Who Are You?

I was just curious what some of you guys/girls' lives are like irl. ie: What jobs you may have, what you like to do, etc. After all, a community seems to be better when everyone knows each other.

I'll share...
I'm a guy and I'm still pretty young, only being 16. I'm turning 17 this summer. I'm still in 11th grade, and, I don't really have a job, but I mow lawns in the summer and get paid pretty well for it. I don't really play any sports, unlike my brother (he does lacrosse) but I like strategy games like chess. I also did music, but not much anymore. I started off with a bass clarinet, then did trombone, but I have half-dropped it, as I no longer take any music classes. When I'm at school, I always tell bad puns whenever the opportunity comes up. I basically just be silly all the time. Just the other day, my Aerospace class was near silent, as we were taking a test. Next to me, two people were talking kind of loud. It was obvious that the whole class could hear them, but nobody did anything so I, casually, in my naturally kind-of loud voice, said "You guys should stop talking." Most of the class laughed, but my best friends just shook their heads. (That's what friends are for tho, you know?)
So yeh. That's me.


  • Well, I suppose I can share.

    I'll be 22 April 5th, 2016. I'm the eldest of 5 siblings so I spend quite a bit of time doing family activities with them and my parents/grandparents/cousins (board/card games being a big part of that).

    My job is a Civil Engineer, I'm based out of Cali, been full-time since January 2013. I'm studying to get licenses both for Civil Engineering and Land Surveying (the two parts of our family business) while circumventing a 4 year degree scenario. Going well so far, I've got one portion of the Land Surveying testing passed and I'm eligible for the first portion of the Civil testing (wish me luck!). The Land Surveying is a 4-year cycle for licensing and the Civil Engineering is a 6-year but I can get there with work experience versus college, so, ya, good stuff there.

    You mentioned music so here goes: I play trumpet, trombone, tuba, barry (bass) sax, and a little piano among a smattering of other instruments. I've been involved in almost every form of performance in almost every form of group. Don't do much outside of coaching at a youth orchestra lately but still got it :) My whole family sings together and has performed in many venues quite a number of times. They all (including local cousins) play instruments as well so ya, we're a musical clan.

    I played tennis for a while, it's been a long time since I played regularly, but I got pretty good, at least so my coaches told me, and I had a blast. Played in a few tournaments and just had a good time all around.

    I like to write, draw, paint digitally, and read.

    That's my brief life summary.

    Who's next?
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    I can chip in as well

    I'm in my 20's, oldest of two siblings (Can't quite match Faiths_Guide on that one!) and I'm from Denmark.

    I do interpreting/translating work for a living, mostly working with translating subtitles from english/german into Danish on various documentaries right now, though I have spent some time as a live interpreter at business meetings and such.

    I dabble in music now and then and spent a few semesters on musical studies a few years back.
    In addition to that, I love music and I go to a lot of domestic concerts whenever I get the chance (Which is rare, because my kind of bands don't visit Denmark much!), and I spend very few quiet moments in my life because I bring my music everywhere. My all-time favourite bands are Dream Theater, Amorphis and Kamelot. The day Amorphis comes to a venue near me will be the day I throw all my money at a nearby ticket vendor :p

    Most of my free time is wasted away watching any good or bad Sci-fi show I can get my hands on, reading fantasy books of all kinds and, of course, yelling at you idiots on this site (/s) and arranging contests that don't get enough entries ;)

    I played Football (No, it's not called Soccer) for 9 years until I had to quit to go to boarding school for a year.

    My favourite pastime is doing absolutely nothing at all as often as I can.

    My hope is that one day this chat system will stop telling me to remove "U" from favourite =)
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    In my 20's, eldest of five siblings.
    Currently working as a behavioral consultant for a small nonprofit company in New England.
    Free time is spent hanging with my dogs (Link, and Zelda), watching movies, playing video games, reading (nonfiction, mostly), practicing brazilian jiu jitsu.
  • I do upper-level IT and am anal about card formatting, wording and balance. Pretty standard internet person.
  • Link and Zelda :D

  • I am a 13 year old boy from NYC, oldest of 3 siblings, (two younger sisters = hell!), I have an unhealthy obsession with MTG, I am in 7th grade..... and that's it!
  • I'm 26, a resident of Oklahoma, and married for almost 5 years. I learned to play Magic about a week before Theros came out and now I'm trapped forever, as they say. As I learned more about complicated rules interactions (and how to break them) I discovered this site and fell in love with the creation process.

    I lead music at a church so all this music talk is right up my alley! I'm a trumpet player by trade but I did an education track in my undergraduate studies so I had to learn to play most instruments to a basic degree of proficiency. My Master's degree is in performance, but I get to direct choir, orchestra and handbells as well as perform with local groups from time to time.

    My other hobbies include board/video games, reading, writing, marine biology and the occasional visual art pursuit.

    I like mint chocolate chip ice cream.
  • @DomriKade

    What is it with americans and "mint" in icecream? Heathens.
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    Ya, I perform quite often at church functions as well (my own as well as friends churches). Used to be more often then of late. Always enjoy those activities.

