Are you interested in a League of Legends challenge?

Hello fellow cardsmiths, I wanted to host a challenge featuring the wide array of characters from League of Legends. I felt this a good idea since there are a lot of characters, skins and artwork to choose from for the game. I mostly wanted to challenge you to make a card that embodies both games in a way.

I know League of Legends isn't everyone's favorite game. But the characters are where it's at. I'm not a fan of the game itself, I just like the characters and their personalities.

So In short, I thought I'd propose we run a few contests/challenges over the next few months that feature games and/or books outside of MTG. The next being a Witcher series themed one, running mid-January.

If you have free time, please comment on your opinions of this challenge idea?


Happy holidays! :)


  • I don't dislike League per se; I just find the community rather toxic.

    Will try to make some cards for this.
  • @KalamMekhar
    I agree that League and DOTA can be toxic, due to the amount of hours people sink into being great at the game and the fact that not everyone is able to perfect their play skills. I think the people who play on a dedicated level forget this.

    I'll wait until the end of today (or maybe until tomorrow?) to see if I get any negative responses on the challenge idea. I'm hoping people will be interested in giving this a try!

    Up to three old cards and up to six total cards may be entered. So feel free to try some characters out before it starts! :)
  • I prefer Vainglory
  • What about Happy Wars? Anybody else Xbox 360 players?
  • I would participate.

    League is the video game I play the most, even if I've been too busy for it lately.
  • Well, given there's generally only positive feedback among people. I'll be starting this challenge during the evening today.
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