Feed Me More! #1: Changelings

Hello Cardsmiths, I'm back! Yay!

I've decided to do a little "Curcuit Challenge" of my own. But there are major differences between my Feed Me More! Contests and the CC.
First thing is that this is a one time deal of a super contest. Where over the next 10+ weeks, I'll be putting up a weekly contest that is pure and simple. Just give me a card (or more) of what I ask for.

The judge will be me and here is how the points will be given out.

1st place: 5 points
2nd place: 3 points
3rd and one HM: 1 point.

This is my contest season... So that's how it will go. Now on to the contest.

This week it's all about CHANGELINGS.

Make me Changeling cards. That's it! They can be legendary or not. An enchantment creature or not. As long as it's a Changeling.

Since it's only a week long. UNLIMITED NEW ENTRIES FOR EVERYONE!!!!

Deadline is Midnight on June 2nd!

Happy Cardsmithing! And Good Luck!


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