Planeswalker's Journey 2: Return to Clancularius



  • Going with Option B but unsure when I'll have the cards.
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    I have chosen path A:



    (Oh yeah here's the commoner):


    Spell Slots left:

    Legendary: 0
    Rare: 0
    Uncommon: 0
    Common: 0
  • here's my common:
  • @Bowler218 Yes, that's how that works.
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  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
    you copied me, didn't you?
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    @KorandAngels Nah, it's either you have to convince someone or break the prison.

    And since my character is a white-based sangromancer and hieromancer, and a child to boot, I don't see how she could break the rocks of the prison's walls.

    There's no other way anyway.
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    How does my character get out? Well that's easy he takes off his amour and blends in with his guards in order to sneak away, were he then proceeds to destroy the city via undead plague.
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    (OPTION A)

    Fang didn't bust out of jail. He just walked out of it. Of course, that's because someone made the guards fall asleep and leave the door unlocked.

    Young Hypnotist

    After leaving the jail, he saw a piece of note with his face on it, presumably because the sender didn't know his name.

    Turns out Fang was being recruited.

    Arel the Resourceful

    Fang was suspicious at first, but seeing the person has WAY TOO MANY coins and nothing else to offer (he wasn't physically fit anyways), Fang decided to at least take a couple of jobs in exchange for some knowledge and currency of the town. In case any one of the eleven others pop up.

    Colors: UB
    Remaining slots:
    Legendary: 0
    Mythic: 0
    Rare: 0
    Uncommon: 1
    Common: 0
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    for the skeleton stunt double, when do you return the card to your hand?
    (and where do you return it from?)
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    Decided to edit Hellfume. He felt too weak for costing X + 5 red mana. Now, Hellfume is a mana sink that can spiral out of control if fed enough mana, but still requires a turn to activate, giving opponents the chance to hard remove him from existence.


    What do you think?
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 I like the concept of the burn effect scaling with your mana and the "shields down" moment. I don't like the use of kicker in this design, as the card is supposed to be playable both with and without being kicked. I would just remove kicker and increase the mana cost. Also, players usually don't like to do math. I think this design has a lot of potential and I am excited to see what you will come up with.
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    @ShaperKyon you think that is math? THIS is REAL math...


    While I do think your opinions are well justified, I'm afraid I'm not going to change the card at all. I can't increase the mana cost due to challenge rules, and if I change the cost to be something like {x}{x}{r}{r}{r}{r}, the name and the cost would overlap. I really like the name for this guy, so I don't want to change it. Also, Wizards themselves have posted cards that don't work at all without paying the extra (multi)kicker cost. I know it's not the best idea to rely on official cards as proof in an argument, but still. I do appreciate the quality and effort you put into your critiques though.

    The card I'm thinking about:

  • @MonkeyPirate2002 Fair enough. How about "At the beginning of your upkeep" or "{t}: Hellfume deals damage equal to its power to any target for each +1/+1 counter on it"? This takes care of the math and counts +1/+1 counters instead of kicks for memory issues. Knobs are CMC and base power.
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    I am taking Option 2.
    Here is my new coloured legendary: White!
    And now his follower too.
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    Changed my entries.

    I've chosen path B:

    Someone saved her because the savior saw that she's a vampire with exceptional powers. Not that she could escape by herself of course.

    And that action also created a rift between the human kingdom where she was imprisoned and the vampire lordship that located nearby from that human kingdom. Tensions were currently high whether a war would happen or not, and only time could tell.

    And now my planeswalker is currently being with the resident vampire lord, the luckily also a noble and honorable vampire lord Avarius.

    image image

    Spell slots left:

    Legendary: 0
    Rare: 0
    Uncommon: 0
    Common: 1
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    And Lux Divinus means Blessed Light in Latin…
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    @ShaperKyon Hm, coincidence?

