Historical Hassle *Class Challenge*

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Have you ever had a teacher who is genuinely fascinated in what you do? It's a wonderful feeling. I just learned that my history teacher, who for the purposes of anonymity, I will call Mr. K, last night assigned me "homework" to make Magic cards based off of historical figures. I was to make a card for a historical figure from four continents. I pose the same challenge to you. I am as of yet unsure what "extra credit" I will provide...

Make up to 5 Magic: the Gathering cards of historical figures. These can be political leaders, conquerors, kings, queens, explorers, etc.

Partnered Cards count as one entry!!!

Ironic Ruling: No Old Cards.

Extra Credit (TBD)

Due Date:

image image image image image image

One Last Thing: Mr. K has officially agreed to judge the historical accuracy of the card with my assistance in translating game mechanics! Good luck!


  • Class Challenges are challenges that I will be hosting once every couple months that will challenge you to do something particularly academic with your craft. I hope that idea doesn't sound too terrible to any of you!
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    I already have some ideas. Is it possible that we can upload single entries before we have the rest finished?

    I want to enter to help bump this challenge. Yet, I am unsure of the second two people I will make cards for.

    Ideas (2 so far!):
    1) Lili Ilse Elvenes (Better known as, Lili Elbe) -> Among the first trans women.
    2) Amelia Earhart -> First female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • @Ranshi922 what about "partner with"? It'd be cool to make the wright brothers as partner with (partner that was introduced in battlebond) does that count for 1 since technically that's USA? You can't have one without the other. Just brainstorming ideas here.
  • Or how about Bonnie and Clyde? (I could go on.)
  • You could do any of each, I just want other continents before any from the same. I made 6, with 2 from Europe. If you want 2 from a continent that that makes a minimum of 5 cards.

    No, you don't have to make all of your submissions at once.
  • Remember! Historical accuracy will be important!
  • Why is Hamilton blue? He was a bad person. Than again, so was everyone at the time.
  • Blue for the reasons of his scholarly nature, his party was the root of the democratic party, and it looks nice... most of these are ties to the real world, @pjbear2005.

    You realize I could argue that everyone is a bad person in one way or another, right? I have the psychological, sociological, & philosophical evidence to back it up.
  • @Ranshi922

    You are correct. Maybe we should just add black to every card! Hamilton did bring back taxes, except this time, we had representation.
  • Yes. The taxes are not anything bad. That is how the country gathers the money to anything and everything. At the time, people simply seemed to forget that the problem with England's taxes were without representation and far too steep.
  • Historical cards...
    I'll be back!!
  • @Ranshi922

    He also wrote most of the federalist papers which basically helped the Constitution gain the favor of the Anti-Federalists. So that's cool.
  • YES! I am a MASSIVE history buff...
    I’ll probably do George Washington, Hernan Cortes, Julius Caesar, and Ashoka.
  • Caesar and Cortes are both from Europe though...
  • @pjbear2005, I am well aware.
  • This will be fun. I'll brb.
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  • Wish I had a history teacher like that :(
  • Here you go.

  • image

    I do realise he was from Spain, but he was a very historical figure in South America, more so than in Spain.
  • I am rescinding the rule requiring various continents. I will, however would like to see figures from across the world. Please don't disappoint.
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    Well, I haven't even gotten to the usa yet, but...

    @Ranshi922 Just a suggestion I thought up right now: I would say that a) Donald Trump cards actually count (so I guess derp would make its way into the contest if it's historically accurate! Think of the possibilities here!) and b) Adolf Hitler should NOT be allowed (or anything with nazis for that matter) due to sensitivity surrounding that subject. Do you agree? Oh and c) could historical landmarks count? They arent historical figures, but are still important. Like the Berlin Wall? Or the Roman colosseum? The statue of liberty? Just to name a few.
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    Make things historically accurate; keep to people.
  • Here is my European entry.
  • This is my Asian entry.
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