Who are you? (Let's get to know each other!)

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This is probably not be the first of these kinds of threads but hey. You can't get to know too many people.
So I have been on this site and the forum for quite a long time now and met many different awesome people.
However I don't think I know anyone of you by your real name.
I don't even know what most of you guys do for a living.
So I thought. Why not break the ice and get to know more about the people behind the usernames and the profile pictures.

* What is your name? Do you have any nicknames?
* How old are you?
* Where do you come from?
* Do you have a family? Any siblings? Any children?
* Do you live with your family? Do you live alone or with friends/room mates?
* What do you do for a living? Do you study? What do you study?
* Whats your greatest dream?

* What is your favorite food?
* Favorite movies/tv-series?
* Favorite music?
* Favorite video games/board games/ card games?
* Favorite animals?
* What do you do during your free time. (If you have free time)
* Is there something you wish you were good at/had much knowledge about?

* Anything else you would want to share about yourself?

Of course if you would feel like something about this is sensitive information, you don't need to post that information.


  • This is great! I love knowing people who I never have met!
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    My name is Wesley Johannes Ryan, but anyone who has read my blog will know that... I go by Wes, Wesley, and Johan.
    As of yesterday I am 16, hence My Sect Dex card.
    I am from Bryn Mawr, a small town off of Philadelphia.
    I have my mom, my dad, two triplet brothers, and a dog.
    ATM I live at a boarding school called Phelps. My roommate is a prick and I only tolerate him by drowning him out with music.
    I do school for a living at the moment, but I also recently have been getting money through google bc of my blog.
    My greatest dream is to work at WotC and do what I love doing here for a living.

    Favorite food is sushi. Spicy and or Tuna.
    I like lots of tv series and lots of movies so i can't say what my favorite is.
    My favorite band is Panic! at the Disco. (I have a crush on Brendon Urie.)
    My favorite video games... Overwatch, Pokemon, Dark Souls, FNAF (sue me), and various Nintendo titles.
    Favorite board game is Monopoly so if anyone has lots of time on their hands and know of an online monopoly site, play me.
    Do you even have to ask my favorite card game?! XD But I also love a Dutch card game called Joker, then there's poker, blackjack, cribbage, Hali Gali, YuGiOh, I can go on for a while...
    I like dogs, and cats, and anything cute.
    I am here even when I don't have free time... So I am usually here with my free time.
    I know a metric **** ton of random facts, mostly about phobias, mtg, pokemon, and other things that in most courses won't get me very far.

    As was implied by me having a girlfriend and having a crush on Brendon Urie, I am bisexual. I am the type of ***hole that for some reason most people I met really like. I am blond, am a nihilist, am very sardonic and sarcastic and can be hot headed. Also...

    MY PLAY MAT ARRIVED!!! (the image has a blue tint bc my camera sucks...)
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    Name/nickname: Mercy A, aka Mercyque.
    Age: 21
    Origin place: Manitoba, Canada.
    Family: Yes, I have a mom and dad currently divorced but were coping well. But I also have a brother and my friend Modnation675.
    Housing: I live in an apartment with my mom and sometimes brother. He bounces between my mom and dad's places.
    Living/study: I'm currently unemployed and looking for work. But I do study Math, Physics and especially computer programming.
    Dream: Not to have to be trans. Aka be female. XD

    Favorite food: I have no favorite foods, but I do eat a lot of noodles to counteract anorexia/bulimia.
    Favorite movie: Shutter Island.
    Favorite Music: LGBTTQIA* stuff and love songs.
    Favorite game: MTG and coop games.
    Favorite animal: Chihuahuas, Sugar Gliders, Bats, Crows/Ravens, and reptiles.
    Free time: I like to listen to music and watch/play video games. Especially with my brother.
    Wished knowledge: If I knew how to socialize outside of my inner circle of sorts.

    I'd post a picture of myself as well, if I were comfortable with my appearance already. So here is a cute gif of a Sugar Glider.
  • @Ranshi922 Awesome and happy birth-yesterday!
    I have also had a room mate that I did not get well with. We were friends but terrible room mates since our living standards were off the charts different.

    @Murkletins Ah. Well we live in an age of rapidly developing science of all kinds so hopefully we'll reach a point when a complete gender/sex transformation with fertility can be made and rather cheap. (In swedish sex and gender are the same word so I'm not sure which to use.)
    Well you are socializing with us to some degree, hopefully that counts as something :)
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    Yeah, sorry about being a bit of a downer. I just think that's important stuff to talk about. Lol, I like this game a lot so I had to mention it.


