Official Contest: Artwork Contest!



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    Wait! Stop the train!

    Just kidding. Here's my last second entry.

  • Entries are closed, let the judgement begin!
    Thank you to all of our brave participants.
  • Glad to know I made it, even though I was literally the last entrant.

    Good luck everyone!
  • Can't wait to see what the judges verdict is!
    (It was going to be me imitating the guy in the actual card with my tome, and the empty pages of it... it was going to be kinda funny.)

    @mtgcardsmith, could you please allow one last minute entry?
  • Sorry, rules are rules @Ranshi922, you had 3 weeks! Better luck next time around.

    First Place - Incite Animosity by @Temurzoa

    Second Place - Cursed Shuriken by @Tomigon

    Third Place - Curse of a Broken Heart by @Lastjustice

    Honorable mentions
    Wolf of Summer's Eve - @saveria201 (New Talent Unlocked!)
    Bolide Dragon - @Faiths_Guide
    Gatekeeper - @sorinjace

    Temurzoa has asked that the new profile avatar be released and available for the entire community - now available under your profile!

    The winners will be contacted about individual prizes. Thank you everyone who participated in the contest, the talent in this community is amazing and not something to be underestimated!

    If you liked this contest format, please leave a comment below and send a congrats to our winners!
  • new avatar?!
  • Woo!! I loved this contest. Congrats to the winners!!
  • Congrats to all the winners and mentionables!!!
    Also thanks to everyone who entered and made this such a fun challenge!!
  • Huzzah! Thank you @mtgcardsmith and all that entered!
  • Thank god my card didn't get 1st... lol jk no congrats to everyone that won and got an honorable mention, and seriously everyone who had the guts to enter this contest, it was scary, definitely a challenge, and fun I had a blast thank you @mtgcardsmith and @Corwinnn for the contest!!
  • Also, do honorable mentions get anything?

    (I was kidding btw about not getting first, now that I think about it, that would have been pretty sweet to see Gatekeeper as an avatar. lol)
  • I personally thought that @Faiths_Guide's Bolide Dragon should've won! It also would've made a great icon. (Not that Incite Animosity isn't)
  • Well.... it was worth a shot, heh. Good one to all you winners! I enjoyed this kinda challenge sort of. I have my nitpicks but eh.

    Also! Maybe sometime we could do a retro challenge or something? Maybe... hm... Ohohoh! A challenge called 'Multi-Use' or something? Use MTG cards for something OTHER than actually a deck. Like, make something out of the cards or somethin. I dunner, heh.
  • which it just did
  • @Ranshi922
    Thanks, but I'm just glad it was judged and happy for the winners :)
  • Wooohooooo!!!
    Thank you for such fun contest! Congrats to all who made amazing cards!
  • I feel like the unluckiest smith for missing something this big. Congratulations to everyone who participated.
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