Tournament of Champions 2 Rematch (The game has begun)



  • @Bowler218

    N o w, She's an emo fire person!
  • What's that supposed to mean?
  • @Bowler218

    Her character has black in it now.
    Here’s my new contender. Sorry there is no artwork, my phone is weird with that, and there is no signature.
  • @baryonyx69 - I can accept it only if it has some kind of an artwork, otherwise I won't count it as a proper card. Also, remember to add the legendary border for your creature (it has a crown-like decoration around the card's name) and press ENTER right between the "block this", so the word "this" won't go over the card's border.

    @Everyone - Looking good so far. If you post a new champion, remember to write something about him/her/it, just like @Jonteman93 & @Bowler218 has. But if your champion is from the previous thread, then you don't have to write anything unless you want to.

    There are 12 champions at the moment. If you want to, we can start the game one week faster on 30th of January. This is going to be a 16 champions' tournament if we would only get 4 more champions. If not, we can do 8 champions' tournament, too. There's no need to wait an extra week if we get 16 champions within one week, right?

    Also, I will favorite each (acceptable) champion and signature card which you post here.
  • then i will make some signature cards!
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    @kandra127 - Remember that your champion can only have one signature card in each match (during the first two rounds of this tournament), but you can switch them before their match starts at anytime.
  • Hello people! I am new to this whole competition thing on cardsmith, so I was wondering if it were possible for me to try my hand at this particular contest? Because I was not a previous contender, am I allowed to enter?
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    @TenebrisNemo Whatever is easier for you works for me. Thanks! Also is it okay if Tai doesn’t have a legendary border, or does it need one?
  • @Beastakles
    Definatly! Just make a legendary creature with a casting cost of 3 or less. Add some story, a non-creature card to show more of their personality, and tell @TenebrisNemo that you've joined!
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    @Beastakles Yes, you can enter. Previous competitors that won in the previous discussion gain a free entry into the tournament.
  • @pakashra

    “Sylva c’mon!”

    “What Tai?”

    “I have a surprise!”

    Tai opened her tiny palm. Inside was a red glowing device in the shape of a pyramid.

    “What’s that?”

    Tai responded, “Touch the device, you’ll see.”

    A red light flashed. Seconds later, they were back at the Tournament city.
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    New, updated version of the one, the only, Cannicada! (Again, I apologize for the artwork. My phone doesn’t format it right for some reason)
  • @baryonyx69
    When I have art issues when creating cards on my phone, I clear my cookies each time I go to make a card. Means I have to log in again, but it seems to work for me. (iphone 5s)
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    Added a story to Drellen. Also, here's my signature card:
  • @TenebrisNemo I support the 30th as deadline if we have reached the desired 16 contenders by then. I believe that those old champs that are already involved in the tournament and want to join will have joined by then. Also since the old champs does not require any re-designs the smiths can almost just say "Hi, I'm in again" and they are in.
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    We have 18 contenders
  • @TenebrisNemo Hello, I am here to enter my creature into the contest. Thank you for having me. Allow me to introduce Otila, Courier of Cupra Läs.

    Otila was a messenger of the Gypsy queen Nemara, a highly effective agent at convincing underlings and officials alike to submit to the queen's wishes. Unfortunately, after years of employment, Nemara came to see Otila as too effective a negotiator, perhaps talented enough to organize a coup against her. So on her final assignment - unbeknownst to Otila - the queen sent her to this city to deliver a message for the governing powers. What was transcribed in that letter, Otila may never know. All she discovers is that, suddenly, she is escorted to an armory and ordered to outfit herself in whatever weapons and armor she pleases. She finds she cannot leave, as she has been drafted into a gladiatorial competition and forced to fight for her life. Shocked, frightened, but maintaining composure as is fitting for a negotiator, Otila grabs the nearest dagger and is escorted to the iron portcullis of the arena.
  • Otila's signature card.

    A few gypsies in Bura Sam, mostly of the Twilight Nation, have the capacity to summon raven familiars to spy on local officials and gather any information they could use to their advantage. Sometimes, as in the case of this card, the familiars can act as a means of defense or distraction, helping the sly gypsies avoid unnecessary conflict.
  • @shadow123 - You don't need to remake/edit your champion just so it would have the legendary border. As long as the card itself is a proper legendary creature, you're good.

