2 Player Flip Challenge

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Hi guys! I know I already have a contest going, but I couldn't wait to start this challenge. People have already done it, but I don't see any of these challenges going on at the moment.


•For this contest, you will pair up with another cardsmith. It doesn't matter who, their cardsmth skill, etc. You will decide on a type of card, ability, etc that work together and could be flip cards if released. Make them work well together, and if this isn't very clear, I am free to answer questions.




•These cards work well together and we're made for the Two Headed Giant Challenge, though not necessarily flip cards.


•You may have only one entry, one for you and one for your teammate. Tag your teammate in your card's comment so it is obvious that it is a flip-card and it works well together; also who your teammate is.

•Cards will be judged on creativity and how well they work together, not by likes or how popular cardsmiths are.

•End date is November 1st, so this will be a relatively long contest.


(These go for the two people that win/get in the top 6)
•1st place people get a follow from me and each 5 likes
•2nd place gets a follow and 3 likes
•3rd place get a follow and a like
•2 Honorable Mentions will be mentioned


Have fun!


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