Face Down **Circuit Challenge**



  • After some great @ningyounk feedback, I went back to another approach for Deepmind Theft.
  • Thanks for your entries everyone!

    Sorry, your Tronor, Ghastly Recruiter and Wren's Run Curse don't count. You need to send cards to exile face down, not to the battlefield.
    And about your Thought Sacrifice; that text is very confusing because X appears multiple times, and X indicates two different value. If you cast a spell with mana cost {x}{r} for {4}{r}, it's converted mana cost counts as 5 when it is on the stack. So that card's wording can be simpler. Also, that card doesn't say you can look at cards in a face-down pile nor shuffle that pile. Then why not just put the top card of your library into your hand..?

    You need to reveal cards you searched with Ambush Tactics to show opponents that those are creature cards. And after you revealed them and exiled them face down, you need to shuffle the face down pile so that opponents can't keep track. Also you need to shuffle your library too.

    You need to reveal creature cards you exile with Rhizogenic Path from your hand to opponents. Otherwise you can lie to your opponents and exile instant cards face down, and ingrain them. Also, that card immediately puts the face-down cards you exiled to the battlefield face down. Then maybe you don't need to exile them from the first place..?
    And your Playful Nakika doesn't count because it doesn't exile cards face down. Sorry! Also if you want ingrain to be an action keyword, that ability should say "{g/u}: Ingrain Playful Nakika from your hand."

    Conceal ability is worded as a static ability, so it doesn't use stack. That means "Whenever Opulent Bladedancer's conceal ability RESOLVES" doesn't work. It should be changed. Maybe "Whenever you turn Opulent Bladedancer face down, "
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  • Fine. Here's the fixed version (I guess).

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    Yo, wassup guys, sorry I'm late to the party, gonna post all three at once.


    Let me know what you guys think.
  • Can someone explain the face-down mechanic to me?
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  • New entry #2:

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    New entry #3:


    I came across this art and it looked like it would fit me and he looks like hes on either a dinosaur or a dragon or a beast, so thats where I got the idea to this card. Hope it works!
  • @Project1734
    Matter Collapse should say "When ~ enters the battlefield, exile all..."

    It's not a mechanic. Exiling cards face down is a thing you can do in MtG rules. You need to think about how to do that and why do you do that in this challenge!
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    I gave up on Ingrain, let's see if I'm luckier with these ones. These should be my final 3.

  • @sorinjace you just named a card after yourself I'm- lol
  • @Tomigon thanks for the notice, that completely slipped past me. I was going to change the card a bit anyways, so this is fine.

    @sorinjace excellent naming.
  • Matter Collapse fixed.
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    @ArmisJoe @Project1734 I actually use Orko from Masters of the Universe as my avatar on Disqus and most of the time on here (on the forums mainly because @Ranshi922 liked the original Orko avatar I used on the forums.) When I changed my avatar on the forums for some time, I went back to using Orko again. Ranshi told me he was glad I did that. So, Orko's kinda been my gimmick on here because of him. I mean, I was using it for the most part, but he sort of drove it home I should keep using Orko as my avatar. That said, look at the art on the card. It looks very much like a human version of Orko because of the outfit he is wearing. So that's why I named it after me. So indirectly, Ranshi sort of influenced that card's name. (Wow that took too long to explain!)
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    @sorinjace, the reason that it looks like a human Orko is because it is inspired by the dark mage from final fantasy. (What I had originally thought your Orko icon to be)
  • @Tomigon
    Thanks for the advice on the Bladedancer! Does it work if I say something like "Whenever Opulent Bladedancer is turned face down as a result of its conceal ability?" or would that be weird? I just want it to trigger only when the Bladedancer's conceal is used, cause I don't want any spells or abilities that can turn it face down to affect it as well
  • @RohanDragoon
    I've never seen "as a result of ..." in mtg. I would changed the conceal ability to action keyword or activated ability keyword so that it can use stack;

    [Cost]: Conceal Opulent Bladedancer. (Turn it face down. Turn it face up any time for its mana cost or morph cost.)
    Conceal [Cost] ([Cost]: Turn this creature face down.Turn it face up any time for its mana cost or morph cost.)

