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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 3: Battle of the flames. part 1/4

    The morning sky is swarmed by seagulls over the harbor seeking an opportunity to steal from the fishing ships. A couple of men were sitting among a huge number of boxes laughing at each other’s jokes. A handful of military ships were docked in the south of the city. Most of the soldiers on board were either scrubbing the deck or sleeping. A couple of dogs ran after a man on a horse who rode inwards towards the center of the city. The 700 000 large capital of Lisakdonia quickly became busy as more and more people went out in the streets. The north-western and main bazaar was so crowded that it was difficult to just get around unless you were a soldier. Some young children were playing in a fountain in the middle of the bazaar were three horses had stopped to drink. The air was filled all kinds of smells from different stands. Raw fish, berries, fruits, beers, wines and meat without mentioning everything present that did not smell. The bazaar was located not far from the outer wall and the main gate with a 200 meter large road connecting them. Outside the city were also large constructed areas but these were seen upon as lesser inhabitants by those that lived within the walls.

    In the center of the city lied the palace. A huge building that belonged to the royal Vearone family. However since the crusade 87 years ago, parts of the building had been given to Friyena’s order or the order of the knights of Friyena. South of the palace over a bridge was a huge platform. On the platform stood a large amount of soldiers and knights. To the very south of the platform stood the royal family, the royal guards as well as three of the highest standing knights of friyena’s order. Two of the knights were Dame Oskilde or as more commonly used, Lady Oskilde and Sir Oscar. In front of them stood the famous Sir Tengil Letholdus, descendent to Reynald Letholdus himself. The 57 year old king, Sedric the second, grandchild to Julia, survivor of the crusade, stood with a bowl containing a liquid and a burning feather drowned in a honey-like mixture. He spoke some words as he raised the bowl up towards the sky. Beside him stood his wife and his three daughters. The oldest daughter and heir to the throne was the 10 year old Yiadelle.

    As the king spoke the knights and soldiers all began to bow down upon their knees. Everyone except one knight that stood before the soldiers but behind the royal family and Tengil. The knight was not a famous knight but he held the banner of Friena’s knights in his hands. The same banner that had been held by Reynald Letholdus during the crusade. The banner was an image of a spear with two wings and white flames with a divine circle around it all. Eleanor, a captain of the guard was bowing down before her crew at the left of the mass. After the weekly prayer to and Friyena had been finished, the soldiers were dismissed. Eleanor went home to her husband Arthur and 10 year old son. The husband Arthur had a lower rank than Eleanor as a guard of the main gate and north-western district.

    The family had the rest of the day off so they would take this chance to take part in one of the festivals that were rather common during the summers. They went to the inner forest to the north were the festival was held. The theme of the festival was mostly hunting and fishing but not everything was following this theme. The air had started to feel a little colder but it was nothing that anyone drew attention to. The family began the journey by going to the great grill where they purchased grilled boar. Later Arthur showed their son some Technics in archery at the archery range. After that they went to see the theater plays. Moments into the play the air had been notable colder and everything seemed darker even though it was in the middle of the day and the sky had very few clouds. Half an hour later Eleanor began to feel unease that something might be wrong. They left the play in the middle and began to walk home. The boy was a little sad since they could not see the end of the play.

    When they got home they were met by a soldier at the door. The soldier gave a salute to Eleanor.
    “mad ‘am the general of the guards have ordered all captains of the guard to report in to their respectively lieutenant. All soldiers are also ordered to report to their respectively captain.”
    The soldier dropped the salute and bowed before he disappeared. The family went inside were Eleanor and Arthur prepared their equipment. Eleanor stopped and bowed down before the boy. “It is probably just some strange test made by some of the Kilmaeren wizards or some outbreak outside the city. No matter what it is I am sure it will not take long and we’ll be back before long. Then we can go back to the festival and stay all night. I heard that they will play the same play again.” She gave her son a hug before Arthur called for her and they went towards the western gate. The boy followed them outside. They waved to him before they disappeared behind a house. The air was now as cold as in the night and it was as dark as if the sun was hiding behind clouds yet no clouds were nowhere close to the sun.