  • *My name is Jonathan Lindström
    *I am 25 years old
    *I live in northern Sweden in a city called Luleå which is quite close to the polar circle
    *I have my mom and dad, two older sisters and a younger brother. I also have a 2 year old niece. I have no children, yet, hopefully.
    *I live alone.
    *I study geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics on university.
    *I dream of someday become a successful and loved father.

    *I would say beef steak with potatoes and garlic sauce. I also love Lasagna.
    *The Lord of the rings movies, shawshank redemption. The never ending story is quite special for me.
    Series are Stranger things, Game of thrones and Breaking bad.
    *Disturbed, Sabaton, Nightwish and some single songs such as Scatman and Still Broken by Plan three (I know, strange combination). I like most tragic songs.
    *Favorite game series is the soulsborne series (demon-, dark souls and Bloodborne)
    Also Final fantasy and the last of us, also doki doki literature club.
    Board games are Risk and various forms of dungeon and dragon (even though I never finished a single campaign.)
    *Bears, Hawks, penguins and Elephants.
    * Sometimes I spend lots of time writing stories, play games or just lie in bed and do nothing.
    *I wish I had better skill and knowledge about flowers and gardening.

    *I am probably addicted to coffee. I love the gentle smiles of people. I think I have a crush on Cate Blanchett.
    I am quite lonely so I try to keep myself occupied with large projects such as writing stories and game completions.
    I have a strange will to punch the bad out of angry and hateful people and then afterwards embrace them to give them some love and hopefully make them less hateful. I am however very bad at fighting and I hope I never get a reason to be good at it.
    I love tragedies in popular media such as movies, books, games and films. Tragedies that takes my will to protect and slams it into the wall. I want a story to have such impact on me that I begin to cry.
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    @murkletins Don't worry. We're all probably a little bit of downers. Some just choose to speak about it while other hide in under an illusion that we put on them that they are always happy and never sad.
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    @murkletins, just read the flavor text of my Sect Dex card and you will see that I’m a downer too.

    @Jonteman93, that’s some fascinating **** right there! I also love DDLC and while I haven’t yet watched it, I’ve been meaning to get around to Game of Thrones. I got a shirt with a quote today. “I drink, and I know things.”
    -Tyrian Lannister
  • @murkletins, is it just me that you seem pretty sad but you like a game called We Happy Few?
  • Yeppers, it's just a good game until later on when it becomes too oppressive.
  • So it is just me?
  • @Ranshi922
    No, I find it weird as well. I just like stealth games a lot.
  • Have you ever played Metal Gear?
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    Metal Gear Solid? No, sorry I haven't had the chance.

    Edit: Neither have I played the original.
  • Neither have I! XD
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    * What is your name? Do you have any nicknames? My name's Corey. I have an old nickname that people still remember that I used to be known as back in the day when I used to promote local bands in my music scene. I'd rather not say it here, but just know once in awhile when I run into someone who actually remembers me from my local music scene back then people still bring it up, sometimes it's depressing other times it's nice to be remembered, and sometimes it scores me cool stuff, like @ProfanePrince and I got to see Iron Maidens cover band for free 3 months ago because the dude working the door figured out who I was and said "hey, it's (my old nickname)!! You just want to go in to the show man? No charge!" Alex looked at me all like, "wow, they remember you like that, huh?" And all we was just trying to find info. on was getting Alex a good place to do his open mic metal covers at (most places won't do it in my city... I think that sucks big time.) we had no money at that time so we hadn't planned on going to the show, we just wanted their tips to help Alex find a place to do open karaoke at. He has a YouTube channel, I'll get that link sometime and post it here for you guys if you are curious to his guitar jamming sessions. He just moved to Tennessee to go to dark horse institution for music.
    * How old are you? 36, I'll be 37 September 25th.
    * Where do you come from? Toledo, Ohio
    * Do you have a family? Any siblings? Any children? As most of you know, I'm married to @Aryanf (Erica). I'm adopted, youngest among my siblings of both my families. In my adopted family, they had their own kids, then adopted after being foster parents. Their natural kids are (in order from oldest to youngest) Patty (rip), Ronnie, Crystal (rip), Candy, Todd... then there's us who got adopted. Oldest to youngest Bonnie, Steve (hes mentally handicapped), then there is me. I never met Patty or crystal they died before I was even born. It's rare I ever see my family, I talk to my parents every now and then. Waay too many nieces and nephews and even great niece and great nephew to mention here!

