Step 1 of the Cardmaker's Manual - The Color Pie

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So, you are a new kid, wanting to forge some cards, make people impressed, get some followers? Well I know how you feel. I started creating a few months ago, and now I feel confident with it. But I also want to help people achieve confidence faster. And there's now way better to do that, than create a tutorial on card building! Welcome to MTG Cardsmith, fella!

We will start by viewing the color pie. Now, each color is equal in magic, but the mistake that creators usually do the first couple cards, is throw in a random color on a card and hope it works out.
This is a rookie mistake, nothing too serious, but it is something you need to correct. The color placement needs to make sense with the themes of your card.

Here are what the colors stand for:

White: All things holy, Supporting your creatures and destroying the opponent's defense

Blue: Intelligence, Mischievious card play and effects that no one saw coming

Black: All things unholy, Ruining your opponent's plans

Red: Destruction, Freaking wanton massacres and chaos

Green: Nature, Growing your creatures and not letting the opponent use long-term effects

So, now you've made your decision? Now it's time to see what basic abilities are related to which color

Haste: Red

Trample: Green

First Strike: White

FLying: Blue

Deathtouch: Black

Of course, these aren't the only abilities that exist, and there is no rule that a keyword can be used by only one color, it just helps you see the main outlines.

So, you make sense of the color pie now? Then go ahead, forge some cards!


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