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  • @TenebrisNemo like make deadlines for cards Monday because it is hard to make cards during he week days and the weekend would be helpful...
    Does this make sense?
  • @Bowler218 - Create your champion as soon as possible, for the 16th match will be held after the 15th match, which I will host soon.

    @kandra127 - You can create and post your new champion in the new Tournament of Champions 2 discussion, which will be created when the last two matches of this round have ended. Even though you've already played in this tournament with a champion and lost, you're still allowed to enter the new discussion with a brand new champion. This also applies to other defeated players of this round.

    @DoctorFro - When the new tournament discussion is created, I will only then be able to determine the new draft period's deadline.
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    Born of both dragons and men, Helekiir was exiled by humans for having dragon blood, and ignored by dragons for having human blood. Left to his own devices, he went to taking what he wanted, and he wanted it all.
    He ran into a group of adventurers, and he stayed hidden in the nearby clouds until he could kill them. But as he swooped in to kill of one, the archer shot at him. The arrow hit him in the wing, making him have to land and either kill the adventurers, or flee. He decided to live to fight another day, and ran.
    He had a cave where he stayed, but on the way there, he met some people on the road. They told him that there were others like him and that they could take him to them. He agreed.
    He wandered with the group, who taught him how to fight on the ground, who healed him, and for once, understood him.
    One day, the group met those adventurers that harmed him earlier, and a fight started. Helekiir went for the archer, and tackled him, ripping him apart with his claws. The others were all fighting their own enemy at the same time, and won.
    Years passed, and they met other dragonborn, who had a community out in the desert. Helekiir's greediness faded away, until the town was raided by humans. The humans kept on killing his new family, and all the hate came back. He left the razed town with blood dripping all over him.
    And that is Helekiir''s story. I got your message while writing this, so I was two steps ahead.
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    @Bowler218 - Splendid! @pjbear2005's Pele has an opponent again, and I've put him in Whistler's place in the tournament bracket for the sake of this round. The bracket will be deleted after the next two matches, then a brand new bracket will be made once the new tournament discussion is created and the new 16* champions has been chosen to play for the rest of the games.
  • I totally am still in this!
  • I've been wanting to use that artwork for a while now, just needed a reason too.
  • @TenebrisNemo will you PM me when the discussion goes online
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    @Bowler218 Dude Helekiir is broken. It's got 6 power for just 2 mana - and evasion.
  • Wait what is happenening with the new discussion bc I don’t follow
  • @TenebrisNemo So you're saying that you'd make another discussion and pick another 18 champions for the second round? Wouldn't you only pick 16 because the first round would be complete? Also would the people already in the tournament get a free pass to the second round? I think it would suck to win your first round and then get knocked out by a newcomer.

    @Bowler212 6 power for 2 mana is brokenly above curve. Also, in the early game, it's nigh-impossible to stop in combat due to double strike and flying. Your only hope against it is a quick removal spell or else you're taking 6 damage a turn. (Insidious also seems kind of pointless.)
  • ok, i can remake it. Any ideas to make it decent power without losing ties to the story?
  • @Bowler218 Instead of having Insiduous, you could do something that represents your champion's method of attack, which I assume is dive bombing. If that's the case, then how about doing this: "Whenever Helekiir, Winged Hunter attacks, exile it. Return it to the battlefield under your control tapped and attacking at the beginning of the declare attackers step on your next turn." This would allow the card to be as powerful as it is (maybe with a little bump up in CMC) and be more balanced, since rather than attacking on round three, it instead attacks on round four, giving the opponent more time to react.
  • Ok. Thanks for the advice!
  • I remade it.
  • @ShaperKyon

    Basically, in the new discussion, those who won their rounds and are still active get in indefinitely. After that the slots will be filled by everyone else.
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    @kandra127 - Will do!

    @DoctorFro - When this round is over, this tournament discussion will be closed, and the tournament will continue onto the new discussion which I will create after this round. And when it's created, the current champions will be removed from the tournament and it will open for players again, BUT! The players who have won in this round will have a guaranteed spot in the new tournament discussion without the fear of having their champions get knocked out in the knockout competition, where the best 16* champions will be chosen to compete for the rest of the tournament. This will be done so the players who no longer play will be replaced by new, active players.

    @ShaperKyon - Agh, yeah, sorry, I meant 16 champions. And the people who have won in the first round of this tournament get a free pass to the 2nd tournament discussion. They need to create the same character, however, but they are allowed to change its colors, borders, abilities, etc. Those who have lost in this round, however, must make a brand new character to be their champion in the new tournament discussion.
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  • @TenebrisNemo

    Just in case Pele loses this round, I'm making a new character in advance and I think this could help out everyone. Since in the CMC of a card X=0 could we have X if we already have a 3 mana card?
  • @pjbear2005 - I don't quite follow.
  • X = 0 right?
    So it shouldn't add to the 3cmc limit, which means we can have X in our cmc. That's what I see.
  • @pjbear2005 - Right, what @Bowler218 just said, having {x} in your champion's converted mana cost does not increase it at all, so the champion's 1st stage CMC could be {x}{2}{w} for example.
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    As an outside spectator, who do you think will win the match between Zintius and Thendral?
  • So I don’t need to make any new cards for this rn
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    Fifteenth Match - Preparations

    Another morning sun shined from the ocean horizon as a new day begun in Eternstor and the world around it. Pele, who was anxiously awaiting for her approaching match, left the room where she spent her umpteenth night, walked through the tavern's dining hall, and then stepped to the empty street outside. The wind breathed quietly through the town, and it stroked the young pyromancer's hair.

