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  • I will finally be contributing!
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    Working on another cycle for you @TezzeretofCarmot21 :) based around the Clans of the Tarkir set.
  • This is a Tarkir set cycle. I started off studying Nightscape Familiar when I started this cycle, and compared it to other Familiar's that are similar to itself, and that is where the influence for these familiar's abilities came from. I even go the color coordination down to the pattern of Nightscape familiar! (for example, Nightscape Familiar is black, but helps reduce blue and red spells by 1. This is grixis colors, and the middle color is black, while the first color is blue, and the last is red. So, following this "formula", and the tribe colors of tarkir for Jeskai, Temur, Sultai, Mardu, and finally Abzhan, I tried to capture the most basic abilities each familiar may do if it was real. This certainly was a challenge, thank you again for that @TezzeretofCarmot21!

  • Hmmm... the villain colors...
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    Can I just follow a real card instead?


    My cycle based from it:

    image image image image

    Yea yea, what a lazy design, ha ha. But who cares?
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    Is it okay if I do a cycle of ten cards?

    This is a cycle of two color 3/3 creatures with a converted mana cost of two. Each creature is vulnerable to a certain color, and has an ability that triggers when a spell of that color targets it.

    I'm a little dubious on the power level on some them, and I might tweak them. Let me know what you think!
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  • oof. I was almost done a cycle. @TezzeretofCarmot21, can I quickly drop in a 4 card cycle?
  • I don’t have time for image links so I’ll just list em
  • All right, I’m going to judge this soon! Hold onto your lucky artifacts and hope you get chosen!
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    All right, time for results! Sorry they're late...

    First Place: @sanjaya666 with the Merchant cycle! You may select one of the Honorable Mentions (that hasn't already been selected for prizes)!
    I gotta say, this cycle intrigued me. I enjoyed the link in art and flavor between all of the cards in the cycle, and the cards are very clean with no awkward wording. It was a well-made cycle. sanjaya666's other cycle - the Apostle cycle - was very good as well.

    Second Place: @undead with the Tarkir War Mage cycle!
    An interesting cycle that exemplifies what each Tarkir clan does, Undead's cycle, while very high power, is also very flavorfully and mechanically connected, with needed reminder text on Temur War-Mage included - no casting that Grapeshot on an opponent's end step!

    Third Place: @bnew07 with the Guild Commands cycle!
    Clans get commands and Lorwyn gets commands, so why shouldn't the guilds get commands? These cards are well-made and do what each guild wants to do. Very good job, and excellent reuse of MTG art.

    Honorable Mention: @sorinjace with the Neo-Familiar cycle!
    With this new cycle of Familiars, all of the clans of Tarkir are represented. Not every color is represented in the mana cost, but this cycle still works! I like it a lot - we should have wedge familiars, right?

    Thank you, everyone, for participating! Good job to all of you! This was a tough challenge to grade, and it was a blast to host. Hope to see you during my next contest, which sounds a lot like this one!
    - Tezz
  • So @TezzeretofCarmot21 the faves I get is 1 from your choice, 1 from 1st place winner choice, and finally 1 of my choice? If that is true, my choice for you to favorite is this card please:


    It fits the mood of this time of the year I and I think you will appreciate it seeing as how you enjoy house dimir as well.

    Let me know what you decide to fave of my cards for your choice please and thanks, it helps me to know what types of cards I should be creating more often!

    Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for the challenging contest! It was fun!
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    @TezzeretofCarmot21 Heyy, much thanks for the 1st position!

    And for the honorable mention is @Jonteman93 with his Owl Speaker cycle. Because I just like the arts. Lol.

    So, have a nice day and may the luck be with you.
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