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    Troublesome Message

    As the sun lowered and the night arrived, the sky opened up and a rain began to fall heavily upon Eternstor. The sixteenth match and the tournament's first round were over, and the city streets were empty except for a few running inhabitants and some guards. The tavern where the contestants were hold was lit up in the darkness of the night. Sir Killian, together with a couple of soldiers, were just about to end their guard duty for the day when the rain for just tenth of a second got swayed away from Killian. He stopped and looked up between the buildings.

    “What is it, Sir?” Asked one of his soldiers.

    “There is something out here with us, something large and fast that just flew above and past us,” Killian responded without moving his eyes from the path towards Salaxum.

    “Is it another shade, Sir? Is it another of Merikh’s doings?” The soldier asked, who was now shaking by either the cold rain or the thoughts of Merikh.

    “I’m not sure... but we will find out.” Killian said as he set off towards Salaxum.

    The cold and wet soldiers followed loyally but reluctantly. Nothing besides the bad weather was strange as they moved towards and into the abandoned ruins of Salaxum. Someone was humming a song from further within and Killian got a strange yet familiar feeling from the humming. They got to the place where they had last seen Merikh and Acyros before they disappeared down the well. The one responsible for the humming was leaning over looking down the well. It seemed to be an eleven year-or-so old girl, wet and cold, yet she was humming, and being curious about the well. Killian felt that it was all familiar to him as he moved closer to the girl and was looking at his surroundings. He stopped only a short distance from the girl when he noticed something on top of the tallest building. Four blue glowing eyes in the darkness that belonged to something huge with wings was staring at him and the girl.

    “I am sorry about what happened to your friend, Sir,” The girl said as she jumped onto the ground from the edge of the well and turned around towards Killian. She had purple eyes and a recently healed cut wound on her left arm. She revealed from beneath her coat a letter on which stood “Judge Gaspar.”

    The fireplace was sparkling warmly inside Gaspar’s dry office in the mansion. Gaspar was staring down into the letter. It was written that the sea northeast of Legorna had become extremely dangerous due to some sea monster. It was believed to be a leviathan infected by the abyss but no confirmation had been made. If it was true, then it was most likely caused by those called the "sisters of the abyss." The sixteen contestants who would travel to Legorna had to first travel into the blue forest’s rivers and through them to the village of Caerul Vicun, then north from there towards Legorna. Jessica would keep the contenders company to ensure their safety from the sisters until they have reached Legorna. Gaspar finished reading the letter, then he put it aside and looked at the girl, who was wrapped into a warm blanket beside the fire and Sir Killian.

    “So, Jessica... Is it true that she is one of the sisters?”

    Jessica nodded to confirm, yet she was a bit sad.

    “Do you know if the sisters have any connection to Merikh and the shades of his?”

    “I don’t know. I was out there trying to find them, her, when a messenger from mom wanted me to come here with that letter. I don’t know anything more than that. Sorry.”

    Judge Gaspar turned to look out from the large window behind his desk. The rain continued to fall heavily outside. The day of departure was coming closer.
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    Since this thread will in time be replaced by another one for the tournament. I will finish act 4 here. Act 5 will most likely be posted in an separate thread but that is months in the future.

    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 20: Victor Qentimus, part 1/2

    Cold winds drew in from the sea over Crastine. The city was unusually silent except for a few people that praised the people to raise up in arms. Most of the citizen did not listen. The people were filled with sadness and shock of the rumored defeat at Lalden Minor that the Laldenian traders had spoken about. Many had lost dear ones to the Margeficus and now they had lost even more to the defeat at Lalden. The people boiled with anger deep within but they did not have the heart or courage to rise up again. Not without someone to lead them. The queen Yiadelle kept herself in her palace, maybe out of fear, shame or waiting for a good opportunity. Friyena had made an oath ages ago to never raise sword against humans so she remained out of the war completely.

    Janet sat on the bench that she and Basil last had sit on when they were together there. She watched out over the sea towards Frejdan as she had done for hours every day. No one had returned yet she hoped. One day she would see a Lisakdonian flag rise up from the horizon and beneath, an armada of ships with survivors would come home. Basil, Antonio and Alice would all come home again. Basil had promised that he would.

    “It does not make it any better to sit here and wait, Janet.”

    Janet looked to her side where Aelia had appeared. She had a basket and a blanket with her. She gave the blanket to Janet to wrap around her to keep warm. She then took out two pieces of cinnamon breads and a jug from the basket. She poured the steaming content from the jug into two mugs and gave one to Janet.