    When today's match between Threndal and Zintius is over, the tournament hosts will finally focus onto my match, which is the last one of this round. But what has Whistler been doing during all this time? Nobody has seen it for weeks. Could the robot be planning something stupendous in secret that would defeat me with ease?

    As Pele was in her thoughts, the wind grew slightly stronger. She quickly realized that something was flying towards her high from the sky. At first Pele thought it was Threndal, which was simply doing yet another aerial maneuver to train for its match, but this dragon was slightly smaller and its body was a bit more humanoid. Pele stood still as the dragon slowed down, careful not to hit the town's buildings or streetlamps with its wings, then it descended onto the stone street while walking on its two hind legs towards Pele, who was the only person standing outside the tavern.

    "Tiny human," the dragon spoke in a hissing voice. "Is the seventeenth tournament held in this town?"

    "Umm... I think you're quite late... The tournament has already started a long time ago, and there are only two matches left before it moves to another place."

    "Well, I got a special invitation from the hosts to take a missing contestant's place and to fight someone named 'Pele!' Now tell me, where are the tournament hosts?"

    Pele froze. For this whole time the pyromancer had trained with her friends to fight against a mechanical mage, but fighting against a dragon was a whole different story. How would her fire spells ever be effective enough to defeat something that lives its whole life with fire? Just when the dragon's patience was about to run out, it heard as someone greeted it by its name.

    "Helekiir! You've arrived!"


    It was Sir Killian, who was being accompanied by Philibert. The knight waved to the dragon, then he gave a firm handshake to the recently arrived contestant while the ringmaster tipped his top hat.

    "Thank you for coming as soon as possible," Sir Killian continued as he kept shaking Helekiir's right hand, whose claws could've easily scratched the tournament announcer's right hand if he didn't wear his gauntlet. Philibert leaned his right hand onto his silver walking stick as he turned to look at Pele, then he raised his left hand towards the dragon while smiling brightly.

    "Pele, let me introduce you to Helekiir, born of humans and dragons! Since Whistler had disappeared from the town at some point, we decided to invite a new contestant to take its place."

    The young pyromancer raised her right eyebrow. "First Merikh, Acyros, and now Whistler? Could it have something to do with the shade crisis?"

    "We don't know," Sir Killian said when he stopped shaking hands. "But it seems very unlikely. Whistler has been doing its own business quietly since the beginning of the tournament, and now we can't find it anywhere. Perhaps something important has forced it to go elsewhere."

    "... I see," Pele said in a slightly disappointed voice while looking at her feet. Helekiir smiled with his sharp teeth, however. His opponent seemed to be a mere child.

    "Alright then," Philibert said audibly and beckoned at Sir Killian and Helekiir to follow him. "Let us visit judge Gaspar, Helekiir! He shall tell you everything you need to know about this competition."

    And so, the two tournament hosts left with the new contestant to the mansion's direction. Pele stood alone for a few seconds before the black raven Constable flew from a building's roof onto her shoulder.

    "That's bad news," Constable croaked loudly. "Do you want me to find a potion that will ease your pain during your match tomorrow?"

    ( @SpiritDragon & @baryonyx69 )

    Before Pele could answer, the two heard as the dwarf announced with his loud voice somewhere nearby. "The match between Threndal the rider's dragon and Zintius the cursed vampire will be held at the ruins of Salaxum in an hour!"
  • Fifteenth Match - Beginning

    The midday sun burned high above in the sky when Zintius made his way through the forest path to the ruins of Salaxum. He was thankful for the trees, leaves, and the dirty, hooded cape, which he had found from among the trash. They protected him from sunlight, which was only one of the many nagging things in his life.

    Since arriving to Eternstor, Zintius has awaited quietly for his match, to prove everyone what he was capable of. During that time, he's only drank blood from wild animals at night whenever the thirst has been too much for him. Even though he was carrying a potion that would protect him from sunlight, the vampire had decided to use it where it truly counts; on the match against Threndal the dragon.

    I have never been this thirsty... Soon, I may be able to drink the infamous dragon blood from Threndal's hot veins. I pray I can handle it... and not be consumed by it.

    When Zintius was in the shadows of Salaxum's grey stone buildings, he swiftly ran through them to the old plaza. The hosts were already there with the other tournament staff. Michiko was on top of a tall building at the edge of the plaza, looking at Zintius with her binoculars. The wooden stands were almost full of civilians. Many were delighted to learn that Salaxum was no longer inhabited by shades or any other supernatural beings. Some contestants were present at the wooden stands as well, and the newcomer, Helekiir, stood out from them easily. When Zintius looked at Michiko again, he saw as the archer looked at Eternstor's direction. The vampire turned his head and saw as Threndal was flying from there. The dragon descended to its place in front of Zintius, and roared. Zintius flinched a bit, but then calmed down. Soon he would explode for the thirst he has built up inside him for a long time now.

