesn't have suspend, it gains suspend."
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    @FireWolf767 , I believe that's been done before, but if you think you've got a new spin, go for it!
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    How's about a take on Amplify with Simplify?


    Told you id check your contest out @Platypusburger. Hopefully this entry qualifies!
  • Technically these qualify as twists:
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    If I've technically made too many submissions, you can just ignore the Kithkin.

    I figured since the last two were "identical" and partnered they wouldn't count as two submissions.
    That may be a silly thing to assume XD
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    A Dominaria twist on Landwalking:


    This was a twist on the keyword Crew, but I'm not sure if the wording is entirely correct. Thematically, it should really be a land, but it doesn't work under land rules.

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  • image

    Totem Armor and Equip
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    A small twist on mana abilities:


    The card speaks for itself. If mana goes into a specific, smaller pool that is meant for a certain group of cards, that mana can only be spend on those cards. The mana that is normally put into the large mana pool is in all of those smaller pools as well unless written otherwise in a similar way like in this card.
  • @TenebrisNemo
    I'd probably just write "{t}: Add Vampire {b}{b}." since WoTC has dropped the mana pool lingo.
  • Some very cool submissions here! Contest closes soon though, so get any final entries in the next 24-36 hours!
  • @Faiths_Guide - I thought about a similar version like yours at first, but in the end I wrote it differently because I wanted it to be easy to understand. Perhaps I'll write the ability in the style you suggested next time when I use it.

    And yes, I knew that WoTC has dropped the lingo.
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    Here is a twist on convoke:


    Technically there has already been a twist for it (improvise from Aether Revolt), but I wanted to give convoke cards more flavor when a specific types of creatures could help to cast them.
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    Okay, here is a final(ish) result of a mechanic long in the making:

    Augmentations are the strange combination of equipment and auras. Augmentations can target anything a mechanical enhancement could, and work similarly with auras. But when the augmented permanent leaves the battlefield, the augmentation does not go into the graveyard like normal auras would. Instead they remain on the battlefield, like equipment, and in order to reattach an Augmentation, you have to get an Artificer to install it. Could be something cool and fun in a Steampunk/Cyberpunk universe.

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