    “Do you not miss Magnus and Helen? Janet said as she took a sip from the mug.
    “Of course I miss them but I cannot fall down whenever I lose someone. I, we are expected to be able to carry on. To stand strong because we will lose many more and there will always be someone that need us. That is our duty as knights after all.”
    Aelia sat down beside Janet and watched out towards the horizon with her. She looked towards Frejdan and the tall lighthouse.

    “You know. I have been a captain for a little more than a year now yet I have never been to Frejdan. We should go there sometime. You, me, Leonard and Andre. Maybe get your mind on something else”

    Soon after someone shouted something from the top of one of the harbor buildings. A crowd of a hundred or so people began to move towards the water line and soon after a single Lisakdonian flag was spotted in the distance. Janet and Aelia put down everything in the basked and moved to the water line to see the ship better. The flag was part of a ship of the fleet that had left for Lalden a month ago. Before the ship arrived at the harbor a couple of royal guards arrived at the harbor from the palace. When the shipped docked, a bunch of soldiers stepped off. Soldiers from Sylvester’s army that had been sent to take Zeistlanta. Among the soldiers came a few captains and a blonde commander. The commander held what appeared to be a rolled Stelladoran flag in his hands. The royal guards took the commander and a few soldiers that the commander pointed out to them with them and rode off towards the palace.
    “Who was that?” Janet asked

    “I saw him earlier before the departure. He is a low ranked commander under general Sylvester. I don’t know who he is beside that though.” said Aelia.

    They asked some of the soldiers that stayed at the ship what had happened.
    “We had just docked at shore east of Elizen when we got attacked. An army from Zeistlanta had appeared to stop us. They had not been a larger problem if it had not been for a knight that rode upon a huge dragon. He swept over the army and destroyed the fleet. No one would have survived if it had not been for Victor. He led us to safety, he led us home.” said one of the soldiers. The other said more or less the same things. The soldiers began to move home to their loved ones that did not run and meet them with theirs at the harbor. Janet and Aelia went home soon thereafter. The return of Victor and his soldiers spread quickly and soon the people began to wish for and even demand to know what had happened in Dormania. They wanted Victor to speak to them. They wanted to know what had happened to those that had left more than a month earlier.
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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 20: Victor Qentimus, part 2/2

    The next day the streets were crawling full with people that all were heading to the central plaza. Victor Qentimus would today speak to the people. Janet, Aelia, Leonard and Andre were all on their way there as well both by interest and by order as everyone connected to the military or the knightly order are obligated to participate if able. The central plaza was filled to the brink with more than a hundred thousand people. There were people on top of the roofs, pillars and everywhere they could reach. At the front of the plaza where the stairs and platform were was a burning chalice in the middle and beside it stood a stelladoran flag. The only four generals still in Crastine were present and so was queen Yiadelle and Friyena as well. Victor stood beside three of the generals with his hands on the shoulders of his young son, Alexander. Beside Victor stood his wife Larisa who carried their daughter Alexandra. The fourth general stood beside the burning chalice and spoke to the public about why the war fought and that it was a meaningless war or something. Not many actually listened to the general since his name was barely famous and he had not even been to Dormania or Lalden.

    “We’re not here to hear your sermons! We are here to hear Victor speak!” Some man shouted from the crowd and many others with him. The general tried to calm down the crowd but gave up with an irritated expression. He walked back to the other generals as many in the crowd continued to shout. The crowd became almost completely silent when Victor walked down to the chalice and took the position that the General earlier had stood on.

    “Eight years ago, a terrible monster of unimaginable powers attacked our home. It took from all of us, friends, Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons. It burned our homes. It destroyed our walls. It broke our streets and killed our heroes. But it did not take our fire. Me mourned those we had lost but our fire continued to burn. Where did that monster come from? It did not come from within, it came from outside. It came from the sea, it came from the east, it came from Stelladora. A monster meant to destroy us and everything we have built and hold dear. Was it their fault? Did they send the black flames to burn us?

