Does Anyone Remember Me?

Although my username is Koslen2, it isn't my first or only account. I've been on MTGCardsmith before, starting in 2015 on my original account @llamalord44. I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I made two full sets for a custom block (looking back I realize that the cards were all either broken or awful) and some other miscellaneous cards. But, I was somewhat well-connected with the community when solely on that account, and I'd like to be more connected once again, but with this account. I'll be participating more in challenges, creating more of my own, and potentially working on some more custom sets. If anyone remembers me, go ahead and say hi. Three of you I remember very closely are @dibbydubdubs - my brother, @Faiths_Guide, who's first cards were for my first contest, and @corwinnn of course. This discussion obviously doesn't need to stay up very long, but I just wanted to say hello to some old friends on cardsmith and say that I'll be back for a while.


  • Ohhi
    How have I never seen you before with balanced custom sets and everything?
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    I *might* have seen you, back then I think I was called Enoraptor, but then I left for a while and my cards went poof.
  • Lol @Arceus852 I don't know but I also have an account called Kalenvaas with a previously developing set with over 100 cards and I had an account with a full set and a half called Rusathar but I had been gone so long that it was all sadly deleted
  • @notmyprimespeaker that's what happened to my Rusathar account, which sucks because I finished an entire 270-some card set and was nearing completion of another set in the same custom block.
  • Feels bad man. I'm not too sad to see the older account go, from what I can remember I sucked at balancing stuff. (I was a bit better at wording things, though.)
  • I was awful at balancing cards especially in my llamalord44 account but it was still fun making sets and I had some good support
  • A pleasure to meet a veteran Cardsmith!
  • @Lujikul your name sounds familiar too; pretty sure I'd seen some of your stuff back in like 2016-17
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    I remember you as well... I also remember Enoraptor too!
  • @Corwinnn I remember that your original interest in my cards and favorites on them is a major part of what sparked my account's popularity, and it was a great motivator to keep it up, so thank you for that.
  • Pleasure to make ur for balancing I suck innovation is my forte...and I berate my friends to help balance and word lmao
  • WHO IN THE BLUE HELL IS THIS? ...I mean hi nice to meet you hehe. I haven't been here super long so I don't recall your previous incarnations. Welcome back in anycase.
  • Yeah @Corwinnn @Latinas brought me back in recently, and I've been enjoying it.
  • @Kolsen2 I remember! I hadn’t made an account at the time though!
  • Are you still around @Koslen2?

    Just was looking at old contests to reactivate and came across this, reminded me of your passive planeswalker contest (Its been judged I already knew that) just wanted to say hi to you if your still around. :)
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    I think I preceded you on the site, and my first cards were definitely not for a contest, but I definitely remember you XD

    Hello and welcome back!
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