Secret Project (Codename: PKM)

Well, first big thing of 2019 is done! Though, it's not a Magic set like normal. This time, I'm going back to my roots as far as custom cads go. A select few of you may know that my earliest custom cards were actually Pokemon TCG cards. I left the Pokemon TCG a few years ago, but as I've gotten further and further into custom set design, I decided I needed to try designing another game I was familiar with for fun. Thus, I present my new custom set: Daybreak!

Daybreak is a custom Pokemon TCG set designed as a sort of "Neo XY Era" sort of set, featuring Pokemon from all seven generations, but using, for convenience, formatting, and familiarity sake, the XY card template and mechanics. The focus of the set is on draft, something that when I left the Pokemon TCG was only done at prerelease. (Pokemon drafts are actually what introduced me to limited in general.) This set is meant to change that, making cards based around defined draft archetypes and with balance in terms of type in mind.
-Is a larger-than-average set by Pokemon Standards
-Has 158 cards (43 commons, 53 uncommons, 52 rares, 10 ultra rares)
-Packs in this set, rather than being 10 cards, are now 15 cards (with no MSRP change). Each pack will have 9 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 reverse holo (of any rarity rare or lower), and 1 rare or higher
Points of Interest:
-Focus on draft and sealed rather than just standard
-Melmetal gets its first ever printing as a Pokemon TCG card

Not much more to say on this one. As far as big projects go, this one is pretty small. Still for the subset of you all who would like to see Daybreak, please check it out here!

Feedback, positive or critical, would be greatly appreciated. Also, it would be great if you could help me to catch any spelling or wording errors in the cards. Just let me know in the comments!

Thanks for checking this out!


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