    The Stelladorans marched into Lalden, our allies. They wanted us gone. So we answered and sailed east to force peace. We brought peace to Lalden but soon after Nicholas and his army was met by an army at Lalden minor. A battle they would have won until the Stelladorans revealed their secret weapon. A knight riding on a great dragon. They had tamed a great one and brought it into battle! Not only to win their battles but to eradicate their enemies. Not one Lisakdonian soldier escaped their flames. The great one then flew north towards Sylvester and us. We met an army on the battlefield but the great one appeared. It burned down our fleet to prevent our escape. It tore down the mountain to trap us. No one would be left to live. Me and my men managed to escape through the flames and return home. We lost many good men and women. Many of our friends that wanted to return home but where mercilessly killed by a monster tamed by the Stelladorans. Just like eight years ago!

    They tried to put out the fire that burns within us but we shall not let them! We shall not just keep our fires warm. We shall bring it to them! We tried to bring peace but they answered without mercy so neither shall we! We were once a kingdom born on the foundation of fire and sword and we shall show them!”

    The crowd began to cheer with Victor. The general from earlier began to dislike the speech. He looked around at the other generals. Two of them looked unsure but one looked like she liked where Victor was going with his speech.

    ”Around our kingdom stand abandoned barracks and military academies. I want to bring them to life again! Many of our sons and brothers want to show their might and will in battle. I want to let them! In the Kieran mountains stand countless forges cold and empty. I want to bring the fire back to them! I want to rebuild the fleet ten times larger! Then when we are ready, we will bring the newborn flames of Lisakdonia back to Stelladora!”

    Victor broke off the Stelladoran flag and held it into the fire of the chalice as the crowd cheered. Victor took the burning flag and held it high up in the air.

    “I will not rest until the flames have turned Stelladora to ashes!”

    The huge crowd cheered wildly. The generals had mixed feelings. One cheered silently and another left and walked back to the palace in disgust. The other two remained mostly expressionless but most likely they were happy to have someone of great might that could take control and lead them to victory.

    Victor Qentimus later became the second ever generalissimo of the Lisakdonian army.
  • Abrupt Farewells

    The day had arrived for the contestants to finally leave Eternstor and the tournament's first round behind. Sir Killian had awakened everyone in the tavern of contenders for the final time, and everyone had begun packing their things when they had completed their morning routines. The tavern that was once filled with thirty-two contestants had served its yearly tradition, and would remain as a normal tavern for the locals until a new tournament would be announced. Those who worked in the old tavern rejoiced, for it has always been quite troublesome to look after those who come from other worlds.

    The final contestant who left their room's key for the dining hall's young maid was Ronnie. He stepped out from the tavern's front doors onto the street outside, then looked into the sky. The midday sun could not be seen through the grey clouds, but its countless bright rays still reached all the way to the port town. After a few seconds of standing in the quiet street, the giant slayer started walking to the harbor's direction, and thought about all the other contestants.

    Others think my victory was silly. Even though I tried my best, it was luck that defeated Jaholion in the end. That's why they didn't like my match; it seemed as if I didn't have to do anything to claim victory, while others almost died for theirs. But I'll show everyone what I'm truly capable of in the next round!

    Though he had nothing but a sword, armor, and a small leather bag filled other things, Ronnie confidently started running to the place, where the contestants should be before the ship arrives. At first he ran past Koorir the minotaur, then Eleron the lightning warrior a few minutes later. Many contestants traveled lightly, except Vir, whom Ronnie noticed ahead of him a moment after running past Eleron. The puffing old wizard carried a large satchel which was barely closed and seemed to be full of heavy books mostly.

    "Hey, let me help you with that," Ronnie said and reached his hands towards Vir's satchel. As he touched the satchel, its strap snapped and it fell, spreading all the books within it onto the street.

    "You imbecile," Vir huffed. "Look what you did! I didn't need help, certainly from someone who brings misfortune to those around them!"

    "Sorry," Ronnie said as he crouched and started putting the slightly bent books into the satchel. "By the way, isn't there any spells that would reduce the weight of your items or make them levitate as you travel with them? It would be handy to be able to cast one..."

    Vir didn't answer Ronnie's question as he was walking back and forth while mumbling something for himself and tapping the street with his white walking stick. But then he saw as Ronnie was about to put an old book with dark blue, plain cover into the satchel.

    "Give me that," the wizard said and snatched the book from Ronnie's hand. He opened the book and quickly glanced at each page for a second before jumping onto another.

    Make items levitate... what else, a spell that cleans dishes? If every person would be able to use spells, the amount of notable fools would be greater... Now, where was I? Ah yes, I don't remember ever traveling with heavy load, but that's only because I used to be able to cast that short, yet complicated spell back in the days. But how did I do it? Ugh, I won't admit to another contestant that I don't remember my own spe-- oh here it is. "Lifeless physical object's levitation and making it follow the caster."

