Cantrip Contest (Complete)

Hi everyone,
I'm a relatively new cardsmith as of a month ago, and I love the community already. I love participating in these forum challenges, so I wanted to make one of my own.
Here's my challenge:
Make a cantrip card - (an instant or sorcery that lets you draw a card when you cast it.)
- These cards don't literally have to say "draw a card" on them as long as they increase the number of cards in your hand by at least 1.
- CMC should not exceed 4.
- The cards may only be instants or sorceries, not creatures with ETBs.

There is no limit on the number of cards that can be submitted. Old cards are allowed. Make sure to credit your artist. Get your entries in no later than December 29th, and I'll judge them by the 30th.

Every entry gets a fave from me. 3 cards will win and get 3 faves.

Please tell me if I'm doing anything wrong! I hope to see your cards soon!! Happy Holidays!


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