Name Your Price (Contests get stuff done, because people want stuff)

Alright, this is what I am asking for:
I need concepts for phobia cards that I am having a creative block on.

How this works:
I will every now and then comment mentioning some phobias that I cant think of squat for.
You then make a concept, but not a card, of it.
You name your price with the comment and if I like it, and the price is right, I will provide and will use the concept.

Sounds simple? It is. Hopefully.

Its the exact same as what I intended for my previous discussion, but custom card discussions dont grab attention like a contest. Have fun, help me out, dont drive too hard of a bargain.


  • Anemophobia - fear of wind is the first card I need assistance with.
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    Maybe a blue card.

    Removal spell?
    Or wind themed elemental creature.

    Oh rare enchantment with an ability like " whenever you cast a blue instant or sorcery spell, return target creature to its original owners hand" its name could like be "Æther whirlwind"

    Do what you want with it, no price just board :)
  • The name is supposed to be Anemophobia but I like that idea! I’ll use that!
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    @Corwinnn, could you please close this? I figured out an idea for an ongoing discussion/contest.
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