    At the wall barracks at the western wall. The second commander of the Crastine defense force was sitting at a table. He held his hands over his head in disbelief. Beside him were two pigeons in cages and in front of him two pieces of papers. Four sergeants of his had entered the room and looked at him with question in their eyes. ”Messages from Santiena and Vol’ adein arrived recently. Something huge and very dangerous has attacked them and is now traveling south in a destructive rage. The writers of the messages were in such hurry that most is difficult to read but it might be a black dragon.” The commander said with a bit of anger and a little fear in his throat.
    ”South!? But that leads it past Vol’ Ekar and then here.” One of the sergeants questioned stress fully.

    ”Yes and it does not seem to seek anything but the destruction itself. It could be a monster of Stelladora for a pre-emptive attack against us. Ready the full defenses and start evacuating the western districts!” The sergeants gave salute and ran out of the room to give the orders further.

    The defenses was quickly readied. A large numbers of ballistae, catapults and similar were mounted on the wall and the multiple towers directed towards the north. The western districts would take longer to evacuate as over 200 000 people lived there. The commander was walking over the wall were thousands of soldiers were running and preparing themselves for the eventual attack. The air was now really cold and the sky was almost night black. The soldiers are very nervous. At one moment a soldier came running to the commander telling him that there were a small group of soldier in front of the gate that were trying to say something. The commander did however not listen for he saw in the distance something large approaching that gave a freezing feeling through his whole body. It was a black dragon. It was the Margeficus, king of the dragons but it burned of black and yellow flames as if it had been infected by the abyss and it headed straight towards Crastine. The commander looked around and saw the soldiers terrified so he stood up on the command tower and spoke out.

    "Crastine have never fallen nor will it fall today. 87 years ago the city was saved by the heroes that Friyena brought to us and heroes will save us today again. You will be those heroes! The Margeficus is attacking us. The king of the dragons! BUT WE ARE THE SOLDIERS OF FRIYENA! WE SHALL NOT FALTER TO ANYTHING LESS AS LONG AS WE HAVE HER SUPPORT! SO IF THE KING HIMSELF ATTACKS US TODAY! Then today is the day when that king dies!!"

    The soldiers cheered for the short moment they had as the margeficus approached their range.

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    I'm curious. How many of you read these chapters and are interested in them?
    Do you think they give a good insight to the plane of Avelaide (same as the tournament) or are they just huge walls of text?

    Representation of Crastine
    Art by: yin yuming
  • I think is pretty cool
  • I like them. They make good reads and give me something to do and look forward to.
  • @Jonteman93 These stories are about the tournament world? I always assumed that it was part of the MtG multiverse.
    Ertenstor was colonized by the kingdom of Terdea according to @TenebrisNemo. Is Terdea on the same continent as Lisakdonia? And @barchae, where is Ronnie’s home in this world?
    @TenebrisNemo Are you still here or should I just post my story segment?
  • @ShaperKyon
    They're still here. Whether they're active in this thread, I'm not sure.
  • @ShaperKyon Ronnie's home is a small village just north of where the tournament is held, it is pretty closeby.
  • @Jonteman93 I like the stories
  • First person to respond gets to start the segment with Coltras. Anyone else can join in whenever.
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    Thank you everyone!

    @ShaperKyon Eternstor and Terdea is according to Tenebris in another world that has a connected passage to Avelaide.

    This universe has no connection to the mtg universe except that there is planeswalker and such.
    The tournament version however does not follow this rule and do have the connection. This is so that contenders could create characters from old worlds.