    @baryonyx69 - The image of your champion is quite blurry. Could you re-create it on a computer? It would be easier to format the artwork on it. Also, would I get an actual link to your card?

    @Beastakles - Hello, and thank you for your champion and her signature card! New players are allowed to post their entries until 30th of January, and once the deadline arrives, a knockout competition occurs, where the best champions will be chosen to compete in the tournament. Those who played and won in the previous thread simply get a free pass from the knockout competition, but others still have a chance to get into the game.
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    Salian had sworn to protect them. Unfortunately, that meant winning the tournament and killing several innocents. what could he do? he had to, or they would be destroyed...
  • the other versions of Salian are on the same art. i'll show you of i make it that far.
  • @TenebrisNemo posting Koorir tomorrow along with his support card
  • @TenebrisNemo where'd you get the art for Tiamat? It looks pretty good.
  • @KorandAngels - There seems to be no links to your cards with your entries. Could you post them?

    Methinks Salian and his signature card could be a bit stronger and/or have some flavor text in them. Also, I really would appreciate it if you use different artworks in each stage of your champion. Each victory makes him/her/it stronger, wiser (maybe), and more experienced, so it would be nice to see it in the champion's appearance as well. And by the way; remember to capitalize the first letter of each card's subtype.

    @DoctorFro - Great!

    @Bowler218 - From the artist kiyocat-illust's website. Here's the link to their gallery if you're interested:
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    The old hag walk along the forest, picking mushrooms and berries and herbs for her potions, while humming "Memory". She goes over it all once again. You have to repeat things over and over at this age to remember anything, even your own thoughts. Your dreams. Your memories. She was a member of Abzan, the highest ranks... Oh, how powerful she was. She charmed all the soldier men, because she was forever young. Or so she thought at the time. She kept herself forever a warlock maiden by method of the Eversong. Now, how did the eversong go? Ah yes, it was something like this:

    What happened? She was cursed. Not a curse of dark, a curse of pure light. All the more terrible it was. Why? She commited a terrible crime. What crime was that? No memories. That is forgot. She didn't repeat it to herself enough times. She was stripped of said light, she was no longer a maiden angel. She forgot how to sing the eversong. Oh, it required special vocals. She remembered the tune, she could even sing it like a normal song, but it lost its power. And it was never as magestic again. Without the eversong, she began to age. Soon, she was an old hag, useless to the Abzan. And so she was banished to here. To live in these rotten woods, draining the life force of common folk foolish enough to venture there.

    She made another song of course. One with a thousand times less power, but it still keeps her alive. Barely. This is the song she sings as she boogies through the woods. To others, it is noise most foul. To her, it is the dream that keeps her alive. Gives her a sliver of a chance to regain her beauty:

    Now she hears of this contest. And she knows. If she wins, this will be her destiny. It shall grow her, and she will take back what once was hers. Her youth. Her power.

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    Since she was just a toddler, Wula was recognised as a very talented magician. The speed she could learn difficult sorceries was the talk of the town among sorcerers.
    Wula was hardly ten years old when she got the honor of having an invitation to join the renowned Institute of Arcane Study, invitation whom her parents proudly accepted on her behalf.
    Since Wula joined under the wing of Arcadiusz, also known as Prodigal Sorcerer, she become the star child of the Institute and the great hope of the wizard society. They even enrol her for the famous Tournament of Champions as representing of the Institute of Arcane Study which would take place several years later. At this growth speed, what could be wrong?

    It was when Wula enter in her teen years when she started interesting in another futil themes like fashion, pets, boys and celebrities and started neglecting her magic studies. When even Arcadiusz was about to throw in the towel, one day, by chance, he mentioned to her about the Hydromancy, which got her interest again. Since then, Arcadiusz is fighting to beat the clock and prepare Wula for the tournament. The most difficult part is convincing her water can be as interesting as popular boys.

    Signature Card

  • @kandra127 I would make that "nontoken Aetherborn or artifact creature" or else Okar becomes a powerful engine. Also a 1/1 token is more reasonable. You gotta consider the energy decks.
    @Bowler218 Delian with his sword are swinging for 14 on turn 4. Seems like a little much.
    Looking forward to seeing some more cool designs!
  • @HeroKP - Should Bab Yagara's 2nd ability also read "until end of turn"? Also, would you provide a link to your card with your entry?
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