    For Ronnie it seemed as if Vir simply opened the book for a few seconds before closing it. When Ronnie had finished repacking the satchel, Vir whispered a few words while waving his left hand, and the satchel suddenly felt as light as a feather when Ronnie lifted it. It then levitated from Ronnie's hands right next to Vir, who didn't seem to be as angry as before.

    "Luckily," Vir started as he put the book into the overfilled satchel, then lazily closed it. "... you don't need to spend your precious time to learn such spell, for you are unable to cast anything right now at least."

    With that remark, Vir continued walking to the harbor's direction. Ronnie scratched the back of his head for a few seconds, then he resumed his journey as well.
  • It didn't take long until Ronnie was walking in Eternstor's harbor. The sound of the sea and countless seagulls were louder than anywhere else in the port town. Lots of people were around the streets and the market as well, but most of them were looking at the large pier, where the other tournament contestants were standing and waiting. The largest contestants of the tournament, Karnax, Gyar, and Threndal, were lying on the street at the beginning of the pier. Bubbles had learned to not to trickle its slimy substance through the small holes below itself. Half of the tournament guards were standing between the contestants and civilians. Lady Michiko, who was talking to some of the guards, noticed Ronnie, and waved at the giant slayer.

    "Greetings, Ronnie. Just wait with the others until the hosts arrive."

    Ronnie nodded. When he walked past the guards to the large pier, some of the other contestants glanced at him. Eleron and Koorir soon arrived to the pier as well. Tai, Sylva, and Pele were silently talking together about something, and Ronnie recognized the words "shades" and "abyss." A cold wind was howling and the clouds in the sky were slightly darker than before. The seagulls seemed to fly away from the area as well.

    After a moment, the contestants saw as the civilians made way for the tournament soldiers, who were escorting the hosts to the pier. The hosts were also accompanied by a child, who was a young girl with purple eyes. They walked onto the pier, then the guards joined the others. Gaspar, Eetu, Killian, Philibert, and the girl looked at the contestants, who could sense the tremendous power the girl possessed. It was something none of them have felt before during their time in Eternstor. The way ringmaster Philibert and the girl looked at each other sometimes while smiling hinted that they've had a history together. Sir Killian stepped forward, cleared his throat, and raised his both hands towards the contestants.

    "Winners of the seventeenth tournament's first round! We, the hosts, congratulate you for achieving the honor of traveling with us to the kingdom of Lisakdonia! Once our ship has arrived, we will board it, then sail to the Great Blue Sea, where the portal to the world of Avelaide is located."

    Some contestants noticed where Killian looked at, and they turned around to see a ship in the distance that would be in the harbor soon. Then Koorir the minotaur coughed a few times before talking.

    "What is that little human girl? She gives me the creeps."

    Philibert stepped forward while smiling brightly. "Allow me to introduce her. Contestants of the seventeenth tournament, this is summoner Jessica, the fourteenth champion of goddess Friyena! She will accompany us during our journey to Legorna, where the next two rounds of this tournament will be held!"

    Jessica playfully waved at the slightly surprised contestants. Then Tai the faerie flew onto Koorir's head and raised her right hand, like a student to a teacher.

    "Hey! Where are we going, exactly? What kind of place is Legorna?"

    "It's a small city famous for its wine, theater plays, and this tournament," Sir Killian said. "If less than thirty-two contestant would have arrived here in Eternstor at the beginning, sixteen best of them would have been chosen to enter the tournament, then they would have sailed there with us immediately. But since we got such large amount of contestants, we decided to choose thirty-two best of them and hold the first round here, for Legorna is not large enough to watch over thirty-two otherworldly contenders."

    Sir Killian raised his hands towards the contestants again and raised his voice. "In Legorna, the next two rounds of this tournament will be held! The whole city is awaiting to see each one of you, so prepare yourselves for--"

    Suddenly, a loud sound of water came from behind the contestants, and the wind turned even more powerful. The people on the streets, the guards, the hosts, and some of the contestants had to cover their eyes from the chilling wind that spiraled over the area above the water at the other end of the pier. Then slowly, a swirling water pillar emerged from the water, and on top of it was a malignant merfolk with large blue fins, green scales, and a serpent's lower body. As the wind slowed down, everyone could see the tall water pillar and the merfolk, who laughed high above them in a familiar, croaking voice.

