Ignisp Challenge #1: Whose Side Are You On?



  • I know, but it only replaces itself in combat, so only one copy each turn. If sacrificed somehow else, it does not go infinite. Or did I oversee something?
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    Heidi is an outsider paladin who grew up listening to the many tales and myths of the plane. She wishes to become a part of such legends as well.
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    With Heidi's assistance, Alatrea and many other capable outsiders are fighting to get rid of the meaningless terrors of Ignisp.
  • Ha! The defilers of justice claim to be "honorable". Honor is my life blood, and glory is the blood of my enemies! YURATEE!!
  • I haven't seen many for Truriol, plus I got it in the quiz, despite it not being the faction I wanted :D

    So here's an entry:

    (I don't know how to just post the image, and not the link + I'm lazy)
  • Remember me?!

    Yes, that’s right! I finally have access to a reliable internet source, courtesy of a neighbor. Until my dad can hook up Ethernet I won’t be able to judge this contest, but I can finally see all the awesomeness that I’ve been missing on this site!
  • I'm finally starting to work on getting these cards settled! Enter your last minute entries so I can look at them!

    I will make a list of any cards that are added to or remade for the set. This will take a while, since I lost premium.
  • Just looked through all the cards! Time to start remaking cards!
  • Czetul
    This might be fun
  • Wow... I haven’t checked on this in a full year...

    Glad you brought it back. This contest is active again!
  • I opened up a can of worms, oops!
  • I AM CZETUL!!!
  • Get ready to be #Stomped!
  • 2 czetul vs 1Truriol
    I know who wins
  • Do outsider cards get added to the set?
  • @KanekiDemon Absolutely! All cards have a chance!
  • I'm a Yuratee but I may or may not make cards for it.
  • Well there seems to be quite a bit of outsiders so I'll go czetul because I took the test again with less nomadic answers
  • @Tommia - I've already posted 5 entries for the Outsiders. Since this is active again after a long time, am I allowed to create more entries for the Outsiders?
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    Entry 1

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    Entry 2

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    Entry 3

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    Entry 4


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    Entry 5

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    I am an Outsider. However, rather than try to avoid conflict, I love to cause it.


    Xiin-Clieva is a sadistic fellow, using deception and dastardly traps to trick the guilds and cause mayhem wherever he pleases. Once the lead trapper of an Outsider group, Xiin-Clieva was cast out for being a threat to their safety. He'd unnecessarily lure unsuspecting victims, guild members and outsiders alike, to his wicked traps and gleefully watch as they screamed in agony. Rumor spread, and the group knew they couldn't hide for long if they kept Xiin-Clieva around. This didn't stop Xiin-Clieva though. He kept torturing others for simple fun until he stumbled across an enigmatic crossbow. He picked up the crossbow and felt pain unimaginable to any sane man. Due to the immense pain, Xiin-Clieva's spark ignited and he went flying across multiple planes until he hit the plane Fiora. The plane's energies were able to nullify the pain coming from the crossbow, and Xiin-Clieva passed out.

    Once he woke up, he traveled the plane and learned about queen Marchesa. After hearing many conspiracies that she committed regicide on a GHOST, Xiin-Clieva was interested in working for the queen herself. It is unknown how he did it, but Xiin-Clieva was able to meet Marchesa. He showed her his skill, and she was impressed, allowing him to work as an assassin for the Black Rose.

    It has been 5 years since, and Xiin-Clieva has come back to his home plane. With five years of deception and murder under his belt, and his trusty crossbow, the Hyena's Maw, at his side, Xiin-Clieva has returned for one thing and one thing only: To watch the plane of Ignisp BURN.


    This guy has quite the connection with Shivsnab. As such, his main mechanic is Entrap:

    Put the entrapped card onto the battlefield face down as a 0/1 Mine artifact creature with defender and "When this creature would die, instead turn it face up and exile it. If it is a nonland card, cast it without paying its mana cost." Players may not look at the card while it is face down.
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