    Nevermind. Should I change the card?
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos Yeah, I know you did it on purpose. But a functional reprint is probably not an ideal entry.
  • EDIT: Changed my common entry.
  • II. A New World

    Caiana stopped screaming when she realized she was no longer falling. She was in a cave lit by an open roof. A stand of trees was next to an underground river flowing by a huge, crumbling stone building.


    Rich torrents of mana flowed freely but slowly here. Caiana fell to the ground in shock. Her family, gone. Her clan would recover eventually, move on. She had been spared by…what? This was not Legama: she was in a new world. Caiana looked inside of herself and felt a spark burning bright. The power to journey had been there all along, waiting to be released. She was a world traveler, then – a planeswalker. After she was done crying, she resolved to leave this cave.

    Grrr! A growl stopped her in her tracks. A small wolf jumped out of a side tunnel. Caiana tried to calm it with magic, but this seemed only to make it more agitated. Then she saw why – mana flowed through the wolf, too. It drew its power together and its brown fur bristled with magic. Caiana braced herself for its charge when an elf stepped out behind it. He placed a hand on the wolf’s head, calming it. “What is a stranger doing so deep in the Genza Caves?” he asked.


    Caiana was silent, unsure how to say that she appeared from another world. However, she felt like she could trust this elf clad in heavy leather. “I am Caiana, a traveler lost and alone,” she said. “Can you help me?”
    “I am Laewen. Follow me to the outside. It’s a good thing I arrived in time to stop Fetharr here,” he said, patting the wolf.
    “The mana flows so richly here. Even normal creatures are imbued with it,” said Caiana.
    “My people protect nature, so it protects us in return. Follow me,” responded Laewen. He turned and continued up the tunnel, Caiana and Fetharr following behind.

    At the mouth of the cave, a magnificent vista opened. A rolling forest of green and yellow extended as far as the eye could see. Caiana smiled. “This is beautiful, Laewen. Nature is unspoiled here.”
    Laewen smiled back. “Druids such as myself use this land’s bountiful mana to protect our way of life. It is a sacred duty, and an important one.” Laewen planted his staff in the ground, and a green light glowed at the top.
    Caiana drew some mana into her hands, causing a green glow in her palms and over the Mantle of Horns that was still on her head. “I know what you mean.”
    Laewen bowed. “A fellow druid. We are seïdr, Caiana – bonded.”
    Caiana bowed in return, trying to follow these strange new customs. “Be my guide. Show me the forest’s wonders.”

    “I will guide you. The strider will be our lead.” Laewen pointed at the trees, and Caiana the hindquarters of a deer flashing past. Fetharr snuffled and pawed at the ground. “The strider always knows where to go,” said Lawen. They walked under the trees, dark and close like an embrace.

  • @Aggroman15 For the challenge:

  • The 10th has passed four day ago and no judgement has been brought.

    @Aggroman15 I think you should consider changing some things if you want to make it through with this journey. The risk by letting it go for too long is that many player are unable to active for such long time. Also your own enthusiasm might decrease as well if you have to put much more work into it than you would have wanted.

    My first recommendation is to make the deadlines more rigid. If you let deadlines be postponed too much you will ease up for it even more and it will become more difficult to keep the deadlines. If you don't have the time to be able to give a result every deadline as planned you probably should reconsider hosting such demanding contest unless you decrease the amount of work.

    You should eliminate much more players here in the beginning so you get rid of sleepers and reduce the amount of cards to be evaluated quicker. Go extreme. Eliminate up towards half of the players. Reduce the size. A harsh journey is better than no journey.
    You could also reduce the ambition. You are keeping too many balls in the air at the same time. Make the evaluation of cards simpler, don't think too long.
    You could also reduce the cards given to a single card every challenge with the option for more of lesser rarity.
  • @Jonteman93 Yeah, that's some good advice. I probably should have made sure, just in my own mind, that I wasn't just going to postpone the deadlines and just be an overall lazy person before starting this. I should have known that I really like to procrastinate simply based on my other contests on this site, so creating something like this may not have been the best idea. But I don't really want to just stop the whole thing partway through.
  • @aggroman15 so this has finished?
  • @Aggroman15 Hate to break up your discussion with a little story (or a large story for that matter):