    Everything that happens in this story have or will happen in the tournament story/lore but everything that happens in the tournament won't necessary happen in this version.
    For example champions and contenders from the mtg universe or any other plane at all does not exists in this version.
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    Battle of the flames - The Margeficus

    Margeficus is both a name and a title. It was a name given to a dragon very long ago of immense powers second only to the gods themselves. A name that means “greatest king of mountains” or “great lord of fire”. The first Margeficus did not want to share its heritage, its power with the offspring of other lesser dragons that would breed the power into irrelevance. To the east. Beyond the realm of Stelladora and the lands of the Aephonaeran people. Beyond the great deserts in the lands of the giants is the white mountains. The Margeficus made its nest where it found the greatest of other dragons to breed with. Three young ones were born and hidden within the mountains together with their mother where she was ordered to stay with them and feed them until she herself died. The children would fight each other for the right to be the one only survivor and then feed upon its dead mother. When the heir was ready to take the crown, the Margeficus himself would enter the nest were he would let his child kill him and feed upon him. This continued for generations to ensure that the line remained pure and each Margeficus was left more powerful than its predecessor. That is until the last one was trapped before the gate to the abyss and became its mindless puppet.
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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 3: Battle of the flames. part 2/4

    A small smile appeared on the second commander’s expression when the hair on his head whipped on his face showing that the wind was blowing north towards the approaching dragon. All soldiers around him that were not busy loading the ballistae or covering the bolt points with poison or other chemicals were singing a the prayer of battle for Frieyna. So that she would watch over them and notice their deed upon death. Most the thirty or so ballistae that were being prepared were of conventional design with a single bolt. On top of the gatehouse were two ballistae of another special design prepared and ready. The ballistae had two bolts readied on a parallel circular wheel that could change the double shot from horizontal or vertical. The two bolts were connected with a small sharpened chain and both where connected to the same trigger to fire at the same time. A weapon feared by many dragon riders as a good shot could snap the whole wing of an ordinary sized dragon. A weapon known as the wing cutter or dragon slayer.
    The commander held a red flag in his hand raised up as the ballistae crew except one became ready.


    The commander swung the flags down and the crews released their shot. They all had a target to aim for. The conventional ballistae aimed for the vital parts such as eyes and the nostrils while the dragon slayers aimed for the wings. A grounded dragon was far easier to fight than an airborne one. The ballistae flew far and hit the Margeficus’ nose and eyebrows and managed to scrap the scales a little but most bolts did little to nothing. One bolt hit just beside the eyes hurting the dragon who gave away a furious roar that shook fear into many soldiers. The twin bolts had easier to hit the wings because of the very size of the dragon. The twin bolts flew in vertical order so that the chain would grab onto the wing and force the bolts around it. On smaller dragons the chain could cut through the wing but not here. The bolts were hooked on the chain and smashed straight around or into the wing muscle. Most bolts were deflected and flew off but some managed to dig into the muscle and get stuck. Other bolts were a little more successful as they were aimed through the wing tissue were they pierced but it was difficult to hit and the created holes were too small to affect the dragon’s fly capacity noticeable. The Margeficus was angry for the damage to the wings. The ballistae crews reloaded their weapon and shot as the commander gave the order. The margeficus was not much affected except it had become angrier. The commander took up a blue flag in haste and shouted.


    Nothing happened so the commander shouted again. Nothing. The commander turned towards a tower were the last ballista was mounted.

    “What are you doing!? Why are you not shooting!?”
    “We’re sorry commander, Two bottles left!”

    A young soldier shouted back as a small group of soldiers were attaching blue vials to the chain of the twin bolt. Two older soldiers behind the ballistae were focusing the aim on the approaching dragon whom now began to leak fire from its mouth. The commander was sweating as he tried to hold his calm. “Fire when ready!” The soldiers on the wall had begun to duck behind the battlements.
    “Now!” Shouted the young soldier as he finished attaching the last vial to the chain. The older soldier who had kept aim shot away the twin bolt towards the dragon’s left wing who was now two stone throws away. The Margefius spew out a thick red-black fire towards the wall as the special twin bolt hit the wing. The bolts swung around the wing and back pressing the vials into the wing muscle until they broke by the pressure. The liquid that was released almost instantly vaporize around the wing. The muscle quickly began to freeze. The Margeficus could not move the wing and thus keep itself airborne anymore. It crashed down in the bazaar inside the city. The fire that had hit the wall had set around 200 soldiers behind the battlements on fire. Some fell off the wall while others screamed before the fell silent.