    "Hahahahahaa! Hello, lowly worms! Didn't expect to see me again?"

    Everyone was confused, but Kift the efreet was the first one to recognize the merfolk. It only took a few more seconds for Sir Killian and some others. The knight saw how the merfolk gathered more energy with his hands as the sky turned even darker.

    "Ding Mettir! What has happened to you? And what are you doing!?"

  • "During my short time in the tournament, I delved into every contestant's mind and came to a conclusion that none of them have what it takes to go any further! Thankfully I saw the truth of this whole charade, so I had myself defeated. And now I possess far greater powers than any of them would ever have! To demonstrate it, I will get rid of each current contestant, so they won't tarnish Avelaide with their presences!"

    Countless civilians and sailors were beginning to leave the harbor in a hurry as a great, dark hurricane formed over the sea very close to the port town. The guards were anxious to leave as well, but they walked in front of the tournament hosts with their shields ready. Waves raged below the pier, and the wind continued howling. Sir Killian remained calm and looked at everyone around him.

    "Michiko, shoot Mettir before it's too late! Eetu, make sure everyone stays safe! Contestants, prevent Mettir from doing anything!"

    Eetu quickly began casting transparent spell-warding shields around the other hosts one at a time. Michiko took her bow, but the wind of the approaching storm and the dark sky made it hard to aim. She shot an arrow after an arrow, but each one of them flew right past Mettir. Jessica drew a dagger from her belt and was about to cut her left hand with it, but Philibert grabbed her right hand. When Jessica looked at the ringmaster, he shook his head. Sir Killian moved in front of judge Gaspar, who was standing still while simply looking frustrated. The dragons, Karnax and Threndal, stood up and breathed fire at Mettir, but the fire simply moved around him, as if he was surrounded by an invisible orb. When the other contestants were about to do something, Mettir pointed at them with his glowing right hand's slender fingers.

    "None of you are fit to become a champion. Go back to your homes and learn your places!"

    A bright blue flash of light came from the middle of the hurricane, and then Mettir pointed at Vir. The wizard was surrounded by the same light, and he was quickly pulled from the pier all the way into the cold whirlwind with his books. The same happened to Karnax the great dragon as Mettir pointed at him. Tai was being pulled by the spell as well, but Sylva jumped and quickly grabbed the faerie into her hands. Ronnie was next, and Bubbles followed immediately. When Kozar the demon lord charged at Mettir with his weapon, the merfolk pointed at him, and he was pulled far away from the cackling shaman and into the hurricane. Kift vanished into the wind like a candle's flame, and Sunex the dark imp could not be seen when the hurricane seized its wings. Lobberknot the goblin shouted while spinning in the air. When Gyar was surrounded by the light and being lifted from the street, its handler desperately grabbed its tail, and they both got sucked into the vortex. Mettir pointed at Sylva, and that's when she and Tai got pulled away. Caphria grabbed the planks of the pier below her, but since the spell was so strong, she got exhausted and the cursed wind took the angel. While Koorir was being in the air, he threw his hatchets at Mettir, but the wind quickly changed the weapons' direction to the opposite. Eleron could not control lightning in the weather, so the only thing he could do was to go with the wind. Threndal tried to fly away in vain. When Pele was the last contestant left, she threw many fireballs at Mettir while looking at him with her fiery eyes, but the burning spells quickly faded before touching the merfolk, who then pointed at the young pyromancer and forced her into the hurricane.


    Mettir laughed, then slammed his glowing palms together. When he did so, the water pillar where he was floating upon began to fall over the hosts and the hurricane broke into countless winds which spread everywhere. The guards raised their shields, but then they noticed that the water pillar broke before hitting them, for Eetu's defensive spells protected them and the hosts. It took many seconds until a powerful wind had swept completely over Eternstor and the people in it. When it was gone, a silence surrounded the town.

    The hosts, the guards, and the civilians opened their eyes. Sunlight came through the breaking clouds of the sky, and the hurricane was gone. The waves in the sea were beginning to calm down, and the ships which were in the docks or near the hurricane were unharmed. But there was no sight of Mettir or the contestants.
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  • The wind whisked Tai away in Sylva’s arms. The moment the light touched her body, everything was cold. Something glowed in her hand... the device she used to get here. She closed her eyes and hoped for the best.

