Collector's Baubles - the Challange

Hey guys, back with another contest. This time we're trying to collect as many little artifacts as possible. So these are your instructions:
- Create an artifact that costs 3 or less
- No vehicles or fortifications
- No artifact creatures
- Up to three entries per person
- No jokey/Unstable cards
- Old cards are not allowed
- Submit your entries until the 19th of July, judging will probably take place a day later

If you want some inspiration on what I mean, here are some real cards:

And what do you get for your effort?
Honorable mentions get one favorite on a card of their choice, there will be up to three HMs
3rd place gets three faves and a little artifact made by me in the tone of this contest (in the form of (your_name)'s (something)
2nd place gets four faves and a little artifact themed around them
1st place gets five faves and an artifact themed around them

If you win, you win, message me with some little ideas for what your artifact should do.

I wish you all a nice day and to enjoy this and any other contests.


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