    The commander felt a small victory as the dragon now was downed. He was about to order the attack when he saw that thousands of inhabitants were still in the district not far from the dragon. He shouted for the soldiers to bombard the dragon with everything they had. The thousands of soldiers shot with arrows and threw spears against the dragon in an attempt to hit the eyes, nostrils, stomach and increase the damage to the wing. The Margefius recovered and was furious. It turned around and covered the whole wall in fire. Since the dragon was now below the wall the soldiers could hide behind the battlements until they realized that the wall began to crack by the heat of the fire. The soldier thus avoided to continue the bombardment directly. The commander tried to get to his senses and think about some solution. He took up a red flag to order the ballistae crew on the far away towers to shot but he was too late to keep the dragon’s attention. The dragon had noticed the escaping inhabitants. The commander could only watch in dread as the dragon spew fire that streamed through the roads towards the civilians and the soldiers that tried to evacuate them. The flame covered what must have been at least five thousands of people. Then the buildings that were being covered in the flame collapsed due to the heat. Bolts from the towers began to shower over the dragon scraping the wounds. The dragon turned around with its tail swinging straight through a large amount of buildings. The dragon spew fire towards the tower that did seem to miss the crew but just seconds later did the towers collapse giving the soldiers a secured death. The commander was now swinging both a green flag ordering the catapults to begin bombarding the dragon.

    Minutes passed which felt like hours as the Margeficus destroyed more and more of the city. The commander’s heart then relaxed for a little moment as Sir Tengil Letholdus, Lady Oskilde, Sir Oscar, a company of other knights of Friyena and hundreds of soldiers came through the destroyed bazaar. The Margeficus turned towards them. He noticed the white burning sword in Tengil’s hands.

    “Fall back to the abyss from where you came foul monster!”

    Tengil shouted towards the Margeficus as he raised the sword towards it. The dragon drew breath and spew black and red flames upon the reinforcement. The flames however were split and deflected. Tengil held in his hand the blade trying to hold the flames back with its magic. The dragon swung its head trying to eat Tengil but he jumped out of the way and stuck back at the dragon’s eye leaving a white glowing wound. The rest of the soldiers and knights began to ran under and attack the dragon’s weaker point or with just magical force. The second commander was jumping and cheering on top of the wall as they dragon had trouble killing Tengil. The Margeficus then behaved somewhat strange. It stepped back and stood up on its back legs straight. The dragon was now standing 40 meters tall. Then it began to make a sound that sounded like laughter. The dragon’s eyes turned from red to straight yellow and black-yellow smoke began to leave its body making it seem more abyssal. A dark yellow light began to glow in its mouth as it drew breath. Tengil shouted to the others to run away while he himself readied his shield magic. The Margeficus lowered its stance and spewed out a yellow-black flame towards Tengil who struggled to hold his shield. The flame had such force that the ground beneath began to break and flew away and the houses for at least 700 meters behind Tengil was destroyed and incinerated. The flames was too much for Tengil. His shield broke and he turned to ash leaving only the sword.
  • @Jonteman93 So you’re saying that Avelaide and the tournament plane are parallel universes with Avelaide outside the MtG multiverse and the tournament plane inside?
  • @everyone I propose this: We find someone who can finish the match in @TenebrisNemo s place. Once this happens, I for one have story segments planned out but which one I use depends on whether or not I win or lose the match. I'm guessing that a main reason people aren't on here is 1 It's summer so it's always slower. And 2 The story ends Midway through a match which all the characters are watching which makes it akward to do a story segment.

    So can we get a replacement judge just to finish this match.
  • Yea I don’t plan on doing story until Ik if my character makes it further
  • @TenebrisNemo has expressed his desire to finish this.

