A Knight's Charge (Participants = Premium Prizes)



  • I’m just putting some thoughts here:

    Gothmog - If balance was weighted more, this wouldn’t have done well. This allows you to easily destroy creatures and create tokens. At the same time, it is a 5/4 with menace as well.

    Dread Knight - Token creation, damage, and prowess? I think this is still fine, but Sorinjace’s card seemed more flavorful and balanced.

    Amelie - This knight already has an above average body, vigilance, and outlast where you can pay 1 mana or 2 life. In addition to that, she easily self enables her last ability, which allows you to gain back all the life you paid to put counters in her.

    Sorry if this sounds rude. I don’t mean for this to sound that way.
  • @caulkwrangler @tookie1
    You're all welcome to make comments and propose suggestions/changes. Just be sure not to make an over-the-top argumentative case for yourselves.
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    @Faiths_Guide Be so kind to point out where I did such a thing?

    EDIT: And to be clear, you are a moderator?
  • @tookie1
    you do have a point about Gothmog there was supposed to be a tap the destroy target creature with power X ability... must've forgotten
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    Here's my signature spell.
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  • @ArchieTaylor
    only the preliminary round winners have to make a signature spell...
  • Here's my signature spell.

  • I had fun with this challenge! Thank you for the challenge, and good luck to everyone that advanced to the next round. :) Thank you for the compliments on my Knight as well. (I accept constructive criticism so if you have any suggestions feel free to share. I edit my cards to make them the best they possibly can be when I can.)
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    This was a little surprising, but I still had fun with this! @spookoops could you give me feedback on my four cards please?
  • @shadow123 in full disclosure, your battle with @RayearthIX, was the closest of the challenge. We found nothing wrong with your cards, nor did the algorithm. When it came down to the nitty gritty, it was 53% to 47%.
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    Here's my signature spell.
    *updated with better formatting*
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    @Tookie1 - I find it interesting that you think Amelie is OP given that the last contest she was in, the judge felt she was UP and not worth the casting cost. That is how opinions work, I suppose.

    @Spookoops - glad to get a win. here is her signature spell. Didn't have space for flavor text, alas, but it was going to be "Power demands a sacrifice. The greater the power, the greater the sacrifice." That shows because of the last effect of the card, which completely negates the effect the card has the turn you play it if you go all in with it, unless you kick it 7 or more times effectively.

  • @RayearthIX Nice card. Hope I don't go up against it.
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    Edit: fixed, changed to comply with the CMC restriction, adjusted power to match (I hope lol). opted to drop the Provoke reminder text as a Rare to fit everything
  • @Revan I tried a different format for your Elder Knowledge spell:

    (You may cast a legendary sorcery only if you control
    a legendary creature or planeswalker.)

    Choose X modes. You may choose the same
    mode more than once.
    {bull} Draw a card and lose 1 life.
    {bull} Return a creature from a graveyard to the
    [tab][tab]battlefield under your control, then lose life
    [tab][tab]equal to its toughness.
    {bull} Invoke the Elder Knowledge deals 2 damage to
    [tab][tab]any target.

    It runs a bit tighter (no space between the legendary reminder text and the next line), but it gets those nice modal spell bullets in (with 2x tabs copy/pasted from notepad to line up the text, indicated by [tab])

    It definitely works as-is, but I wanted to offer up an alternate for your perusal in case you wanted to give it the more modern modal bullet treatment :)
  • @Shadaar Thanks man, might do that.
  • Why did I get 0?
  • @KorandAngels
    @spookoops said this:
    As for the actual judging, it is stated in the initial write-up that I use an algorithm that judges a card, or series, against another card, or series. Essentially, program builds a deck, in this case Brawl, around the entered cards, and they go into head to head matches. I went for a first to three in this scenario.
  • @KorandAngels
    It means that you lost 3-0.
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    Darius' signature spell, I can remake it if the CMC isn't correct. (I'm under the impression that X counts as whatever is chosen for it upon casting.)

    EDIT: I understand that X counts as 0 for CMC in the stack, but I kinda built this card as multi-use, as I plan on printing these out later to test in a real battle situation with my friends. Therefore, I always try to make my cards balanced, and wasn't trying to use it as a "cheat" or a "cop-out." If anyone truly feels that it needs to be changed, then I will do so. I guess, for the sake of this challenge, X should be counted as 1 since that is the only meaningful value that fits within the guidelines of this contest. After all, I want it to be as fair as possible for everyone involved.
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  • craaaaaap, I totally spaced on the CMC requirement. @spookoops I assume alternate costs don't count (since that's not CMC) so I will fix that tomorrow >.<
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    @Sir_Draxinn, X technically equals 0 for cmc. It works for this challenge, but others might see it as a cop-out.

    @Shadaar, alt costs does not work around the required cmc. You've all got two more days to make any changes.

    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos, Two more days for entry, after that, you will have forfeited your battle.
  • @Temurzoa Are Enhancements and Reductions actual game grammar?
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