Ignisp Challenge #1: Whose Side Are You On?



  • I know, but it only replaces itself in combat, so only one copy each turn. If sacrificed somehow else, it does not go infinite. Or did I oversee something?
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    Heidi is an outsider paladin who grew up listening to the many tales and myths of the plane. She wishes to become a part of such legends as well.
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    With Heidi's assistance, Alatrea and many other capable outsiders are fighting to get rid of the meaningless terrors of Ignisp.
  • Ha! The defilers of justice claim to be "honorable". Honor is my life blood, and glory is the blood of my enemies! YURATEE!!
  • I haven't seen many for Truriol, plus I got it in the quiz, despite it not being the faction I wanted :D

    So here's an entry:

    (I don't know how to just post the image, and not the link + I'm lazy)
  • Remember me?!

    Yes, that’s right! I finally have access to a reliable internet source, courtesy of a neighbor. Until my dad can hook up Ethernet I won’t be able to judge this contest, but I can finally see all the awesomeness that I’ve been missing on this site!
  • I'm finally starting to work on getting these cards settled! Enter your last minute entries so I can look at them!

    I will make a list of any cards that are added to or remade for the set. This will take a while, since I lost premium.
  • Just looked through all the cards! Time to start remaking cards!
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