    I propose you put it on Hiatus and start Tournament 3! (Which could also be a "Prequel" Tournament!)
  • Now we just need a Volunteer!
  • @ShaperKyon Kind of but not really. For example, planeswalkers from the mtg universe should and can not randomly show up to save the day.
    The only thing that allows the planes of the mtg universe to be used in correlation is the tournament to not prevent people's created (or likewise) characters from joining. That people begins to draw connection to old planeswalker is not something I should prevent since it is a part of their back story. However I want to keep these planeswalkers out of the plane since their present could change the outcome of the tournament related stories significantly.

    In the end. The details does not matter for whatever it is or not connected to mtg universe.
    Is it clear or do I only make it more confusing?
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    @TenebrisNemo disappeared for three weeks, then came back explaining he had been on vacation (which I understand and accept) and was now ready to devote resources to this tournament. After saying this, he has disappeared for another three weeks. I don’t want to assume things as there may be an important issue that he has to deal with, but this tournament needs to speed up. We should explore solutions like those proposed by @Bobman111 and @Corwinnn. I personally think that we should try to contact @TenebrisNemo if possible. It is his tournament, after all.

    @DoctorFro Yes, you may lose the tournament soon. All the more reason to leave your mark on it while you still can! Besides, I have faith in Koorir!

    @Jonteman93 So you want to let tournament contenders in but not planeswalkers. I suppose Avelaide could be in the MtG multiverse, but have some kind of artifact or enchantment that blocks Planeswalkers/hampers Planeswalkers/makes Avelaide seem negligible to Planeswalkers. The precedent has been set by the Immortal Sun and the Phyrexian pipes. Keep in mind that Planeswalkers have visited Avelaide before (@sanjaya666 ‘s Merchant, at least). Is Avelaide still separate from the tournament plane?
    I don’t mean to be nitpicky or annoying, I just like having esoteric discussions about the structure of fictional realities.
  • I still check in here every other day, let me know what you guys decide upon doing. It was a fun idea/tournament and at the pace it is going, I think myself and others can keep up with 2 tournaments at the same time? Ofcourse if you do decide upon holding a 3rd tournament, I'd suggest not just copy/pasting the rules of this one, but adding some new rules and restrictions.
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    Battle of the flames - Puppet of destruction

    The dragons of the east are well known for their pride, both in themselves and their ancestral line. The great dragons have even greater pride and Haelign the glutton. She ate so much and grew so large that she towered over the Margeficus himself. She became so confident in her power that she believed herself to be more powerful than the Margeficus and tried to overtake him and become the queen of dragons. She had underestimated the Margeficus who in the battle of the titans had ended the fight by biting her wings off her body. “A dragon without wings is not fit to be called dragon” had been his last words to the humiliated Haelign before he left her in shame for the rest of her life.

    The Margeficus remained unchallenged by all other dragons for over three hundred years. Then one day an unknown dragon challenged him for the throne. The Margeficus’ pride and confidence got the best of him as he was deluded by the seemingly real dragon. He was trapped by a spell forged by the gods. He was brought to the abyssal gate where a ritual to create an Akon Vegrin had been prepared and he would be the vessel. The ritual was not meant to be complete so the Margeficus became a failed or “false” Akon Vegrin. The purpose was to create a mindless puppet strong enough to be unstoppable by the mortal races and more powerful than one god alone. He would bring the destruction of the abyss to the mortals and thus prolong and hopefully even prevent the ultimate end war when the abyssal gate would break and set lose the abyss completely into the world.

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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 3: Battle of the flames. Part 3/4

    The boy was sitting in his room watching out of the window towards the west were huge clouds of smoke were raising up. Now and then he saw flames rise high above the buildings that prevented his vision. People were running on the streets beneath him towards the eastern docks or towards the gate at the north east where they could escape the city. Soldiers were running aside the crowd trying to lead them in the right direction. The boy looked at each and every one of the soldiers trying to find his mother and father but he recognized no one. A minute or so later someone entered the house and ran up to the common room. It was a soldier. The soldier was recognized as a companion to the boy’s father. The soldier told the boy to join him as they had to hurry for the north eastern exit. The boy tried to stay in wait for his parent but the solider took him up and ran out with him in his arms towards the east, away from the burning city.