    A day later she found herself on a bed with Sylvia next to her. She rushed outside. The land was not filled with mystical trees and magical swamps, it was full of airships and other things. Tai’s mind was racing with many questions but she was sure of one thing: This is not my home...
  • I must get to Legorna, Tai thought, I’ll prove myself worthy.
  • Back to Nothing

    The evening sun's orange rays bathed Eternstor many hours after the incident. Its citizens had to clean up the tiny amount of mess and destruction the hurricane had caused. Soldiers had searched for the contestants for the whole day, and after their futile work, the people believed that Mettir was telling the truth. The contestants had been sent back to their home worlds, and nobody was sure if any of them would ever return.

    The tournament had lost its potential champions.

    For the rest of the day, judge Gaspar, sir Killian, sage Eetu, ringmaster Philibert, and Eternstor's mayor argued in the tournament judge's office in the manor. Mayor talked about how unstable their methods had been and how the tournament had been nothing but trouble for the whole town. In response, Gaspar had pointed out how the most major problems had come from sources outside the tournament. Many minutes later, they finally started to come up with a plan to resume the tournament. The seventeenth champion had to be found, and all their previous work should not be in vain.

    After six days, the tavern of contenders opened its doors, once again, and the seventeenth tournament's flyers were spread across the worlds.
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  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 21: A friend with a helping hand

    Once again Basil stood over the endless field of countless white flowers. In the distance stood the colossal tree mighty above its surrounding. There was some old and powerful magic imbued in the tree and landscape. A gust of wind swept over Basil just as it had done during his earlier visit. The wind took hold of thousands of flowers and white leaves from the tree and brought it back towards Basil. The flowers and leaves flew around and around Basil. Someone pushed Basil slightly from the back and he walked through the flower and leaves.

    Basil was back at the battlefield in Lalden Minor. The battle however had long since been over and the field was now covered in old broken ballistae, banners, pieces of cloths, broken weapons and large piles of ash and coal. The camp was burnt to the ground and what little was left was broken. It seemed as if the Lisakdonians had lost the battle. The memories returned to Basil and he began to worry for Antonio, Alice, Helen and Magnus. Where are they? Are they okay? Basil continued to walk around the large battlefield but he could not find anything that was not broken or of value. Basil looked towards the forest and remembered. Many had fled into the forests during the last moments that he remained in the battle. So he went into the forest to continue his search.

    The search through the forest took much longer but there was much more that had not been removed. A large number of bones decorated the forest, horse, humans and even one dragon. Broken spears, banners and cloths also decorated the forest. After more than an hour he found a dead Lisakdonian cavalier in a hole that must have gone unnoticed. The cavalier was not much more than a skeleton but he was still equipped in armor and a in his belt he had a sheathed dagger. He seemed to have lost his main weapon though. Basil pulled the soldier out of the hole. Basil held the cavaliers cape in his hands. On the cape was a sewed emblem. A bronze owl over a green background. Basil took the belt and the dagger from the soldier and a pouch he had. He then proceeded to take off his armor from the body and put the remains in the cape which he made into a sack. He dropped down the sack back down into the hole which he began to fill with dirt, leaves and what else he could find. After he was finished he took the armor and put it onto the grave. “Lev’ Foralt”

    Basil already had his own armor and sword so carrying around any other armor would only make it more difficult to move. Also since he was not in need and had no respectable use for it, it would have been disrespectful towards the dead soldier. The dagger however could provide a purpose for Basil and thus it would give the soldier respect by finding that purpose. Basil gave up in his search and returned to the battlefield. He sat down on the hill and looked east towards the mountains. There must be survivors. Where could they be? He looked north and felt almost stupid for a second. Back to Lalden of course. Basil set off and began to walk north towards the Rosa river.

    Basil walked for a few days. He passed a couple of small villages and towns before he made it to the first city of Sagun. Sagun was a small civilian city of no more than a couple of thousand inhabitants and laid just at the Rosa river but it was the first and best place for him to hopefully gather some information. It did not take long before the inhabitants noticed his Lisakdonian armor. They whispered to each other and avoided Basil for some reason. There were a few Laldenien soldiers among the civilians that noticed Basil. One of the soldiers ran away further into the city. Basil began to feel that something was wrong and he should probably turn back. Before he managed to turn back he noticed a female sitting at a table drinking from a mug. The female was clearly some kind of knight but neither Laldenien nor Lisakdonian. When she noticed Basil she did not turn away her eyesight from him. Basil began to move away from the street into a tight alley. Soon after he had turned into the alley, he felt that someone had walked in after him. Basil turned at a crossway and began to move faster. Just before he came to the next crossway, a laldenien soldier stepped before him, blocking his path. Someone behind him grabbed Basil’s arms and put a hand over his mouth.

