What contest/challenge would you like to see? (#2, Open to suggestions)

Hello fellow cardsmiths, I was wondering what kind of contest/challenge you'd like to see. I've run a few contests recently, but they seem to be lacking appeal. So I need your suggestions, then I'll start a vote on those suggestions to decide what contests/challenges are most popular.

Voting rules:
Pick your top five favorite ideas.
2) You can mention them by name or number for convenience.

Voting list:
Cards that care about creature's base power and/or toughness.
2) Discard spells.
3) Faeries.
4) Famous flavor text challenge.
5) Group hug card challenge - Cards that share
6) land w/land destruction
7) Music challenge - Make a card themed off of a song you like.
8) Off primary color tribe creatures.
9) Once upon a turn challenge - Effects that can only be used once per turn or once during your turn.
10) One drop common sorcery.
11) Planeswalker's spell book - Pick an ability from a planeswalker and make it a card.
12) Skill borrower challenge - Steal abilities
13) Uncommon legendary creatures.
14) vertical cycle challenge
15) You shall not pass! - creatures can't attack.

Bonus: Homunculus/Pblthp

Happy smithing everybody! :)


  • 1) vertical cycle challenge
    2) land w/land destruction (ex wasteland, field of ruin)
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    Just posting some ideas to help get the ball rolling.

    1) Flavor text challenge.
    2) Off primary color tribe creatures.
    3) Once upon a turn challenge. (Effects that can only be used once per turn or once during your turn.)
    4) Group hug card challenge.
    5) Music challenge. (Make a card themed off of a song you like.)

    Feel free to leave feedback on these ideas, if you like!
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    Colored artifacts were June's theme of the month though..?

    I'll share some of my ideas:
    1) Skill Borrower challenge (Cards that gain activated abilities of another permanent cards)
    Example: http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=179428
    2) MtG Literature club (Famous quotes in flavor text.)
    Example: http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=14754
    3) Planeswalker's spell book (Pick an ability from a planeswalker and make it a card.)
    4) Cards that care about creature's base power and/or toughness
    Example: http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=159763
    5) Where Is My Mind? (Discard spells)
    Example: http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=438676
    6) You shall not pass! (Make a card that makes creatures unable to attack)
  • Okay. I'll close the artifact contest then, because I don't want to be repetitive.
  • @sorinjace @Faiths_Guide @TenebrisNemo
    May each of you propose some contest/challenge ideas you'd be interested in? I know each of you have quite good taste in contests/challenges, but you don't have to give feedback if you don't want to. I just thought I'd ask a couple of the smiths that are popular to myself.

    I'm having a hard time collecting enough cardsmiths' ideas. Especially since I want to start the vote within the next two days, so that I can start a new contest/challenge that will get enough reception!
  • I will also be messaging a group of smiths in a PM to mention when the voting will start so I can get a good enough sample size.
  • @murkletins here is a few good, cool, and simple contest ideas for you:

    * One drop sorcery contest common cards only

    * Uncommon legendary creatures contest

    * Saga enchantment contest

    * hybrid cmc common alien creatures contest (could work with the new hybrid contest by i believe @bnew07)

    * faeries contest (there has been some mention of faeries lately that people miss them in standard, maybe this contest idea will do well!)

    Personally, I think you need to give your contests more time to build up. You have some great ideas and cool contests but you close them too quick. I learned from @Tomigon and other cardsmiths not to run too many contests at once it won't help your own contest get entries and it could bump other cardsmiths contests from getting entries as well. Heck, I partake in most of everyone's contests, the ones that catch my attention. I miss some and I hate it when that happens, there are so many good ones coming out from people on here. I'm waiting for @TezzeretofCarmot21 to drop his next one, I think he really takes time in creating his contests and they are fun and challenging.

    That said, I generally try to stick to about 3 max, I suggest you do the same you'd be surprised how well it works with patience. You won't get hit up everyday, it just don't happen. But there are days you will be swamped too. when my summer cartoons challenge wraps up (its in the playoffs right now and @jpastor was cool enough to say he'd help guest judge the cards for me during the playoffs.) and my where ancients tread contest ends, all I'll have is my creature feature that is ongoing and if I create any new contests. Im thinking about slowing things a little bit on here, It's been a very long and active journey for me this summer on here and I don't have easy access to getting on here as I used to now that our downtown library is temporarily closed for the next 10 months. I'm not saying im leaving, just slowing down a bit. But I will definitely keep creature feature alive, I have cool ideas for it down the road, stay tuned!! And I will help out on here as much as I can, and enter contests to help boost activity on here as well cuz we all love it when we get new cards to check out, right?
  • Thanks for the feedback, @sorinjace. I'll take that into account, as I may just not be posting enough actual content to our contests on a daily basis to healthily bump them.

    I think people get turned off of posting, if they see the word "bump" too often. That's why I've been experimenting with a new way to bump our contests that I haven't shown yet. It was initially going to be used in the artifact contest part way through, once I've collected enough key terms. (Aka. Flavorful words similar to another contest hosted here.)

    I think I was mostly discouraged by the lack of entries for four or more days on one of our week long contests. As well as a slow down in entries to a more controversial contest.

    Anyways, hopefully you're right as I plan on hosting two concurrent contests. By that I mean, contests that aren't at the judging/judged phase.
  • Sure thing @murkletins! Always willing to help friends when I can.
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    @sorinjace Thanks for the kind words. :P I’m dropping a new one tomorrow... I think you’ll like it.
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21
    Can you PM a message with a link to it, so we make sure we favorite it for notifications.

    I have a bad habit of missing contests/challenges.
  • Maybe soemthing weird like... idk right now... im preoccupied.
  • Lol, @Ranshi922. Good idea with the homunculus/Pblthp contest. XD
  • That's a thing?!
  • Now it is! Lol.
  • ok then XD
  • I'll be starting the vote later tonight, so it's up for tomorrow morning.
  • so we vote here?
  • Wait, there's a homunculus contest? Seriously?! No way! @Ranshi922 you know I love homunculus creatures right?

    @TezzeretofCarmot21 no prob! I think your contests are always original! :)
  • I had no idea. I was preoccupied with thoughts of impending doom because this school wont hire an exterminator even though there are spiders that can cause ****ing necrosis in my god**** ****ing room!
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    @Ranshi922 Hey man least you don't have the nightmare of bedbugs dechujoh jfoster and I had to deal with that at the mission... Heck, a spider will eat the damn things I got no problem with spiders!
  • Bats do that and they are kinda cute! Never venomous. Point was, I was saying I would think of something later.
  • Music for sure
    Uncommon Legends
    But all of them sound pretty cool
  • 2) Discard spells.
    10) One drop common sorcery.
    8) Off primary color tribe creatures.
    4) Famous flavor text challenge.
    11) Planeswalker's spell book - Pick an ability from a planeswalker and make it a card.

  • 2) Discard spells.
    3) Faeries.
    4) Famous flavor text challenge.
    13) Uncommon legendary creatures.
    14) vertical cycle challenge
  • Here are my votes! They're ordered as: "I wanna see this happen ASAP!" to "I guess it would be cool to see this"

    13) Uncommon legendary creatures
    1) Cards that care about a creature's base power and/or
    8) Off primary color tribe creatures
    5) Group hug
    14) Vertical cycle
  • We can submit uncommon legendary creatures to this challenge btw!
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