    The commander was down on his four. His eyes were filled with tears from both the black smoke that surrounded him but also the despair from the destruction. He watched through the dense smoke how the Margeficus trampled through the western district towards the south over thousands upon thousands of destroyed buildings. Screams could be heard from the ruins of the buildings of people being cooked inside the burning ruins. The commander took up flag after flag. He swung them in desperation that someone would answer and be able to do something. Nothing happened. All ballistae and catapult crews had either died or escaped. He looked around on the wall at other hundred or so soldiers that were also lying in despair and fear. He then looked down upon the bazaar where the bodies of many soldiers and knight lie. He saw the bodies of Oskilde and Oscar half burned. He then noticed the glimmering light of a sword in the ashes. Tengil’s sword. The sword of the Letholdus family. He looked around at the destruction and at his soldiers before he dried the tears from his eyes. He then asked the closest soldier what his name was.

    “It’s Viktor Sir. ”

    ”Viktor. Gather all men that you can find and evacuate as much as you can of the city. I will keep the Margeficus busy for as long as possible so that you can escape.”

    Viktor paused for a moment before stood up and rallied the rest of the soldiers. He watched back at the commander who had stood up and now ran towards the alchemy center. The commander gathered the last small wooden box with blue vials and a large blanket before he ran to the stable and mounted his black horse. He then rode and got the Letholdus sword before he set off south across the ruined district towards the rampaging dragon.
    The boy was quickly walking in the massed crowd of people beside the soldier. Some people were crying after loved ones such as their children or siblings. Some people argued that this was the end of humanity, that the abyss had sent its greatest monster to destroy them. Other argued that it was a monster created by the Stelladora. The soldiers tried to keep the people calm so that they could move out as fast as possible. The fleet in the distance was now visible. Stones and bolts were continued to be shot inwards from the ship. A large number of ships that were crowded with people had already set off towards the north beside the cliffs side to avoid being seen by the dragon. The boy was shacking as he looked around. The air was cold and thick with the smell of ash and fire and the dark sky towards the north was covered by a hundreds of meter long pillar of smoke. Then a small glimpse of light appeared from the ocean. Something light that looked like a spear or an arrow appeared and flew into the city followed by the Margeficus’ roar a moment later. The spear was later followed by a winged being. Not a dragon but something that looked like a large human. The being flew in towards the city and the Margeficus.


    The commander rode on his black horse which he had covered in a thick wet blanket closer and closer towards the Margeficus who had managed to destroy almost the complete south-western district and now turned towards the palace. The fleet in the harbor had begun to bombard the dragon with bolts and rocks with help from the wind that had help them thus far. The dragon’s body was covered in bolt buried into his scales from which black blood dripped. He did not seem to be affected by any of the wounds except the frozen wing that had begun to thaw. Screams echoed from the burning ruins around the commander. Screams which he had to ignore as good as he could as there was nothing he could do to help them. It tormented him but he remained adamant on his course. The dragon had begun to move towards the palace, ignoring the incoming bombardment from the fleet. The commander drew Letholdus’ sword and held it in his right hand while he charged towards the dragon. The commander did not possess the might to use such weapon to its potential but if the legends of the blade was true then it would cuts would burn with the white flame regardless of wielder which would be enough for the commander.