    After a moment, Sir Killian walked onto the wooden podium in front of the audience and turned to look at them. He began his usual speech, which ended with the same old saying.

    "... Our heroes will never die as long as we have faith in them!"

    Every civilian, tournament host, guard, and healer repeated the same saying. Then Sir Killian raised his left hand to Threndal's direction.

    "A pit fighter's dragon, which uses any means possible to achieve victory; Threndal, Gladiator's Mount!"

    People cheered for the dragon as it stood on its hind legs for a moment while roaring. When the loud ovation was over, Sir Killian raised his right hand to Zintius's direction.

    "A former hunter of the night, who is now one of the creatures of darkness; Zintius, Vampire Adept!"

    Those in the audience clapped for Zintius, who drank the potion which he was holding in his right hand, then he threw the empty bottle away behind him and took off his hooded cape. Finally, Sir Killian turned to look at both contestants, and raised his both hands towards them.

    "Let the fifteenth match begin!"
  • Fifteenth Match - End

    image VS image

    The people at Salaxum's main plaza were focused on the large hovering water orb in front of them, which was conjured by master Eetu's spell. From it they could see as Zintius flew above the buildings of Salaxum with his vampiric powers while Threndal was chasing him. The dragon breathed fire after the vampire contestant, who was swift enough to turn behind a broken tower before the flames would have reached him. Zintius didn't have time to rest, for Threndal crashed through the dilapidated building and opened its maw to grab its opponent. But the dragon missed the quick vampire, who prepared for a counterattack with his dagger.

    Tired from being chased for long minutes, Zintius pushed his dagger deep into Threndal's right eye. Blood splattered onto the vampire as Threndal screeched while flying and shaking its head, then Zintius swiftly pulled the stuck knife out from the eye socket. The dragon slapped Zintius with its tail immediately afterward, causing him to fall down onto a street. When he hit the ground, a loud crash followed and dust surrounded the lying vampire. The wind quickly swept it away, revealing Zintius lying on his back in a tiny crater of broken stones.

    "Not yet," Zintius hissed. "I'm not dead yet..."

    He raised the bloody dagger in his right hand above him, then he licked the dragon blood. This invigorated the injured vampire, eased his pain, and healed his body a little bit. It also awakened Zintius's deep urge for blood, and he quickly stood up, thirsting for more. He saw Threndal standing on its four legs at the other end of the street. Its right eye was blind, but it was also twice as furious as before. As it roared at Zintius, he readied his dagger, once more, and charged in an incredibly fast speed towards the winged, fire-breathing lizard.

    When Zintius was close to the standing dragon, it breathed fire at him, once again. The vampire jumped over the flames, even though the heat slightly burned his pale skin. Then he landed onto Threndal's head while stabbing it with his dagger. A mere human would not have been able to penetrate the scales on it, but Zintius's vampiric powers and Threndal's strengthening blood allowed him to do so. The dragon roared in pain, and Zintius quickly crawled like a bug to Threndal's throat. As he was about to dig his fangs through the dragon's scales to drink more hot blood, he felt as something painfully sharp penetrated his jaw and quickly pulled the vampire away from the dragon.

    Threndal had dug its left leg's claw into Zintius's mouth through his jaw, then the dragon ripped it off from the gurgling vampire. Zintius's tongue dangled loosely from the remains of his mouth while lots of red blood flowed onto the ground as he shouted in horror. And before he realized it, his body was suddenly set ablaze from Threndal's dragon breath. Zintius stood while shouting until his whole body burned to ashes. When his opponent was no more, Threndal flapped its wings, rose to its hind legs, and let out a victorious roar.

    After a moment, most of the white robed healers were bringing Zintius's soul and body back to the world of the living at the spot where he died while the rest were tending Threndal's injuries back at the main plaza. Sir Killian walked onto the podium, turned to look at the audience, and announced the winner of the fifteenth match.
  • Winner!


    Threndal fought a bloody match, and won! It has a guaranteed spot in the new tournament discussion, which I will create after the next match. You may create a new 1st stage version of it with new abilities, colors and borders. Remember that if you do not post it before the knockout competition begins in that discussion, a new player will take your place.

    @baryonyx69 - Zintius tasted a bitter defeat, but his life goes on. Only you know what happens to him, and you may post his later version and departure story here for everyone to enjoy. And you may still create a brand new champion to the new tournament discussion when it's open for everyone!

    This round is coming to an end soon, and the tournament bracket has been updated. Remember that a new bracket will be made in the new discussion after the new (and old, but updated) 16 champions have been chosen, so I will update this only to keep memory from those who have won in this round.

    @Bowler218 & @pjbear2005 - Your champions will fight in the next match, and it's the last one of this round. Prepare yourselves!
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