    Trumpet is my main as well! *thumbsup* My younger brother (one of 3) runs 3 (or more) gradeschool bands and teaches private lessons (I also did for a while). In other words I've had lots of exposure.

    P.S. I personally am more of a Vanilla or Coffee ice cream guy :D (that way I can put lots of toppings on it).

    (Aren't parenthetical phrases awesome/terrible?)
  • I'm the oldest of three girls in my family, and currently live in Japan but I was born in California. I started playing magic when my boyfriend reintroduced me to it right when Rise of the Eldrazi was released. The game has stuck with me since then, especially the dotp game series which I still love (though 2014 is by far my favorite and the one I play the most).

    I snowboard, write fiction, play a lot of games on my phone (kairosoft games especially). I'm not religious but my family in America is. I have an orange cat. That's all.
  • If we're talking about ice cream, my all time favorite is Ben & Jerry’s Berried Treasure Sorbet... Technically it's sorbet and not ice cream, but it belongs to the same family of frozen desserts, I think.
  • Ben & Jerry's is awesome.
  • @Grimshac If mint in ice cream offends you, you wouldn't survive our state fairs. Deep-fried Oreos are a thing :)
    @Faiths_Guide *thumbsup*
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    ... Deep-fried... Oreos? What? You're pulling my leg, surely. That sounds positively disgustingly sweet and fat ._.

    As a connoisseur of ice cream, Mint offends me... Mint is meant for gum and as topping on fancy food, not sanctity of ice cream!


    My man!
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    Haha @DomriKade is right @Grimshac , I personally am not a fan but some people certainly are. IMO it is positively disgustingly sweet and fat. They also Deep-Fry Coca-Cola (and everything else).

    Also: http://www.benjerry.com/flavors/mint-chocolate-cookie-ice-cream
  • Rule of life #5634: All fried things are good. No exceptions.
  • @Faiths_Guide

    Excuse my language, but how the f*ck do you deep-fry liquid..?
  • in a can
  • anyway, all fried things are good.
  • If you've gotta have it... here's a recipe.
    Also, @Faiths_Guide, just to throw California under the bus too: Introducing Fried Coca-Cola

    You know, we really are learning a lot about each other :)
  • @Faiths_Guide

    That doesn't say how to, though... Is he frying the dumpling IN cola or what on earth is going on? So confused :P

    Either way, that looks absolutely awful.

    Gotta be honest with you yanks (love ya), what is that obsession with fried stuff? Why does food have to be fat and crunchy to be delicious :P?
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    Just over half of the restaurants in Oklahoma serve fast food. (That includes no fewer than 271 locations of the Sonic drive-in chain, which was founded here.) Sooners make good use of them. Statewide, they spend an average of 58 cents of every restaurant dollar on fast food—and some spend far more.

    In 2007, Fortune named Oklahoma City the fast-food capital of America because it consistently appears near the top of the list of cities with the most "heavy users" of fast food. Market research showed that 55% of the city's residents visited a fast-food restaurant at least 12 times in the previous month, and that those fast-food fans averaged 21 monthly visits.


    I didn't actually watch the video just grabbed the first one called "how to" off a Google search :P
  • I'm a human with a concealed age. Lol I was joking about the first part I'm actually and alien who came to the earth in 3 years but left earth 5 years ago, but brought a "Computer", what humans call it, back to my home planet, Klisvorakisthis

    That is all a lie.
  • Its a lie because I'm a lion who learned how to play a kazoo while on one foot while eating an extra large Fried oreo.
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    See this is what I don't get - Yea, sure, most people like Cola, but, let's be honest, it is a fairly "mediocre" product quality-wise. It's basically the paperwine of fuzzy drinks, to put it bluntly. So we do people take an already mediocre product and make recipes based around aforementioned mediocre product? This befuddles me.

    Just the other day a friend of mine made a Kit-Kat cake... Like, he made a delicious cake, from the ground up, everything homemade, and then he stuffed tiny Kit-Kat planks on the side of it.
    What the hell?! You just made something delicious with all natural ingredients, and now you're introducing E-numbers to outer rim of the cake? What?!

    Now that I think about, a lot of food conventions offend me x-x


    That's nice dear
  • @Grimshac
    Fried oreos are tasty, but incredibly rich.
    I wouldn't eat more than one or two for dessert, but they are good, I think.
    The cookie takes on a texture like half-baked brownies. It just melts in your mouth. I guess a good way to describe it would be, it has the texture of a cookie dipped in milk, only it's warm (or hot). I got some on a lark once, I thought it would be gross, but liked them. Haven't had them since, but they were good.
  • Wow, I haven't laughed at posts like this in a long time. Well done everyone!
    @Faiths_Guide - I can't fight the facts on our food crimes, but we have a musical!
    @Grimshac - If we ever meet in person I'll let you pick what we eat :)
    @ZendikarIncarnate - I'm generally distrustful toward gastropods with non-reticulated carapaces. Godspeed on your perpetual theremin rhapsodies!
  • @Grimshac

    Denmark. Watchmakers and chocolatiers. Spend a muggy, sleepless summer in southron Mississippi and you too will drink cola, deep fry everything you eat and put mint in your ice cream. Hell hath its reasons.
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