    In my birth family, I have 2 siblings both older than me. Half brother John (John has a different birth dad, John also has 7 kids), Marty, then me. My birth mom died in 2008 I held her hand as she passed. I barely knew her, she was mentally ill, and late in her life they suspected she may have been autistic but never proved it. I never met nor know my birth dad Marty and i got the same parents. From what I know, he was a scary and violent guy to be around, he got into fights with my birth mom a lot, which is how they ended up losing us. we all got separated to different families. these days, Marty stays in a group home as she's mentally ill and can't take care of herself on her own and sometimes she can cause scenes. John lost his birth dad recently from what I heard, I haven't seen or spoken to John in 9 years going on 10. I hear he has his own business, I may visit him someday, haven't worked the courage up to do it yet. Johns youngest son, my nephew Nick hes 13 hes got level 4 brain cancer. John has been a jerk from what I hear towards Nick's mom (Trish) and my oldest blood nephew Zack stands up for Nick, which is awesome, it just sucks when he has to do that when John gets in Trish's face and is yelling at her ( again, from what I've heard.)
    As far as if I have any kids, Aryanf and I had a miscarriage we suffered, and she had a daughter put up for adoption. before her and I got together she was dealing with an ex that was let's just say unpleasant to her, and I helped her get out of that mess. I never got to meet her daughter though, but I saw her in person 1 time. I love Aryanf very much and she is my best friend.
    * Do you live with your family? Do you live alone or with friends/room mates? I stay at a shelter downtown while trying to save money pay on fees fines loans, etc. this is where I met @Dechujoh64, @Aryanf, @TemurGideon, @MurkKnight5, @ProfanePrince, etc. etc. Lots of the crew you may have run across on mtgcardsmith. Hell, some cardsmiths tried to say my friends wasn't real, cuz they don't fit the normal type of cardsmith on here, you know the usual, anti-favoriting and creating a bunch of serious cards types? My friends don't care about that, and they want to have fun. I came to the site because I thought it'd be so cool to make my own mtg cards! I started out with mostly derp cards and making what I thought then was good/serious cards, I've learned quite a bit since then and I'm still learning and growing as a cardsmith. I never imagined there was so damn much to making a card.
    * What do you do for a living? Do you study? What do you study? I just got hired in at U-Haul I start my training tomorrow morning. Kind of nervous but excited to be working. Not studying atm, but maybe I should be studying the back of my eyelids? Lol
    * Whats your greatest dream? To run my own business!
    * What is your favorite food? breakfast foods mostly but I also like fast food I'm pretty basic with what I like, it's easier to say what I don't like!
    * Favorite movies/tv-series? Way too many to name them all... but here's a few: Gremlins 2: the New Batch, Con Air, Hocus Pocus, Ghost World, The Addams Family movies,The Crow, The Land Before Time, Detroit Rock City, SLC Punk, Die Hard series, Grandmas Boy, The Wizard, Little Monsters, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, American History X, Fight Club, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Expendables series, anything Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Masters of the Universe, Ghostbusters 2 ( I like part 1 but part 2 is my most fave. I know it's weird that part 2 is my top fave of the 2, most people dis on it. I got to see it in the theater at like 7 years old I think? It was the statue of liberty man, the statue of liberty. oh, and uh, we won't talk about the recent reboot...), Star Wars movies, Star Trek movies, Fanboys, Harry Potter series, Chronicles of Narnia series, labyrinth, pans labyrinth, the never ending story, star kid, 3 ninjas...... TV? Again, too many to name them all. Here's some: Gotham, Shameless, The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Dead Like Me, The Munsters, The Addams Family.....
    * Favorite music? Metal and it's many subgenres. I like more than metal, however. If you have been following me, you may have noticed my profile I change it here and there with quotes? Those are actually lyrics taken from songs I like. If you really want to check the songs out just copy the lyrics I posted and paste them in a new tab search ( don't forget to include the key word YouTube) to find the song by that artist. Hey this may be perfect music for you to drive your roommate nuts, @Ranshi922!!
    * Favorite video games/board games/ card games? fighter video games, I can't play 1st person shooters I have motion sickness/ risk! all the way/ mtg, some basic card games like spades is cool too
    * Favorite animals? Do Porgs count? I like puppies and cats and baby cute pigs and parakeets and giraffes
    * What do you do during your free time. (If you have free time) hang with friends and get on mtg cardsmith
    * Is there something you wish you were good at/had much knowledge about? I wish I had a time machine, does that count?
  • * Anything else you would want to share about yourself? I'd like to say to everyone here that drama ends with YOU, life's too short to be miserable, to quote a song by Suicide Silence, "you only get 1 shot, go f*****g nuts!" Its meaning means more now so that the singer/screamer of that band passed away (I heard the vocalist of All Shall Perish is their singer now). Too many friends I've lost to count. My best friends are @Aryanf and @Dechujoh64 amongst other close friends. I'm glad I could share them with you guys here, and you guys are here with me. @Ranshi922 yes your young but your my friend and nobody better mess with you or else I'm gonna play them some rap music. Oops wait, that's my form of torture...(unless it's rap I can tolerate)
  • @sorinjace, thanks for the advice. I would also try to torture him with rap, but he likes the crap... also I think of you as one of my best friends, lol! Which is something kinda weird that I have like 4 irl friends including my gf and then all of you!