    III. Attack

    Caiana and Laewen were almost two weeks into their travels. This forest, called the Yaëqua, was home to peaceful groups of elves who nurtured and protected it from outside forces. Long ago, a powerful empire had ruled the Yaëqua, but had collapsed out of its own hubris. At the time of the collapse, many new openings to the Genza cave system beneath the Yaëqua appeared, which swallowed many of the ruins and provided new habitat to the forest’s animals. Laewen had pointed out several ancient sites both above and belowground that were being slowly eroded. Caiana tirelessly formed connections to the land and leylines, attuning to the forest and bonding to creatures.


    The first sign of trouble had been smoke wafting from a cave near the forest’s edge. “I wonder who could be building a fire in that cave,” said Laewen. They climbed down a rocky hill to take a closer look. Now the two, with their keen elven ears, could hear distinct sounds of life. They hid in the foliage to avoid detection.

    Camouflage did not help them, however, as the sounds loudened and a huge gang of goblins burst out of the cave, heading straight toward the two druids. Brandishing weapons, the dozens of goblins yelled foul foreign words as they ran. “Fetharr, protect!” yelled Laewen, and his loyal pet wolf ran in front, green mana coursing across his fur. Though Fetharr was easily stronger than the goblins, it was clear that he wouldn’t be able to stop them all from getting past him…or would he? It is a law of nature that the strong hunt the weak. All Caiana had to do was enforce it.


    Glowing with mana and rippling with muscle, Fetharr snarled and leaped onto the goblins, tearing them apart with fang and claw. Several dozen goblins turned and ran toward the forest edge. All those that remained were slaughtered. When it was over, Fetharr limped back, wounded and bleeding. “Good boy,” said Laewen as the wolf licked his hand. However, the fight was not over. Caiana had felt a dark presence rising in the cave during the battle. Now that dark presence erupted into the open. With wings of night, bloodred eyes, and a grin of razor-sharp teeth, a demon hovered with horrible splendor over the cave opening.

    Fetharr whimpered and retreated into the forest. Laewen laid a soft hand on Caiana’s arm, telling her to follow in a hoarse whisper before disappearing. But Caiana would not follow.

    The demon blocked the sun, and Caiana was almost paralyzed with fear even though she had a plan. A deep purple tongue flicked over the demon’s teeth. “You have defeated my thralls, but not me,” he said in a deep voice. “The soul of a planeswalker will be my feast!” Unbeknownst to him, as he dove toward the elf planeswalker, he broke some thin, invisible threads hanging in the air. A spider skittered onto the intruder, and its fangs pierced his flesh. A look of confusion flashed across the demon’s face. Then he was dead in the air, his body falling at Caiana’s feet. It quickly began to evaporate in the sunlight.


    Laewen quietly reemerged from the brush. “I’d forgotten the venom-knife spider,” he admitted. “The demon’s ego was so large that he couldn’t see the small. It was the death of him.”

    All was not still, however. The sounds of crashing through brush and of men shouting sounded in the distance from the forest edge. Laewen and Caiana scrambled to the top of a large rock to get a better vantage point. They were looking down onto a city with expansive farmland sprawled about a lattice of buildings. A river ran through the center, irrigating the farms. The city was startlingly close to the edge of the Yaëqua. More startling were the patches of smoking and burning fields and houses. “Those fleeing goblins ran right out of the forest and into the farms,” realized Caiana. “The city never saw an attack coming.”

    The sounds of people approaching got louder, and then a team of knights burst through the trees. Mounted and fully armored, they displayed standards of a blue lion. “There’s someone! Surround!” said one with a scroll hooked to his belt. They quickly moved to encircle the two druids.

    The knight with the scroll unfurled it and began to read. “By order of the honorable Lord Ganaren, you are under arrest for directing an attack of the city.”

