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  • When is the deadline? Because there is a good chance I won't be able to make mine until Sunday.
  • Sunday at 11:59 pm
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    Backstory: Recently, in the last 50 years or so, Lord Windgrace visited this plane. He met the people living in the forests, and saw their problems and such with progression and technology. So he Created Kar'tesh, an elemental to help them fight back against progress. The Woodland cult as the group came to be known as is very secretive when it comes to what they do deep in the forests, but their attacks on cities and such are anything but. The cult has become widespread but all of the followers look up to Kar'tesh, the prophet of Lord Windgrace.
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    While not the actual leader of the empire Varnis wields great influence in the senate. He has also been elected to be the senates representetave advisor to the emperor. He might also be the human with the most influence on who will be the next emperor. He is renowned for his economic reforms and his unyeilding work ethic that allowed him to climb up the ranks of the imperial buraucracy.
  • Backstory has been posted on my last post.
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    Peace has graced Carmaton for many years, mostly due to Velior. As one of the realm’s knights he protected it from harm for many years until a plague decimated the royal family. As the last remaining noble, he ascended to the throne
  • Next challenge will be out during the day tomorrow bc finals
  • I also just thought I would mention this...thank you for competing this is gonna be great...I love the title says this is gonna result in a plane that is contest built.:.


    Next challenge

    You have a base, leader, some you need two things...

    A lackey...minion...guildmember that you RECRUITED via your methods...

    IT MUST....relate to a instant or sorcery that describes that the recruitment works.

    So...a guild member that was recruited and can be affected (used loosely...doesn’t have to target...)). by your instant or sorcery...

    I might clarify or post an example depending on if the first few come our poor but finals week and time so.....

    Most likely 1 person will be eliminated here at the end of this...

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    I understand you are busy (I just finished finals today as a matter of fact) so no need to rush on this. Yes I could use an example and clarification cause I barely have a clue as to how design a card for this challenge.
  • Okay I will work on 1 tonight
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    Would my entry card Rally The Armies work for this?
  • New entries please...just because...creative juices should be flowing there will be challenges where I will ask for old cards but not tis one
  • To join the Knights of Carmaton, one must be brave, loyal, and willing to protect the realm...


    But valor alone is not enough. Would-be knights must prove themselves in combat against a veteran knight...


    And if they reign victorious then a knight if the realm they become, from then until their dying day...

  • Something like that an entry because ti relates to his faction
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    People become members of the cult by giving themselves up to the land to gain superhuman abilities. They become as much a part of the land as the soil, free to do what they want, but ultimately a part of a larger whole.


    (If there is a grammar mistake in the flavor text of the cultist, please let me know. I didn't know if there was or not.)
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    Those infected become reliant on Crucia to treat their affliction. Unfortunately for them, they just spread it more.

  • @bnew07 I didnt see your land for the first challenge could you repost it if u did or dm it to me...
  • This contest was difficult, as members of Sundra's forces are not recruited, they are forged. Yet I believe I managed to figure out a way to adapt her methods.


    Molded as fluid as clay, the crystals formed everything from the beak, to its wings, to the tips of its tail feather. The final step, that which separates creation between art and life: the spark of soul.

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    Like life, the creative process doesn't end at birth. Saundra's creation grow, evolve, and synchronize with Terriaum itself.
  • Spread by word of mouth and deed alone, the Crusaders never want for new recruits, for their tales of epic violence and noble repose attract many a young adventurer.

    And of course, those enchanted with the idea of battle and good cause excitedly spend their fortunes to get the shiniest new gear for their first clash of blades!
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    People join the armies of the empire for a multitude of reasons, a stable income, patriotic sentiment, desire for glory and excitement, family tradition or having a special skill that the army had in demand. One of the most unique and profitable venues for recruitment however begins with the imperial immigration processes, the empire is happy to opens its doors to any who wish to become members of their glorious nation, however the path to true imperial citizenship is not easy, unless you are born a citizen. Of course non citizens are not discriminate against, they simply have to pay for certain public services and dont enjoy all the privileges possessed by full citizens. The fastest way to gain an imperial citizenship is to join the army and serve a 16 year term.
    Of course this term is not spent exclusively fighting on the front lines or on any battlefield. The first five years are spent training, performing support duties like escorting personal, participating at parades, helping police and town guards, training milita members, managing the local monster population, giving emergency response and many more. Citizens of the empire that wish to join the army can ignore this five year training processes, this is not an act of favoritisme, it is simply due to the fact that they already accomplish these duties trough volunteer hours and other extracurricular programs as well as the fact they they are pre-trained thanks to imperial mandatory training on of the many benefits of a full citizenship.
    Soldiers who have finished either imperial mandatory training or basic military training, select which branch of the army they want to serve under and which role they will take. For example a soldier who wishes to join the legions will be sent to boot camp were he will receive advanced training for a year, before serving as a legionnaire for the next eight years, the last two are spent doing parade, border patrol or specific jobs as the current diplomatic situation demands it.
    Soldiers who either perform exceptionally well or who reveal extraordinary gifts, talent or physical abilities might be asked to join the army and serve as professional soldiers. if they choose to do so, (an offer few refuse seing as it is a very rewarding job and hard to obtain job), then they must first sign up for extensive training, ( the empire has a ton of proverbs and quotes as well as a dozen curses and swear words about training).
    As a side note injuries are encouraged during sparring in the empire to both train the soldiers to resist and cause pain as well as give the healers some much needed practice. After completing extensive training your current standard issue gear, (the empire provides all it's soldiers with their own equipment), will be replaced with state of the art enchanted armor and weaponry and you will be assigned to one of the many elite branches of imperial service, decorations and promotions do not carry over, professional soldier are assigned and led by strategist directly from the command tent or one of the many imperial military headquarters. The privilege to give orders to fellow professional soldiers on the battlefield is a rare privilege given only to a select few talented and trained individuals. Professional soldiers also see a lot more fighting than normal recruits, as a matter of fact with the exception of the legions under normal circumstances only professional soldiers are assigned to the combat zones in enemy territory and military operations. This has led to them receiving the probably deserved nickname of regulars.
    (if there is a problem or a question with anything I wrote please ask me)
  • Sorry guys I will give the next contest on Thursday because I am busy and I will be completely free thursday
  • I think every one has posted though I could be wrong just in case please get it in by tomorrow night.

    Everything is in order tonight you are seated at a gala. The other factions are here you are all to do a performance.


    You must display your faction's ability in the most prestigious way possible.

    Requirements (1):
    The card must be legendary.
  • By ability do you mean our faction's unique mechanic?
  • OooohhH.
    I almost did something else good to know.
  • Here is the marquee card for my mechanic. It is a top-down design of Sir Lancelot.

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    This is the first dragon knight and his companion, they founded the order known today as the imperial dragon knights and despite the fact that the have passed away their legend and their legacy lives on. The performance we do is a flyby executed by some of the current members of our order.
    Also let me just say this challenge was really difficult for me.
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