    Then the original wording of the last ability works, I think. You can also make it say "Whenever you conceal Opulent Bladedancer, ..." like Renegade Krasis:
  • Remade 1st entry. I wasn't happy with it, so I wanted to make something even more fun:

  • New third entry. Deleted old one:

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    Updated Opulent Bladedancer
    Thanks @Tomigon for the advice on how to fix it! Cheers
  • Judgement has begun, no more entries please. Thanks to all participants!
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    It's time to announce the winners!

    Honorable mentions

    HM 5
    "Contemplative Isolation" by @TheCenterOfTheUniverse
    Mind-blowing idea!

    HM 4
    "Invocation Druid" by @koover
    Good card! But maybe it's ok to put out lands as well for {x} = {0}?

    HM 3
    "Soulpact Demon" by @fiskerton
    Nice idea! Not so many people used face down cards like that. But 3 drop 6/6 flying trample is a bit too powerful. Aggro deck's cards are usually very cheap, so you don't lose so much life when this demon leaves the battlefield.

    HM 2 (+1/4 circuit point)
    "Deepmind Theft" by @Faiths_Guide
    From among three cache mechanic cards you submitted, I think this one is the most balanced.
    Making new zones and rules is a wild decision! It opens up infinite possibilities, but we are making custom cards, so why not! You and ningyounk explored the rules we don't check so often, and made the mechanic visually and grammatically easy to understand. Nice work! My only opinion is that it would be more interesting if it could send any player's cards to your cache(they go to their owners' hands of course). Because otherwise cache zone is like your 2nd hand, or the mechanic can be replaced by effects that manipulates your top. Exile is the zone all players share, so you could use that. Abilities like "choose a card from your cache and cast it ...", would become more fun.

    HM 1 (+1/4 circuit point)
    "Augur of Disputes" by @ArmisJoe
    Interacting with the exiled card's name is a very unique idea. It reminds me of Meddling Mage, except that opponents can't know what card is sealed until it's countered. So you can make them lose tempo. 0/4 is a good defender and milling the top 6 is also nice for a mill deck. Mana cost feels a bit too color weighted and the wording could be better, but I still love this card! (Check out my comment on the card's page if you're interested in my wording suggestion.)

    -3rd Place! (+1/2 circuit point)
    "Smuggling Ring" by @Animist

    I always enjoy flavorful cards that doesn't have flavor text. This card is like they are planning a secret mission. At first I thought it should be {u}{b} multicolored card, because black usually costs life when it lets you draw, but then I realized choosing a card from among face down cards is also like a small tutor effect, and black can tutor anything. So maybe hybrid is ok...! 2 mana is really cheap. I really don't want this to be printed when we can use Siren Stormtamer in standard!

    -2nd Place!! (+3/4 circuit point)
    "Curious Cryptologist" by @bnew07

    I love infuse mechanic. And this card's etb ability makes it more interesting. You can bluff having good spells to cast in your hand by exiling nothing. Or you can exile two lands so that it becomes scary for opponents to remove this creature. The mind game would be very thrilling. My only concern is the power balance. 2/5 is already a good body for a 4 drop, and it has potential two free spells. But I know that you can't simply make the toughness lower or make the cost expensive because it could make the card better. What a bomb uncommon!

    -1st Place!!! (+1 circuit point)
    "All Ears" by @TenebrisNemo

    I really don't like this kind of card. It reminds me of Counterbalance lol. But when I think about it, the first ability triggers only when an opponent casts a spell, and the exiled card might be just a land card. Even if it counters a spell, you need to give the exiled card back to their hand. So basically opponent always has a lead. But you can still break their tempo, and you can also bluff having no good face down cards until an opponent casts a very important spell. So I think this is slightly fairer and more strategic version of Counterbalance. Very interesting!


    Wow! So Dimir!

    Thanks to all participants! There were many more good entries and I really enjoyed hosting this! If you want to know my thoughts more on your card, feel free to send me PM. I'll reply when I can.

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    Congrats to ALL the Winners and HMs!!!

    Circuit Points have been awarded!!
  • Congratulations to other winners and honorable mentions as well! Thank you for this contest, @Tomigon.
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