    “Nonme, Nonme! Evina anjolmo.” Said the soldier in front of Basil while he moved his hands in the air before his mouth as to indicate Basil to be quiet.

    The soldiers did not seem threatening nor did they seem to have any desire to harm nor rob Basil so he did not resist. The soldier behind him let go of Basil slightly but not entirely. The other soldier indicated with his hands for Basil to follow him. “Estir fel isor atonas Ari. Vel kendilor.” Said the soldier. “I don’t understand you.” Said Basil but the soldiers clearly did not understand him. The soldier led Basil through a system of alleys to avoid the open streets. They soon came to a door with a sign of a drinking bear where they stepped inside.

    “Basil? You alive!” said someone from a corner in the tavern.
    Basil quickly recognized the girl as Ari. The Laldenien captain they had met in Valdune. Ari sat at a table with three other soldiers, one of which was the soldier that had seen Basil earlier.

    Basil sat down with Ari and told her what had happened. He said it as if he had been transported to the afterlife and been given a second chance. Ari looked as if she had difficulties believing what he said. She did not know what to think. Basil had been at the battle and he was here now, alive so either there were some kind of truth in what he said or he had managed to retreat and somehow avoided to hear what had happened. She then told Basil about what had happened in Lalden Minor in her somewhat broken translation. The Lisakdonians had lost but they had stood strong when the great one attacked. They had fell back to a better position and managed to keep the great one away from them while also trying to fend off the other dragons. The Laldeniens were forced north by the main force and could not assist the Lisakdonians who began to become surrounded by the Stelladoran forces. They were forced to surrender and were taken prisoners. The Laldenien soldiers were taken back to Lalden in exchange for a ransom, but the Stelladorans took their weapons.

    “Where did they take them? Where did they take the Lisakdonians?” Basil said half eager half worried.

    “Do not know. Somewhere south and east. They did not tell anything. Sorry…
    I can fix horse and map for you. You can go after them.” Ari later added.
    Basil nodded with a small smile. Basil got something to eat and drink with Ari. Then afterwards they shook hands. “Good luck Basil. Hope you find your friends.” Ari said before giving an laldenien honor sign with her hands. Basil did the same to her before he followed the two soldiers out of the tavern.

    One of the soldiers gave Basil a brown cloak to hide his whole armor beneath until they had left the city. The two soldiers led Basil back through the valley the same way they had come earlier but hey took another turn later. The soldiers were still speaking and making some jokes that Basil could not understand but he smiled either way as the soldier laughed. They came to the end of the valley and out on the streets. The inhabitants did not look at Basil any strange now as they had done earlier so it felt safer to walk in the open. The soldiers continued to lead Basil until they came to a large stable. They stepped around the building and went to see a brown and black horse that stood outside. It was not a very beautiful horse nor was it very fit but it looked quite healthy enough to help Basil. Just as Basil walked forth to the horse, something struck him hard in the head and he fell into the stable wall.
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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 22: The dragonless dragon rider, part 1

    “Velhanano, estul on almin kapan fertol!” “Zeburh ombru erus almin” “Dacken!!”

    Basil woke up in some lit room. His head was in pain and his vision and hearing was somewhat dim. In the same room were two people arguing. A middle-aged man that spoke in an explanting voice and a young woman who was very upset and angry. They spoke in some Dormanian language, most likely eastern Dormanian. Basil laid down on the floor with his hands wrapped in rope. He only wore his simple cloths and was facing away from the two others in the room so he could not see what they were arguing about but it was probably something about him. The woman and the man continued to argue for a while longer before the woman gave up her angry temperament. She seemed to agree to something reluctantly. Basil laid still and silent as he listened. Not one sound except for some footsteps came for a couple of seconds. Basil then felt someone dragging him up on his legs.

    A large strong man with a scar over his lip starred at Basil with a despised expression. Behind the man stood a young and long woman with very long blonde hair. She wore some kind of knight armour with what appeared to be long strings or similar that hanged from her armour. In her hand she held Basil’s sword. “Her handren ost uravan” she said to the man who seemed who agreed. ”Dun” said the man as he took up Basil on his shoulder and they walked out of the room.

