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    Tenth Match - End

    image VS image

    A wurm's roar echoed in the lonely shores as Gyar rose from underground and tried to swallow Mariko, who dodged the attack while running between the large rocks. Cloud of sand spread around the two contestants, once again. The fight has been going on for a few minutes. Mariko has been able to dodge all Gyar's attacks, even though the wurm had disappeared from the blessed fighter's sight and attacked from below multiple times. In response, Mariko had used her peculiar weapon, a fan, to punish Gyar for not being fast enough to go back underground.

    When Mariko slashed Gyar a few times with the fan, the wurm dived back under the sandy ground of the shores, and Mariko began running. She could hear as the wurm was burrowing underground right behind her. Mariko was beginning to feel tired, but the constant cheering from the audience gave her more strength.

    "Mariko! Mariko! Mariko!"

    Gyar's handler was still standing at the edge of the arena next to the large guard. The young man was slightly nervous and excited. When the audience repeated Mariko's name a few more times, the guard turned to look at the handler.

    "Why isn't anybody cheering for the wurm?"

    The handler glanced at the guard and gave a sarcastic smile. "Maybe they think it can't hear them when it's underground."

    "Ah. That explains it."

    Another roar came from the arena, and everybody stopped cheering. The handler and the guardsman turned their heads to look as well. Mariko was running to the top of a large, sharp cliff as Gyar was diving towards her from the cliff's right side. Mariko jumped forward, barely escaping the wurm's large fangs.

    On that same moment, Gyar hit its head on the solid cliff's blunt side. The crash caused the cliff to vibrate a little. This made Mariko lose her balance as she was almost on top of the sharp cliff. She didn't have enough strength in her legs to stand still, so she fell. But as she was at the cliff's edge, she reached out her hands onto it. Mariko quickly grabbed the tall grass that was growing on the cliff and was hanging many meters above ground. After a few seconds of calming down, Mariko turned her head to see where Gyar was.

    To her dismay, Gyar didn't fall unconscious from the crash. Instead, it had sniffed Mariko's presence again, and was now leaping towards her with its large, open mouth. Before Mariko could react, she had already been caught by Gyar's mouth, and her vision darkened. Gyar hit the ground a second later and was sliding on the sand. Then a silence filled the arena. Mariko's fan slowly descended onto the ground.

    Gyar's handler ran towards the wurm, who had gotten minor wounds from the battle. The large guard gestured to the healers, and they also hurried to the wurm's direction. When they got there, Gyar turned its head towards its handler. The young man looked at it with a concerned look. While some healers were tending the wurm's wounds, a young woman, who is one of the healers, was looking around the arena.

    "Where is the other contestant?"

    The handler saw a piece of Mariko's clothes hanging in Gyar's mouth. "Did you swallow her? Spit her out, Gyar!"

    The wurm began to make noises that resembled coughing. After a few seconds, it spat out Mariko. Her clothes were wet and her hair was messy. She was covered in slime and her skin was slightly green. Few healers knelt next to her to check her condition. Before they could say anything, Mariko coughed a few times and was breathing once again. The handler sighed in relief. This battle has ended without anybody dying.

    After that sight, Sir Killian looked at Eetu. The merfolk wizard waved with his left hand as a sign. The knight nodded, walked onto the podium, turned to look at the audience, and announced the winner of the tenth match.
  • Winner!



    Gyar burrowed its way to the tournament's 2nd round! You may post his 2nd stage version here anytime before the undetermined deadline.

    @Corwinnn - Mariko was defeated, but you may write what she does after the tournament and post her later versions here... if you want to! Completely optional!

    I have updated the tournament bracket!
  • Sylva and Nya are next!
  • Tai was very nervous for the next round. She didn’t know who to support. Sylva was her friend from the start and without Nya, she never would have beaten Jahazra. She went up to her two friends. Despite their rivalry and their upcoming match aged of them, they both gave each other tips.

    “You two will make the audience go wild with how fascinating your battle will be,” Tai said.

    An idea popped into her head.

    “I know! We should probably train! Both of you against me. This will make my training hard so that I can outplay Ronnie and you two will both know each other’s styles better, making the battle even more fun to watch!”

    “Agreed,” the competitors said at the same time.

    The two girls whispered to each other deriving a plan to outwit and outmatch Tai. Tai went through her own plan in her head. Sylva charged at Tai with her magic knife and quickly spun to try and hit Tai. Knowing Tai was going to dodge, Nya created a small bird that dived down to attack Tai.

    Great, another hawk!

    Tai dove down to dodge the hawks relentless attacks and behind her stood Sylva. Sylva swung her hammer at Tai and pummeled her in the chest. The knife Sylva held wasn’t in her hands anymore.

    That’s a mystery for when I have time to ponder these things.

    Tai flew up evading another slam from Sylva’s hammer only to meet the hawk again. There was something shiny in its mouth. As Tai flew down to avoid a series of pecks, the hawk dropped the shiny thing: Sylva’s dagger. Tai barely dodged it and it landed comfortably in Sylva’s hands. The hawk dived down and tried to attack Tai again. She had nowhere to go but below her protection of clouds. She mixed black, red, and white powder to blind the hawk momentarily and dissapeared under the clouds.


    As Tai dived down, a large blunt-spiked vine smashed into her thigh. She quickly put some white powder on it but the pain broke her dive. She started to fall. A vine creeped around her and lifted Sylva to her wing level. A scary crack from her dagger ripped Tai’s vines and the faerie plummeted down to the ground below.

    Nya healed her moments later from an unconscious state.

    “Nice job!” Tai complimented, “You really got me there. I’ve got some stuff to work on I guess.”

    “You were great!” Nya said as she dissapeared into the forest.
  • When she got to the clearing konus was waiting.