    On a side note, it seems I was right when I said in that comedy thing that I have a very easy life, especially when you hear about others’ stuff. (Note to self: remember to make an Corey card tomorrow and wish him happy bday...)
  • @Jonteman93 Do the Ikea stores there have infinite spaces and faceless employees?
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    @sorinjace You seem to really have many heavy thoughts on your heart. You also seem to have been through a lot in your life as of your description. I'm happy for you as you seem to find very much joy and happiness in this site and the community.
    Correct me if I'm wrong here but it seems to be that you are very upset about something or a bunch of things. One of these is obviously the blame on your friends for being "fake accounts" but there also seems to be something more. Maybe I'm wrong but that's how I feel when reading your text.

    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos Yes! Also as we walk around in the stores you begin to hear the ghost of Ingvar Kamprad speaking to you in Swedish. Then if you spend too long time in the store your mind begins to dampen and you lose control over yourself. You only return to control yourself after you have exit the store and witness what you have bought.
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    @Jonteman93 I'm just very protective over my friends and I don't like being accused of something I didn't do, and I don't like my friends being accused of something they didn't do, or didn't realize what they was doing was deemed as 'wrong' by a community (by wrong, favoriting cards the way they did apparently is the 'wrong' way.) The WAY you favorite MUST match a certain style of favoriting, or a few individual people go crazy, why their opinions must matter over everyone elses is beyond me, but thats besides the point.
  • What is your name? Do you have any nicknames? Bricen (Bri-Son)! I usually spell it Brcien so people say (Bur-See-In), (Burk-e-in), or (Bri-see-in)
    * How old are you?
    * Where do you come from? Chattanooga, Tennessee.
    * Do you have a family? Any siblings? Any children? I don't really see them anymore and prefer not to think about that.
    * Do you live with your family? Do you live alone or with friends/room mates? I live with a trucker couple. They go to California and back so they let me stay for free and house sit. The man recently started a rock band in our sun room.
    * What do you do for a living? Do you study? What do you study? I'm working at a theme park-ish place called Rock City. I study art and Economics in college.
    * Whats your greatest dream?To serve God, and help people like I've been helped many times. I became a Christian a few years ago, and it completely changed my life.

    * What is your favorite food?Beef Stew. I have no sense of smell and almost no sense of taste. Food wise, I like texture foods. Beef stew has really good texture.
    * Favorite movies/tv-series? I could make a really long answer to this, but I'll just say ones most people haven't seen. Cloud Atlas, Fantastic Mr Fox, Mr Robot, Better Call Saul, El Tigre, and Gotham.
    * Favorite music?also could be super long. Shakey Graves, White Stripes, Bob Dylan, Andre 3000, and Billy Joel are probably the highlights.
    * Favorite video games/board games/ card games?League of Legends, Civilization, Space Invaders is #1/Snowmanopoly/RIP Android: Netrunner 2018. Dead but still constantly played. Magic is my side game.
    * Favorite animals? dogggs! Marsupials after them.
    * What do you do during your free time. (If you have free time) Church, volunteer, Dungeons and Dragons, Netrunner or Magic, League of Legends, arcade trips, and drawing.
    * Is there something you wish you were good at/had much knowledge about? Boating. I really want to work on a boat for some reason.

    * Anything else you would want to share about yourself?naw I'm a pretty open book. Except the snowman obsession. My room is decorated in snowmen, I have a snowman costume, and consistently do snowman things and draw snowmen.
  • @brcien
    Gotta love the part about the snowmen. :)
  • @brcien, that... I honestly am not quite sure how to respond to the snowman thing...
  • @Ranshi922 if your roommate likes rap, then blast him golden years country music, he will more than likely think your on crack, or hell hate it, or hey maybe both lol
  • Snowmen are life. Doest what thou snowest shall be the whole of the law!
  • @brcien have you ever seen jack frost?

    Oh and one of my 1st cards I ever submitted to a contest was a snowman card for a Christmas contest, snowmen are cool. Hehe get it? Yeah, I think they are pretty chill. Ook gotta stop there...
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