Tournament of Champions 2 Rematch (The game has begun)



  • Last day to enter new champions. In 23 hours, the knockout competition will begin.
  • 4 AM? Wow.
  • @Bowler218 - It'll be midnight where I live when it begins.
  • Oh...Ouch.
  • I would like to remind people the same as in tournament 1 and the original 2.
    please do not spam comments or post comments that have nothing to them. (filler comments).
    Such as comments like "Ok.", "Haha, lol", etc.

    Only comment if you want to provide some information, give insight, decide something, change something etc.
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    Reaction comments should only be made if they are actual reactions.

    We would like to avoid comment threads of tens of pages with nothing important or fun on them when searching back for essential information.

    Also avoid comment chains when you post comments to complement comments you just made. There is an edit tool for those purposes.
  • @DoctorFro are you going to enter?
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    Until I change his border and any word fixes I need to make...
    Mainly the border
  • @DoctorFro But…why no legendary frame?

    Aside from that, Koorir is actually an incredibly powerful card. He is hard to block (menace), is hard to kill (4 toughness), protects you (vigilance), ramps you, and provides card advantage and card selection…all for three mana! Compare it to Militia Bugler, which is a pretty good card. Its ETB ability is a strictly worse version of Koorir's combat damage trigger. Plus it has one less toughness and no menace.

    Battle for the Pass, on the other hand, is pretty weak. First, saucing a land is a significant drawback. You have to cast removal to trigger the double strike, and giving one creature trample is not very powerful. If you keep the text the same Battle for the Pass is worth maybe one or two mana.

    Just some things to consider. Koorir is a cool character and a cool card, and I don't want power to get in the way of that. Happy 'smithing mate!
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    Yea ik I need to fix some things just I don’t have time so I thought I would get the entry in now
  • @ShaperKyon I made an edit to his design to give me room to grow path wise because I was thinking about turning into a red-green shaman durid or a brute character depends on how I feel
  • The tournament is now closed for the knockout competition! Expect results within the next 24 hours!
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    nonexistent comment. please ignore it exists. sorry that it does exist.
  • Let it begin
  • okar readies their aether reserves
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    looks for seafood
  • @shadow123 @kandra127 @KorandAngels @Bowler218 @notmyprimespeaker @AxNoodle Please read @Jonteman93 's post above.
    @TenebrisNemo A surprisingly low turnout. I kinda feel bad for all those contenders who gave up.
  • @ShaperKyon Ah, didn’t see that there. I shall be more considerate in the future.
  • Oops, sorry. I won't do it again.
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    woops... backs away slowly...
    (Yes, i know this comment is kind of breaking the rule :/)
  • Sorry. I won’t say “yay!” anymore.
  • A New Beginning


    A cuckoo clock's doors opened and a mechanical, wooden bird called ten times within the tavern's dining hall before it went back inside the device and closed the tiny doors. The sun had already descended behind the horizon, and the town of Eternstor bathed in the bright crescent moon's light. Most of the port town's citizens were already asleep, and almost every building was dark, save for a few, certain ones near the town's main gates. Nineteen contenders were spending their evening within the tavern of contenders's dining hall, which was dimly lit with countless candles. Though the group was rather large and diverse, the were patiently waiting. The only sound which came from the hall was the clock's ticking. The tournament was opened for contenders a week ago, and now had finally come the hour when they would know who will enter it.


    Few minutes after the clock's song, the tavern's large door opened and two people stepped inside. The contenders immediately noticed the male human in a dusky plate armor, which was solemnly decorated with white and red scarves. The tall man had a short, brown hair and he had a sheathed two-handed greatsword. The other person was a male merfolk with large fins on certain parts of his body, and he was only wearing seemingly old, yet well-made robes. The human, who appeared to be a knight, cleared his throat and raised his hands towards the nineteen contenders.

    "Greetings, contenders! I am Sir Killian Flainor, and this is master Eetu. As some of you might already know, we're only two of the many people, who host this seventeenth Tournament of Champions!! We thank you for traveling all the way to this port town to register into this event, but the tournament has only room for sixteen of you."

    image image

    Sir Killian turned his head and reached his left hand towards Eetu. The merfolk handed him a parchment with a list of names and a peculiar signet at the bottom with a winged sword surrounded by a circle. The knight glanced at the list, then he looked at six certain contenders.

    "Here are the following contestants, who won in the matches held here in Eternstor, and have returned after a certain incident, which happened thirteen days ago; Gyar, Sylva, Pele, Kift, Tai, and Koorir! Since the six of you have come here to keep on fighting in the tournament, none of you will be replaced by a new fighter!"

    Eetu gave an envelope to Gyar's handler, Sylva, Pele, Kift, Tai, and Koorir. Each envelope had a name of the contestant who received it, and a signet with the same symbol as the one on the list in the middle of it. Once they had received their letters, sir Killian turned to look at the newcomers.

    "Master Eetu had gathered information from each one of you, and with his help, our tournament judge has decided which ten of you are best suited to fight in this merciless tournament with these six other contestants. Sadly, that means three of you will not come with us to the tournament city. Without further ado, here are the sixteen contestants, who will fight in the Seventeenth Tournament of Champions!"

    Whenever sir Killian said the name of one of the ten contenders who have been selected to compete in the tournament, he/she/it received the same kind of envelope as the other six contenders from master Eetu...

    Contestants who will fight in the tournament!

    Bab Yagara, Ancient Witch - @HeroKP
    Braekun, Valeri's Challenger - @Jonteman93
    Dostran, Born of the Aether - @AxNoodle
    Drellen, the Blight - @notmyprimespeaker
    Gorak, Friendly Titan - @KJMartin
    Gyar, Consuming Hatchling - @Lujikul
    Kift, Deceptive Flame - @Faiths_Guide
    Koorir, Chief of the Pass - @DoctorFro
    Okar of the Aether Cycle - @kandra127
    Onara of the Endless Vigil - @ASubtleGhost
    Otila, Courier of Cupra Läs - @Beastakles
    Pele, Shadowed Flameweaver - @pjbear2005
    Rin Yuu, the Nightshade - @sanjaya666
    Sylva, Airship Repairer - @pakashara
    Tai, Midnight Trickster - @shadow123
    Wula, Teen Wizard - @Derfaulehelmut

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    Wow, now I'm really regretting forgetting to give Drellen the legendary frame (or even the dual one, but I didn't know those existed). They look so good!
  • It's not fun to shut people away from the game, but there could only be a certain number of contestants in the tournament, so it had to be done. The sixteen contestants have been chosen, and each one of them opens an envelope which contains this letter;

    "Congratulations, one of the chosen ones!

    You are now officially a contestant of the 17th Tournament of Champions! On tomorrow morning you will sail with the tournament ship from Eternstor to the Great Blue Sea, where you will travel through a gateway to the plane of Avelaide. Once there, the ship will sail through the Blue Forest's rivers, then arrive to the village of Caerul Vicun. From there on, you will travel by land to the city of Legorna, where the 16 of you shall become 4. More information will be given at arrival."
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