Hello! I'm building a cube made of 100% custom designed cards and I need YOUR help! I need roughly 3-400 cards to use in the cube, and I don't want to design it alone. So please submit cards of any shape or size that you think would be good in Commander HERE!

Cube breakdown:

100-ish Legendary creatures/planeswalkers/anything that can be your commander (that's a lot right? I know!!! :)
40-ish lands (fetches, duals, shocks - use your imagination) that produce or otherwise facilitate 2 or more colours
100-ish other creatures
20 - 30 ramp spells (Not all green please! Mana rocks/dorks welcome.)
20-30 board wipes/wraths
30-ish spot removal
The rest could be anything!

Rules (of course there are rules :D):

1. Try not to be goofy. I know it's temping to name your card Bob the Magnificent and have a keyword ability called exfoliate, but if you do that your card will not make it into the cube.
2. Please, please, please pay attention to your wording and spelling etc. I have really high standards and I'd hate to omit somebody's card just because of a minor mistake.
3. Make fun cards! Nothing overly broken, undercosted, out of colour pie (too much), really specific (e.g. Blue snake creatures you control get +1/+1 etc), or generally not fun, like stax cards.


If your card makes the cut, I'll favourite it! Simple as that.

I look forward to seeing your creations! Happy smithing!

See how the set is doing:


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