Village Guardians (Saga)



  • I keep running to the hand I shot off.
  • You rush towards him, and he slams a spell into the ground. A few seconds later, a wall of spikes blasts forth, one impaling your hip and another your shoulder
  • Which hip and shoulder?
  • @baryonyx69

    I send the elementals forward shoot flames toward the garrison.
  • @Bowler218 left shoulder right hip
  • @pjbear2005 the elementals destroy two of the undead, but they get too close and the undead slash at them, weakening them and rearing away for another charge
  • I try to remove myself from the spikes.
  • @Bowler218 You successfully remove the spikes from your body, but they have already released a mild toxin into your body, one that grows stronger with combat. The skeletal hulk charges
  • I keep going to the hand.
  • You continue your charge, and soon find yourself staring into the lifeless holes where the lich’s eyes sat once.
  • I stab it with my sword, and keep going to that ring
    this is why i wanted backup
  • I quickly approach the one who seems to be the highest rank among the men and ask him or her their opinion.
  • @Bowler218 Your sword plunges deep into one of its sockets, and it rears back, roaring. The skeletal hulk, crumbles and disintegrates.
  • @Derfaulehelmut what is your opinion?
  • I keep going to the ring.
  • The lich descends from his hovering position, and you reach his ring hand with no trouble
  • I take the ring off, and smash it into the ground, then grind it in as an attempt to destroy it.
  • @baryonyx69

    I send more flames towards the Garrison and grow trees through the warriors
  • @Bowler218 the lich peers up at you, a grimace on his face. He rises up, hovering even higher this time, and says in a deep growling voice, “that was my wedding ring, fool! It was the only thing to remind me of being alive, and you have destroyed it! Now I have no choice but to destroy you!”
  • @pjbear2005 the garrison quickly hacks down your trees, but they are just as quickly incinerated by your flames. The war horn sounds again and the horses return
  • I stab the lich
  • Since the difference in numbers, we move through the forest in order to play the "guerrilla war trump card". Besides we know better the surroundings and horses will have more trouble moving and positioning than if they fight open range.
  • @Bowler218 your sword plunges into his stomach, and a purple light erupts from it. The lich roars, and then looks down at you. He descends to your level. “The code of the lich: a life for a life.” Something sharp and serrated pierces your stomach.
  • @Derfaulehelmut the battle begins in your favor, and the forces of the undead garrison dwindle. But soon they retreat and a thick black smoke fills the forest, signaling the approach of fire
  • Ok, I scream in pain.
  • @Bowler218 the lich cringes at the noise, seemingly in pain
  • I hold his thing in me, while grabbing my sword and turning my body. Effectively cutting him in half
  • Since they are withdrawing, we let them go and focus on our mission: protect the town. I send a dozen of soldiers to find blankets, shovels and water buckets to fight the fire.
    The rest will watch which direction the enemy troops are taking and how fast advance the fire.
  • @Bowler218 the lich’s body slides apart, and souls explode from his body. You have killed the lich.
    (For everyone’s information, killing the lich killed all the undead he created. All objectives are automatically completed)
  • So, do I just go back to the village?
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