Planeswalker's Journey 2.5: The Return of the Return



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  • @Aggroman15 is there a chance for me to make a cards right now to get it? if not, that’s fine.
  • If so I also made a planeswalker for/inspired by this.
  • i think @Murkletins has got something coming along too
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  • Alright, it looks like I have some questions to respond to. Here goes.

    1) With the first round, is there an increase of cmc maximum? No, but there will be in later challenges.
    2) How many people will be eliminated in the first round? 1 to 3, depending on.
    3) Will you join the CS discord such that communication my be sought in an easier fashion? Sure!

    @ThatOneCat @Red_Tower @murkletins I let someone join late in PWJ 2, and it is only the first challenge so you it's not like you would have to catch up on earlier challenges or start at a disadvantage, so it's perfectly fine for you to join.

    Also, @murkletins on your Planeswalker card, for the final ability, what do "nurture" and "companion" mean? I've just never seen those terms before, and to properly judge the card, I need to know what it does.
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    My Entry, For Nai, An artificer from Kaladesh who is a lone wolf, and right before he was able to put his prized creation before the consul, he was whisked through time and space, to where we are now.

    His Uncommon:

    And Two Commons:
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    Thank you for the gracious late-comer allowance. Allow me to swiftly introduce Redrewt.
    He care about the little guy! Quick, stabby, stealthy, and thieving, little guys.
    1st two support cards:

    And my card for the first challenge is getting the gang together to find out what's going on.
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    Nai and his crew have already bunkered down, and they’re beginning to take things apart and put them back together differently to figure out where they are.

    It’s only been a few hours, and already Nai has built his first creation, a construct which he made of a tree and some spare parts from a defunct Spear Construct.
  • All cards for my Planeswalker's group are viewable here.

    This includes the ones for the current challenge.
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    Mayora open her bag and grab a torch. The night probably coming soon and she has to exploring a little bit before get some rest.

    Card of the week:


    But at least Mayora is near to streams of magma, and the torch wasn't necessary. She look a little bit, then go to the bottom of the supposed Volcano to see more than magma.

  • *STORY*

    As Bagej and a few dozens of his most loyal cultists spun through space and time, they lost most of their memories. They did, however, remember one thing. The cultists' only purpose is to power up Bagej enough to get them out of this mess. Their original plan was self-sacrifice, but they heard Bagej's voice tell them that wouldn't be nearly enough for him to get back. Instead the deity instructed them to look for a power source.


    After charting the grounds around them, the cultists began to use dark magic to draw energy from the marshland. It wouldn't be enough to end this just yet, but it would support and grow Bagej's power for now.

    With his powers coming back piece by piece, Bagej morphed some of his cultists into a form more... suitable for exploring the bog using mud, water, and magic juice.

  • @Aggroman15
    May myself change one of my entries still? Myself was away today and couldn't edit.
  • @murkletins Yes you can! You can change your original three any time, and you can change your challenge cards any time before the end of the challenge.
  • M-P wanders the valleys of Clawgrank, searching for answers of their past.

  • @Aggroman15 Assuming that we're using the same (or a similar) point system that was used for the second journey, did we earn points for the opening cards?
  • @MemoryHead Yes, you did.
  • @Aggroman15
    May myself ask you a couple questions about PJW? If so, here are my questions so far.

    1) When are challenges posted and judged? I keep forgetting this, so sorry if it's obvious.

    2) May myself post just for fun cards in the challenge on the side, then maybe use them as entries later on if they fit?
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    A person clad from head to toe in metallic armor was walking underneath the foliage of trees within a forest, albeit somewhat limply. Although it also couldn't be said whether a living being was inside the walking armor or not.

    Then the person fell to its knees and clutched its head with its right palm.

    'Y͟o̕u̴ ̴thin̡k̸ y̢o͝u̧ can es̛c͘a̛pe f̕rom ͏t̢hi̷ś, ̵l͟i̶ttle ̵m͡o͠use.͏..'

    An ominous voice could be heard around the person, then the said entity just stood up again with visibly pained movements.

    'I remember... I remember this accursed plane...

    At that point, the armored being could only innerly frowned in a hateful malice towards the entity that denied it the freedom, again.

    But the said person just tried it. Namely the planeswalking.

    And just as usual, the said person just pulled back by a series of golden strings from an unknown enchantment that thrown it back to the place before.

    In addition, a vision of an enormous golden reptilian eye also appeared in its thoughts, and it clutched back its head again.

    'It seems that the Snake couldn't claim my spark... yet...'

    It had no idea why the Snake didn't claim its spark despite the said person was also there before during the great calamity that caused the loss of countless planeswalkers that also trapped in that plane before.

    Was it doomed to repeat the process over and over again? Was it a sort of punishment for defying the Spark Devourer?

    But the armored person only clenched its metallic fists and silently moved on.

    'I'll find my way out, no matter what it takes.'
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    (My card:


    Free slot: 1 common.)
  • Afraid I have to drop out of this guys. I'm going to have rough access to the internet this month and I just can't keep up. Sorry.
  • No worries, it sucks that you'll not have convenient internet access though.
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    Scouts are sent out to map the surrounding with clear orders. Either they come back with results, or they shouldn't come back at all. Backing out is not an option.

  • If it isn't too late...
  • @DrakeGladis
    Better hurry since judging the first challenge happens tomorrow.
  • Obviously his Niche is tokens/counters. He wants a large army, and fast. He is out to protect the wild from both those who would slay it and those who would tame it.
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