Spin That Top!

In Japan, Koma (top) is one of the traditional games in Shōgatsu(Japanese new year festival). In this contest, I want to see cards that make me want to spin Sensei's Divining Top.

1)Your card must let you reveal the top card of your library.
2)Your card must have an effect that has something to do with the revealed card's color, cmc,, etc.
(*Edited: In this contest, moving the top card of your library to the battlefield, exile, or graveyard face up also counts as revealing the top.)


Presentation, art selection, templating, spelling, balance, creativity and flavor.

Limit of 5 entries max per person.
Up to 2 old cards are allowed.
Deadline: January 7, 2019
*Top 3 winning cards will get a favorite from -TROPHY-; and added to -HALL OF FAME- !


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    Here's my two existing cards.

    Entry # 1 (Old)

    I used Converted Mana Cost a bunch of times on the card above, so I coined the term Value, just to save space.

    Entry # 2 (Old)

    This one kinda evolved from the first and Lazav, Dimir Mastermind.

    I will see what other stuff I can come up with.
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    My little contribution. I really hate when you draw three or four lands in a row xD

    Edit: Thank you for your suggestions @Tomigon
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    Entry # 3 (New)

    I felt like this was a natural direction for this contest, so I wanted get this in before someone else thought of it.

    Entry # 4 (New)


    Entry # 5 (New)


    Sometimes crazy just happens haha. Assuming it works as I intended it's definitely something wild.

    The reminder text for Bushido, as I needed space and left it off.

    Bushido 2 (Whenever this creature blocks or becomes blocked, it gets +2/+2 until end of turn.)

    That's my five.
  • @Derfaulehelmut
    Thanks for your entry! Can you post link to your card's page rather than the card image from the next time? You can also post link and image at the same time if you do this:
    <a href="Page URL"><img src="Picture URL" width="35%"></a>

    I commented wording suggestion on that card.
  • Slightly changed the rules:

    In this contest, moving the top card of your library to the battlefield, exile, or graveyard face up also count as revealing the top.
  • Interesting idea for a contest. I'll (probably) enter soon.
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  • 3 days left!
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    Old cards:

    image image

    New card:


    Edit: Hovering Hoard pushed closer to the center of balance!
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  • Since this contest is about to end....


    If you are looking for something else to do next I started a new contest that will run till 25.

  • I'll judge this contest tonight(Japan time)! You have about 8 hours to enter.
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    It's time to announce the winners!!!

    Honorable mentions

    "Princess Reina Tycoon" by @Lastjustice
    @Lastjustice Whoa, you can make three or four cards out of this card! XD I'm afraid I had to give minus points to some of your cards for complexity. I had to reread those cards so many times, and people don't buy MtG cards if they are so complex. But you like to put many ideas into one card, and you're not afraid to create new wording to make the texts shorter. I really like your design style.

    "Shizu, Loyal Assassin" by @Corwinnn
    I like that you made the top card like a secret weapon of Ninjas. It makes ninjutsu feel more ninjutsu! I think the color could be mono black though. But WB doesn't feel terribly wrong neither.

    3rd Place!
    "Volatile Storm-Kin" by @bnew07

    It's instability makes it balanced!

    3rd Place!2nd place!
    "Hovering Hoard" by @TenebrisNemo

    The art looks difficult to make into a card, but I really like what you did with it! It's like the ability is telling a story. Mechanic and flavor are both fun!

    2nd Place!!1st Place!!!
    "Wildseeker" by @bnew07

    What a unique idea to enjoy new riot mechanic! Balance seems fair too. If only you credited the artist, this was tied to the 1st place. Scratch that! Lastjustice didn't credited the artist neither. This card is also 1st place! Please give credit to artists @everyone!

    1st Place!!!
    "Uranbatol, Port City" by @Lastjustice

    Simple, clean, yet very original and solid concept!

  • @PortiffDigrissm @TheSuturedHeartMan @dibbydubsdubs @Derfaulehelmut
    I commented on your cards!

    Thanks to all participants! I think this theme was a little difficult but there were many cool submissions. I really enjoyed hosting this!

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  • @Tomigon

    Thanks a lot for the double recognition!!
  • @Tomigon, just let his card be first, I'd rather be one clear winner than two first after you tried come up with a tie breaker off artist. I am happy with the cards I made and don't care if I won. Being inspired to come up with something that I enjoyed was enough for me.
  • Congrats everyone
  • Congratulations to other winners and to the honorable mentions! Thank you for this contest, @Tomigon, and for your valuable feedback!
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