    “Leave us alone,” said Caiana angrily. “We’re not subject to your laws – and even if we were, we didn’t direct the attack, it was–”

    “You six, apprehend them. You to me,” interrupted Scroll. Six of the knights forced them down from the outcrop with long lances and surrounded Caiana and Laewen. Three dismounted and drew swords. Caiana was desperate. They needed to escape, but how? If Fetharr intervened he would surely die. Caiana could summon…a deer? They were outmatched.

    Scroll was talking to another knight. The other’s helmet, which he was holding, had a rather large feather in it. They were clearly trying to be quiet, but Caiana could hear them nonetheless.

    “Sir, it’s unlikely that these elves ordered those goblins to attack,” said Feather.
    “I know that, but I am under strict orders from Lord Ganaren,” responded Scroll. “We must discover the culprit or the Parliament will remove Ganaren. If we cannot find the culprit, we will make one. Do you understand?”
    “The elves may retaliate,” Feather persisted.
    “Fine, leave the Yaëqua druid,” relented Scroll. “All we need is the woman – she’s not from Yaëqua. A little circumstantial evidence and the Parliament will eat it up.”
    “This doesn’t feel right. Can’t we blame it on Kechak? He’s attacked the city before.”
    “Multiple witnesses saw the goblins coming from the forest. No, that won’t do. Take the woman.”

    Before Caiana could protest, a glowing ring of energy bound her hands together and another silenced her mouth. As a knight helped her onto the back of a horse, a vision of her mother falling from the tree flashed across her eyes. For the second time she was powerless, without the freedom to choose her fate.
  • It's quite possible Xandra didn't actually realise she had been imprisoned. She was too busy watching the sparkly lights and listening to the voices talking about a magic snake. On the other hand, even somebody as expecting of the impossible as Xandra has to pay attention to suddenly being somewhere else with someone else. Well, something.



    Some freedom comes at a price. Some freedom comes with a friend.
  • @Aggroman15 It's been over three weeks since you suggested the next elimination. What's going on? Will this continue? I'm having flashbacks to ToC2.

    This is the last chapter of my story until something happens.

    Summary: Caiana is rescued from jail by Kechak, an orc, and his followers. She reunited with Laewen and begins her journey to the Tower, resolving never to be bound by fate or people.

    IV. Breakout, pat 1/2

    The vision came to Caiana as she lay dazed in her cell. She had been roughly searched, looked over by someone in ostentatious robes (probably who the knights called Lord Ganaren), brought before an assembly of people who talked loudly, and finally, thirsty and exhausted, thrown into a dungeon. So this is what you call justice, she thought before collapsing into delirium.

    Caiana felt her mind slip away from her body. It passed into a place where swirls of light flowed among the stars. A strange presence slithered up to her. It was a snake formed from glowing strands of energy. Aether, Caiana thought. The snake climbed up Caiana’s leg and around her shoulders.

    “You, planeswalker, are not alone,” it hissed. “Fifteen with the power to travel between worlds came here. But only one can leave.” Caiana’s vision shifted, and it flew over forests and oceans until it came to a vast tower. The structure was so tall it seemed to touch the sky. “Reach the top of Tower in the center of the world and you will be free.”

    “What happens to the others?” asked Caiana.

    The snake turned to look at Caiana in the face. “I will consume the very sparks that give them their power,” it said, displaying a fanged smile. “Two are already gone. Thirteen remain.”

    Caiana awoke on the damp floor of her cell in a cold sweat. She felt scared, yet strangely liberated. So this is my path, she thought. I am to find this Tower. If the Spark Eater takes me, or if I win, it will be natural – I will win if I am the strongest, and fall if I am not.

    As Caiana looked up at the cell bars, however, she was not satisfied. Again, images of her mother’s death flashed past her eyes. She didn’t want this path, for she did not choose it. It was forced upon her.

    Caiana stood up. Somehow, inexplicably, the Mantle of Horns was still on her head. Then I will be the strongest, she thought. I will walk my own path to the Tower. I am done with being forced.
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