    "I wish you the best of luck." He said as he looked off into the distance.

    "Luck will not suffice. I will need skill."

    "Of witch you have plenty." Konus said as he kneeled down and looked her in the eyes. "You are ready. And you will win." He stood back up and went over to his tree.

    Nya looked over to her sphere. The vines were coming apart she simply raised her hand and the vines were reinvigorated. She had come far. And though Sylva was her friend, and hopefully always would be. Her honor was at stake. And she could not let friendship get in the way of winning.
  • Great match @TenebrisNemo and @Lujikul!
    I will make something up for Mariko in the next few days!
  • *Tension Increases*
  • [ @TenebrisNemo - Never had a chance to read through Kift's battle until now. Well written! I'm not a fan of Gunners, but, other than that I liked it! ]
  • ( @Faiths_Guide: but are you a fan of the Gunners? XD)
  • [ @KalamMekhar - Actually, no, not in particular. ]
  • ( @Faiths_Guide: nah, I'm just pulling your leg. I'm an Arsenal fan, so I saw the opportunity to crack that one. XD )
  • ( @Corwinnn & @Faiths_Guide - Why, thank you!

    Acyros isn't much of a charismatic person, but he is here only to remove problems, and he does it well. Bullets tend to be faster, deadlier, and more accurate than arrows. )
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    X. The Rising Shadow
    Ronnie beat Jahalion. Ronnie seems to have an inherent power that he subconsciously uses to manipulate probability. If he learns to control it, he'll be unstoppable.
    Bubbles defeated Nir. The ooze is fascinating. I wonder what is origins are, and how to defeat it.
    Kozar won against Katha. Hmm, the demon minions are no problem for me but Kozar can turn into a demon?
    Both of Coltras's training partners, Kift and Sunex, were victorious in their matches. Coltras liked to think he helped them.
    Finally, Lobberknot killed Callum. That goblin might be troublesome due to his sheer speed.
    The last few weeks had gone by in a flash since Tourach was expelled from the tournament for travelling to another plane. The most interesting thing he had noticed was the shade in the abandoned town, Salaxum. It had attacked Kift and would have killed him if it wasn't for the intervention of Acyros. This supported the living shadows hypothesis for the destruction of the town. Coltras remembered what the ranger Tajay had said: "Ever since the tournament started, foul things have been afoot in the wood." Coltras wondered if the appearance of corrupted treefolk in the forests had anything to do with the reappearance of shades in Salaxum.
    Later that day, Coltras was walking back to the tavern after training with Koorir. "What was your favorite match in the past week?" asked Coltras.
    "I liked the match between Kift and Ding," responded the minotaur. "We finally got to see Acyros in action when he destroyed the shade. Funny, I saw a shade in Eternstor a while ago. It was attacking Pele, you know, the pyromancer. I killed it. Well, see you tomorrow." Koorir walked away.
    Coltras's mind boggled. A shade in Eternstor?! Tajay must have been right. Coltras wasn't sure, but there was a darkness rising here...something that could threaten the tournament.

    image image image

    @everyone It would be cool if someone could expand on this.
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    @ShaperKyon Huh, I never realized that there were so many shades.

    You've unlocked a dialogue or action, often beneficial
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  • @ShaperKyon did you ask @TenebrisNemo if he wanted this big event to happen?
  • Even if he didn’t @shadow123 it says “[email protected] threaten at the end
  • @shadow123 Yeah, it's not a big event per se, just a facet of the story that people can dive into if they want. It could culminate in a big event, but maybe not.
  • Did no one get the reference?
  • What reference?
  • You've unlocked a dialogue or action, often beneficial
  • Please explain yourself, @Bobman111.
  • It appears that you children have not played Detroit Become Human. If you are older and have a PS4 I would highly suggest playing it.
  • I was thinking about getting it
  • @DoctorFro It is a fantastic game, I'm actually playing it right now. You should definitely get it.
  • Tai got up early this morning. Her training with Taz was today. She sneaked out of the tavern and flittered into the woods. There was some chanting. Tai couldn’t make out what they were saying. She watched as something was burning in a green fire. She saw something, just for a split second. A horror that she couldn’t imagine.

    Is it real? It probably isn’t.

    Tai couldn’t watch anymore. She quickly flew down to Taz’s hut. Taz led her into a room and she put her hand on a book. The bookshelf opened revealing a large set of stairs.

    “What are you waiting for Tai,” Taz said, “C’mon!”

    Tai and Taz descended into the shadows as the bookshelf closed. There was some shouting.

    “What’s that?” Tai asked.

    “Something I foresaw,” Taz said quietly, “What they’re looking for is this. Taz held out a small sphere.”

    Tai looked into the sphere and she saw the fire and horror again. She couldn’t look.

    “Can we just train?” Tai shouted irritably.

    “Our training today is studying techniques.” Taz said as she waved her hand and some torches lit up revealing another shelf, “You’ll need these because I saw your performance in battle yesterday with your friends.”

    Tai looked at the mounds of books and the small candle on the wooden table.

    “What are you waiting for?” Taz said.

    Tai started reading. The title included:

    Defensive Spells
    Swordplay with nonsword objects
    Aggressive Play
    Powder Mixing
    Potions with Powders
    101 Ways to Manipulate Luck

    Tai read for hours and hours until she came across a small piece of paper. She pocketed it and yelled, “I’m done!”

    She quickly left and ran back to her room.
  • Before her match Nya went to seek out the strange man who had been staring at her after one of the matches but he was nowhere to be seen. Some said he had left to his home plane to finish some unfinished business. They said they didn't know when he would return but apparently he said he would. Nya wanted to meet this man. He seemed intriguing.
  • ( @shadow123 - Hello there. )
  • When the shadows speak to you.

    You should not answer.

    You should run.
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