Searching for the Most OP Card Ever

Post below any funny broken cards you've seen on this website.

Also, this is a contest. At the end of it, I will personally judge the cards using the below metrics. The winner would be the owner of the card. Teeheehee.

I will let you know how I judge the OP cards:

Overpoweredness: /11
(The Most broken card out of all of them will get an extra point, hence 11. So there will only be one 11 score.)

Humour: /10

Cleverness: /5

Excessiveness: /5

Artwork: /5

Formatting: /5
(Card text is inside the box, and it uses the correct card types and frame. (You don't have to worry about spelling.))

Here is a fine example:


Overpoweredness: 10/10
Humour: 8/10
Cleverness: 1.75/5
Excessiveness: 5/5
Artwork: 5/5
Formatting: 4/5

(Unluckily, this user's card will not be entered.)

1st Place - 7 favourites of a set of your choice, a follow, plus a trophy card.
2nd place - 5 favourites of a set of your choice, and a follow.
3rd place - 3 favourites of a set of your choice, and a follow.
11 point card - an extra favourite of your choice, and a follow.
Referred the winner - a favourite of your choice.

Ending date 14th of January.

Just have fun with it. I will be keeping an eye out henceforth.

Posting cards:
<a href="(page address)" target="_blank"><img src="(image address)" width="45%" /></a>
Right click the image and copy the address, then paste it in image address. Optionally you can add the page address too.

Good luck!


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