    The dragon stopped his movement and began to draw breath. Yellow light began to glow from its mouth and scales as it had done earlier before it killed Tengil. The commander drew up another wet blanket over himself as he rode towards the dragon’s feet. Before the dragon had managed to destroy the palace in a hellish inferno the commander had reached its legs and struck towards one leg and then the next leaving two glowing white yet small wounds. The dragon roared as it turned to his right while covering the district in a yellow-black inferno. The commander just barely managed to avoid the feet and the inferno but now the Margeficus saw him riding to the west away from the palace. The last fire had left the dragon without breath so when the commander heard the dragon draw another breath he turned around a corner and took up two blue vials and opened them spilling the content over himself and his horse. The horse screeched as the liquid touched the blanket and vaporized. The blanked turned to ice in a blinking moment and the commander felt his skin freeze to ice stuck to the blanket. It felt like he would faint but he kept pouring the rest. Then came the expected sound of the dragon spitting fire and the immense cold was quickly replaced by burning heat as the water in the blankets began to boil and corrode his skin. It was only willpower that held the commander from fainting now. The horse could take it and collapsed with the commander falling ahead. The fire had stopped but the pain was extremely intense. He tried to open his eyes but he noticed that his eyelids had burnt up and his eyes were destroyed. Yet his plan had succeeded as he had survived. He ignored all screaming pain as he forced himself up on his legs. He turned towards the dragon holding the sword in his hands. He shouted at the dragon.

    “Is that the best you can do monster!? I am an honored knight of Friyena and I will not fall to such weakness!”

    He held the sword as Tengil had held it before. The blanket he wore was still whole enough to cover his mortal wounds. The seconds felt long before he finally heard the dragon making the laughing sound and began to draw a deep breath. His lie had worked. The pain in his body miraculously disappeared and then he heard a female voice inside his head.

    “Thank you”

    The black flames then swallowed him and turned his broken body to ash leaving only the sword upon his ashes.

    The Margeficus later turned towards the palace again. A light appeared from the sea. Seconds later a spear of white flame hit his right side. He roared as he fell over. Then Goddess Friyena appeared in the distance heading straight towards the Margeficus with a spear in her hands.
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    Battle of the flames - The betrayal
    The gods knew the consequences of the action they would commit to the Margeficus and the mortal realm but it was in the intent for the better. The Margeficus was chosen as the perfect candidate for his power and with the abyss taking over him he would be more powerful than any one god alone as was believed to ensure that the plan would be successful even if any god broke the old agreement.
    Since the failure of Praepotus’ attempt to control the abyssal magic within the mortal realm and it was trapped behind the gate. The surviving gods made an agreement to never enter the mortal realm in a physical form as it could affect the balance and thus the end war would come sooner.
    The destruction that the Margefius brought would ensure the destruction of the mortal kingdoms and it was also to be expected that many mortal races would perish. When the destruction had begun and Crastine stood under flames. Friyena could not bear to witness the annihilation of the people that she had grown so very fond of so she betrayed the agreement and entered the mortal realm in an attempt to stop the Margeficus or die trying.

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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 3: Battle of the flames. part 4/4

    The fleet had stopped shooting at the Margefiucs a while ago. If it was because they were out of ammunition or if it was another reason was unknown to the boy who saw the winged being fly in towards the city. Someone shouted “It’s Friyena! She has come to save us!” It was a knight that shouted. The people and the soldiers cheered for her.
    The dragon roared at the approaching god before he spewed fire upon her. Frieyna held her now glowing spear before her and pierced through the flames and towards the dragon. The dragon tried to move aside but she was faster and struck him at the side leaving a large wide wound as he roared again. He swung with his right wing making a force of wind that forced back Friyena as he stood up and swung his arms at her. She blocked the first arm and struck at the other wounding him once again. The dragon struck at her with his head and then tried to bite her. Friyena had to back off and avoid the bite attempts. The dragon spewed fire one again towards her which she blocked as before. She now answered by creating a white flaming spear in her free and threw it at the dragon hitting him in the stomach. The dragon stopped for a short moment as it starred at Friyena with its red eyes then it spoke.

    “Friyena. Agn wuern afictum es akon Vegrin reega valt’afrur ene’re sarr ovur so egerre agn. De eter onu Friyena de’st on stan agn. aer deeve steat on for’al ese amon?

    Friyena levitated in the air. She looked around at the destruction and back at the dragon as she answered.

