The Great Cardsmith Designer Search-- Stage 0 (Gathering Entrants)



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    You all are invited to enter into the Great Cardsmith Design Challenge! If you make the top 8, you will be invited to participate in subsuquent challenges over the next 2-3 months. I think you are all up to the task, but I ask that only those who can commit to participating weekly for ~ 5 cards to sign up by replying in this thread.

    Any questions, just ask.
  • (why not me?) I said I wanted to join...
  • @Ranshi922
    I think he's just listing people who haven't expressed interest yet that could be good contenders.
  • oh!!!!!!!!!!
  • @Lujikul @Ranshi922

    That’s correct I was just inviting Cardsmiths who have not yet signed up. I purposefully didn’t mention anyone who already joined
  • Sure I will participate. It sounds fun.
  • What a great way to mark my return to this site. Count me in.
  • I have added links to the mechanical color pie articles and previous GDS run by WOTC in the discussion primer. I strongly suggest that entrants be familiar with these contests and the design principles they promote as that will help you with the upcoming challenges.

    In addition, the design challenge which will determine the top 8 will be posted as a separate thread thus Saturday, October 6th. I will only be accepting entries from Cardsmiths who signed up on this thread, so if you are interested sign up before noon EST this Saturday!
  • So, how long do we have for each challenge?
  • I will post the specifics for each challenge when I post that challenges discussion, but generally about a week to make 5 cards
  • Wow there are a lot more people joining that I would have imagined xD
  • That sounds good!
  • Ill do it, sounds fun.
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    Aww, sounds fun! My schedule is kinda for next week (though sem break comes immediately after that ^-^), so I won't be able to join T-T But I fully support everyone who enters the contest! Good luck y'all!
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