    "What is going on! Where are you taking me? I have a right to ask for liberation by ransom”

    The two did not listen or they did not understand him as they continued out of the room and further out of the building. The man and the woman continued to speak to each other in their eastern Dormanian. They came out onto some kind of training ground beside a barrack of some sort. There were Dormanian soldiers walking around in formations, some starred at Basil while some other kept to their own business. The man shouted towards the stable for someone and after a short while, a soldier came out with a large brown horse. The horse had two large bags, a shield and a lance attached to it. The man put down Basil on his feet. The soldier then took the rope around Basil’s arms and connected it to the horse’s saddle. The man then gave a small coin pouch to the woman and they shook hands.

    The woman then walked over to the horse, attached the sword to the saddle and mounted the horse. On top of the horse, she gave a “bye” sign to the man before she looked at Basil with a down-looking smile. Basil tried to somehow unwrap his hands but they were wrapped tight. He did not know if he was angry or afraid as the woman ordered the horse to begin walking. Even though the horse did not move much faster than walking speed the dragging force from the rope was painful and almost brought Basil out of balance. Basil had to move slightly faster to avoid having the rope stretched.

    They walked out onto the streets of Sagun where people stopped and watched them. A few watched Basil with joy but even more of them looked like they felt pity for him, or the fact that Sagun felt to Stelladoran control. Basil watched over towards the tavern where he had met Ari. He noticed someone looking at them from the mirror but mover aside as Basil looked there. At one point, someone ran in and tried to cut the rope and free Basil but the man was stopped and brought to the ground by some nearby soldiers before he could cut nearly enough. The remaining path out of Sagun was so troublesome that the Stelladoran soldiers had to remain around them for the last part of the path. As they left Sagun behind them the woman turned around towards basil, said something and laughed. Basil felt to fear anymore, he felt only anger. He began to think, to plan. If this woman was the only one that would take him to wherever they were headed, then he could most likely get an opportunity to get free.

    Easier said than done. They moved north for multiple hours. Basil had been shouting and begging for them to stop and take a rest for a long time by now as his legs could barely carry him any longer. The woman seemed to take pleasure in Basil’s struggle and only stopped when Basil was about to fall and hinder their progress significantly. Basil was so tired that he fell down onto his knees as soon as they stopped. His hurt like rarely before. The woman took out a small rope and wrapped Basil’s feet. Basil withdrew his feet so the woman kicked Basil in the stomach. She then went and made up a fire where she sat down and prepared food for herself. She also feed the horse but she gave nothing to Basil.

    The morning thereafter Basil woke up by the woman unwrapping his feet and forcing him up on his legs. And so they continued north towards Dijesker which took a couple of days. During those days, the woman only gave food to Basil a few times to keep him on his feet. She spoke to Basil sometimes with an angry and blaming voice. Other times she enjoyed his pain. Basil continued to find an opportunity to flee but the woman kept him tired all the time and she even kept an eye on him when he had to do his natural business, something that was incredibly difficult with his hands wrapped.
    In Dijesker they stopped for the night. The woman left Basil in a cell at the barracks while she went out with his sword. Basil expected her to try to sell it or trade it in somehow. The morning after the woman, pissed off, returned to get Basil and they went to the horse. Basil sighted with relief when he saw that the sword was back in the bag when the woman opened it quickly to take something. They then continued out of Lalden and east into the vast Dormania.

    For weeks, the woman continued to treat Basil like dirt and keep in underfed to keep his energy low. She did however speak to Basil in an angry blaming voice less and less as the days went by and before long she only did it on rare occasions. She began to kick him less often and not as hard. She even seemed to begin take notice when Basil spoke or shouted something, even if it was just a turn of her head or something equally insignificant. They even began to move slightly slower and take rest a little earlier.

    Then one cold evening when they stopped, the woman did not tie Basil’s legs. Instead after she had made up the fire she disconnected the rope from the horse and took Basil to the fire. Basil who was really cold and tired felt a slight comfort for the first time in a month. He looked at the woman who sat down at the fire opposite to him. Basil realised that he had never gotten a good look at her and now that he looked at her he realized that she was a little quite, beautiful actually. She had a necklace with what appeared to be dragon teeth around her neck. She began to grill two pieces of meat. “Basil”. She looked up at him. “Basil” He said again while keeping his hands towards his chest. She gave a small slight smile and put one hand on her breast. ”Zenaida”

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