    “Agn enim”

    The Margeficus raised up tall over the city as he smiled widely. ”Dere emaxum” The red eyes of the dragon began to glow with a yellow color that seemed to bleed into the air around them. The whole body of the dragon seemed to bleed but with black-yellowish smoke instead of blood. The bolts and spears that were trapped in his scales burned up and the frozen wing muscle began to burn yellow for some seconds leaving a wing that was more mobile indicating that the frost has thawed. He then drew a short breath before unleashing a powerful breath of yellow black flames that pushed whole houses aside towards Friyena. She raised her glowing spear to block the flames but as she blocked it a large black claw appeared besides her striking towards upon her. She left her guard and moved backwards but another claw came above her striking down upon her. She raised her glowing spear to block the strike. The Margeficus strike was powerful. It broke the spear into two pieces that that fell down. Friyena threw balls of white fire as she escaped upwards. She had been struck on her right leg whit white blood sipping out of the wound.

    The Margeficus unleashed another black-yellow inferno upwards towards Friyena. The flames were spread across the whole sky over Crastine covering most of it from the sun completely. Friyena appeared from behind the dragon as he kept covering the sky in flame. Friyena held a sword in her and struck the dragon multiple times at the back leaving glowing wounds. The dragon turned around while still unleashing the inferno towards Frieyna. She was struck by the fire but the dragon’s claws appeared just after. She struck towards the approaching claws but as she wounded the dragon she was even more wounded as one strike ripped her left arm leaving it bleeding. Friyena saw that her move had also left a huge part of the city behind her in ruins. Her sword, The sword of Vielaoron was not powerful enough to deal with the Margeficus. She would have to rely on something more powerful. Friyena flew up again and began to throw fire spears summoned in her hand towards the margeficus. She flew so high that he was forced to follow her. The dragon spread its wings and left the ground. Friyena then summoned a series of large white flames that she threw at the approaching dragon that ascended towards her. The white flames were enough to harm the dragon somewhat but it was not the intent. Friyena took an opportunity and flew through the flames down towards the city again. She descended with tremendous speed where she had dropped the spear. She grabbed the part which held the head and flew up again.

    She threw a series of new flame spears and fire spells towards the dragon that spewed flames towards her but she had already escaped towards the sea. The dragon followed after but in slower speed so to not make him attack the city again she kept attacking him with flaming spears. The dragon followed her to the sea where she turned around and attacked the dragon head on. She struck his nose and avoided the claws. From behind the dragon she kept casting fire spells at him. The dragon spewed fire towards her and all around himself to stop this annoyance. He continued until the sky was covered once again in black flames and the bombardment of Friyena’s spells ceased. Then in the silence he was hit with another spear from above and then another. He rose through the black flames until he came out above it. Above him levitated Friyena with a bright glowing spear in her hand that could be mistaken as the sun. She then threw the spear and it appeared as the whole sky turned white.
    The public around the boy stared at the black burning sky where Fryena had fought the dragon just seconds before. Through the black flames a small light appeared followed by another and then nothing for a couple of seconds. People held their hands praying that nothing bad had occurred. Then suddenly the whole burning sky lit up with a white light as if the sun itself had fallen. It was followed by a light that looked like a star falling onto the ocean. The seconds passed then the black dragon appeared through the flames. White flames where burning on the dragon as it fell towards the ocean. It broke the surface of the water with a heavy impact that created a large wave which struck upon the harbor and the fleet docked there breaking some of them. The dragon that began to sunk kept burning even as it sank deeper. The people stood still chocked until they began cheering as they never had before when Friyena descended from the black sky that began to light up. The boy also cheered for a moment before he remembered his mom and dad. He broke out from the grip of the soldier and began to run back into the city.

    Friyena descended to the ocean where she found the spear half that she had used to kill the Margeficus. It was glowing black with magic from the abyss as it floats on top of the water. She took up the spear and kept it hidden as she flew towards the city again.
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  • @ShaperKyon I will participate
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